The Bloodline System - Chapter 775 - Successful Distraction?

Chapter 775 - Successful Distraction?

Chapter 775 - Successful Distraction?

Gustav knew this form could only be maintained for about a minute so he had to get into the hole as soon as possible to avoid depleting his energy completely before his task was finished.

[Silent Advancement Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated Silent Advancement while in this form and proceeded to soar into the sky.


He barely made any sound except for his take-off as he flew across the air, ascending with immense speed.

'Four thousand feet,'

'Five thousand feet,'

'Six thousand feet,'

'Seven thousand feet,'

Gustav counted the number of feet he had ascended as he kept flying upwards without changing trajectory.

His speed was so insane that he was crossing three thousand feet in a second.

If Silent Advancement wasn't activated, his body cutting through the sky would have been making a loud noise.

'fifteen thousand feet,'

'Sixteen thousand feet,'

Gustav was also able to calculate the height he had scaled in the sky due to G.o.d Eyes still remaining active while he flew.

'Seventeen thousand feet,' At this point Gustav paused his ascent and floated in the air for a moment.

'This height is good enough,' He thought.

At this point, his body was deep into the clouds and completely camouflaged by them.

Even when he crossed the ten thousand feet height this was the case but he wanted to make sure he was deep in the clouds before making any move.

Gustav's eyes peered through the thick clouds arriving and descended at a fast pace arriving at the surface of the neighborhood beneath.

s.h.i.+fting his eyesight a bit, he arrived at the crater area and then above the hole he was aiming for.

He calculated where he had to be before he began his descent and quickly flew towards the front.

After flying a few feet towards the front and moving left again, Gustav looked downwards.

He nodded after seeing he was in the right spot and held onto the bag in his hand in front of himself.


He swooped down at a very fast speed, phasing through the thick clouds and leaving holes in them.

The curvature of the earth could be seen from this point and cold winds blew across the place as he descended.

It was quite a beautiful sight from up here and without zooming his sight in, the houses on earth were so distant, one could barely see signs of them.

But all that was something Gustav wasn't focused on at the moment, as his sight remained stationed in the location where the hole was while descending.

As he descended lower than ten thousand feet, Gustav suddenly brought out a small controller from his storage device while still descending with speed.

He waited a bit before tapping onto the controller.

On the surface, the officials moving about the perimeter of the crater suddenly turned to face the south region as bright lights suddenly lit up across the neighborhood.

The fluorescent lights were so blinding that they caught everyone's attention as some of them appeared on rooftops of the neighborhood in that area and some of them appeared in random locations.

The officials were suspicious about this and some moved towards the neighborhood area to check it out while the others remained behind but their eyes were still focused on the area where the blinding lights suddenly appeared.


Gustav's figure descended from the sky so fast that it looked like a line and instantly, phased through the hole within the crater.

No one noticed him at this point in time due to their attention being drawn by the lights that suddenly appeared in the neighborhood where Gustav had planted those cylindrical-shaped bars.

Regardless of the activated Silent Advancement, a small whoos.h.i.+ng sound still rang out after he blasted through the hole due to his speed.

This caused the officials to look around for some time with suspicious looks but the deed had already been done. Gustav had already infiltrated the hole.

The blinding lights in the neighbourhood ahead slowly began to die down at this point and the official that moved to check could only see the cylindrical bars planted in several spots.

"What the h.e.l.l are these?" One of them voiced out as he picked some of the bars up.

"Probably some kid messing around," the female cop voiced out while looking around with a slightly annoyed glare.

Some kids were actually playing around in this area and they all stared at the cops while shrugging like they had no idea what was going on.

But of course, the cops knew kids were likely to lie after performing a naughty deed, so they only sighed and turned around to move back to their positions around the perimeter.

Suddenly, a few people dressed in casual outfits, surrounded the cops before they could move any further.

They were so organized that the cops found themselves surrounded before even setting their eyes on every one of them.

"What... Who are you, people?" The lady voiced out while reaching for a small device strapped to her waist.


It changed into a blue-colored gun four feet long gun.

"Disarm yourself, we are not here to cause trouble," One of them voiced out while bringing out a badge and pa.s.sing it to the lady.

She collected it and stared at it with a confused look. "MBO? You're MBO officers?" She asked.

"Yes, we're undercover," the male MBO officer replied while collecting his badge back.

"What's going on?" The male cop asked with a suspicious look.

"We believe, Gustav Crimson has infiltrated the crime scene," The male MBO officer voiced out.

"What? That's not possible. We've been keeping an eye out all through and the alarm hasn't gone off so there's no way he would be able to successfully infiltrate," the female cop voiced out.

"We believe what had just happened was his doing to cause enough distraction for him to remain unseen," The male MBO officer stated once more.

"That's impossible, our colleagues are still there and no alarm has gone off," The female officer was still finding it hard to believe them.