The Bloodline System - Chapter 777 - Think Twice Before Choosing Your Next Words

Chapter 777 - Think Twice Before Choosing Your Next Words

Chapter 777 - Think Twice Before Choosing Your Next Words

"Huh?" The leader exclaimed as he turned around after hearing the sound behind him.

"Y... Yo... You... You-ng Mi-ss..?" He voiced out with a look of fright as he spotted the feminine figure in front of him with an ice-cold expression on her face.

"You will explain to me the purpose of your presence in this vicinity as well as why you lots abducted one of the cadets under me," Miss Aimee voiced out as she stretched out her hand to grab the MBO officer by the collar and lifted him up.

"Y... Young Miss It wasn't my doing. I... I- d- don't know what you're talking about," The MBO officer voiced out quickly with a stutter.

"Don't lie to me," Miss Aimee voiced out while tossing the man away.


He flew across the air and slammed into another MBO officer causing both of them to blackout.

"You idiots thought you could commit such acts and go scot-free, eh?" Miss Aimee said while walking towards the others in the vicinity.

Looks of fright appeared on their faces as they began to take steps backward.

"Hold it right there, woman!"

"Hands where I can see them!"

Two voices were heard from the left as a few cops closed in on Miss Aimee from the side.

Miss Aimee turned to face them with a cold glare that caused them to halt for a brief instance.

'Who the h.e.l.l is she?' They wondered internally but since they could see the MBO agents moving away in fear they a.s.sumed she was hostile.

"Cease your attacks right now and ident.i.ty yourself!" The female cop in their midst voiced out as she pointed her weapon at Miss Aimee.

"I'll be lenient and let you leave while you still have the chance," Miss Aimee voiced out with an unbothered tone before turning to face the MBO officers who were shrinking away in fear.

Miss Aimee began taking steps forward towards the other MBO officers.

"Attack!" The female cop voiced out and proceeded to fire a red beam in Miss Aimee's direction from her gun.

Thwwii! Twwhiii~

Other officers also fired, but in the next instant, they all had looks of confusion and astonishment on their faces as Miss Aimee disappeared from their line of sight.

The female cop looked around, trying to find her but then what she heard next were screams of pain coming from all around her.

She turned around with her weapon stretched out and noticed that all her subordinates were laid out all across the place, bleeding from different parts of their bodies.

Her hands trembled as she looked around trying to find the culprit but couldn't find anything.

She suddenly felt a presence behind her and quickly turned around while trying to aim her weapon but the moment she did, she found a hand wrapped around her neck.

Her eyes widened as she had no idea how this happened. She was unable to follow the speed of this lady in front of her with an icy cold glare that sent chills to the very depths of her soul.

Before she could even react to the grip she found her vision turning sideways and her back was slammed heavily into the ground in the next instant.

She felt her spine cracking as she spat out blood and pa.s.sed out in the next instant.

Several unconscious bodies of cops were scattered across the place, giving Miss Aimee a more fearsome-looking countenance as she began walking towards the MBO Agents once more.

"Tell me, where did you get the audacity to go after a cadet under me and carrying on with an investigation regarding my student behind my back," Miss Aimee voiced out with a cold glare as she arrived in front of the first agent.

"Young Miss I don't know what you're talking about," He voiced out in fear while crawling backward.


Miss Aimee swung her foot at his face, sending him flying across the air with teeth and blood spilling out of his mouth.

"Think twice before choosing your next words," Miss Aimee voiced out while walking towards the next one.

He trembled immensely as he tried to get away. but Miss Aimee arrived in front of him before he could and lifted him into the air.

Just as she was about to attack, the sound of whoos.h.i.+ng air reverberated across the surroundings.

Miss Aimee looked upwards and could see several aircraft approaching the area of the crater.

"Young Miss, please calm down," A loud voice was heard from above as a man with a praying mantis-like face descended from one of the aircraft.

A red-faced man clad in MBO uniform descended from the same aircraft as well. Rocket-like ignitions appeared on his back, arms and legs as he flew downwards towards Miss Aimee's position.

Miss Aimee didn't spare them any face and slammed the MBO agent into the ground, causing the entire vicinity to quake.

"Young Miss, please calm down," The red-faced MBO officer said with a pleading look.

Miss Aimee turned to face him as he descended, "Are you responsible for giving them permission to abduct the cadet under my tutelage and conducting secret investigations relating to Gustav?" She asked.

"No young Miss I have no idea about that," The MBO officer voiced out.

At this moment, over twenty MBO officers dressed in their MBO outfits descended as well.

"Round them up," The Red-faced MBO officer commanded.

The MBO officers proceeded to round up the MBO agents dressed in casual outfits in a manner of seconds.

Commander Linstrunt arrived on the scene and engaged in a discussion with Miss Aimee.

"Young Miss you have to believe that we had nothing to do with this. Not to worry young miss, these rogue MBO agents will be interrogated to find out the truth about why they committed such acts," He voiced out with a respectful gaze.

Miss Aimee stared at them like they were clowns putting on a circus act and didn't bother saying anything.