The Bloodline System - Chapter 774 - Aiming For The Hole

Chapter 774 - Aiming For The Hole

Chapter 774 - Aiming For The Hole

However, people still lived around here, so it was normal to see pedestrian movements way more.

Gustav kept observing the vicinity as he walked across the street. The WG district was where he destroyed the last time.

It wasn't exactly like the business district he stayed in when he first arrived here, but there were a lot of factories and warehouses in that area. Underground platforms were there too since they belonged to the three Ring Lords.

This area behind it happened to be a normal neighborhood where people lived, so there weren't a lot of tall buildings to be seen around.

Gustav walked till he found a fairly tall building. It had about thirty stories.

He looked around the place to be sure no one was watching him and found his way to the rooftop.

A few seconds after arriving at the rooftop, Gustav proceeded to activate G.o.d Eyes.

His eyes turned crimson and green with a hint of gold in the middle as he peered into the distance.


Gustav's eyesight phased through multiple structures up ahead and one more street before it arrived at the former WG district area.

His eyes scanned across the barricade surrounding the ma.s.sive crater that spanned for up to a hundred miles radius.

It turned out that the land hadn't been filled out yet and new construction had not begun. Gustav guessed this was probably since it had only been about three weeks since the incident occurred.

He could only see about four to six officials positioned around the outer perimeter of the crater.

They were patrolling around it and Gustav could see multiple gaps where he would be able to infiltrate through since the crater covered a large area.

The problem was since the entire place was bare of any structure, it would be easier for him to be spotted if the MBO officers decided to properly look at the crater area.

Another issue was he could see energy readings on the wooden-looking stamps on the ground that surrounded the entire crater. These stamps which were stationed around the perimeter most likely would give off some form of alarm if someone was to cross or make contact with them.

Gustav stared at the officials who were patrolling then deeper into the crater where he could see another ma.s.sive hole within that led to the underground structure area he pulled Ring Lord Vanisher and the others out of.

This was Gustav's aim for today, but he had to make sure he wasn't spotted before he got into the underground area and he also had to find a way to avoid the barricades to prevent alarms from going off.

Gustav deactivated G.o.d Eyes and brought out some cylindrical-shaped bars, half the length of an arm from his storage device.

He proceeded to get off the rooftop after doing that.

He left the bag where the corpse was stored on the rooftop and moved around with these cylindrical-shaped bars.

Gustav began planting them in different spots around the area, covertly. He planted some on rooftops and others at random locations on the street.

After he was done, he moved back to the rooftop he observed the crater from earlier.

"I need a taller building," He voiced out while picking up the bag and leaving the area.

Gustav went ahead to board another bus and arrived on the northern side of the crater.

He was initially in the streets at the southern area of the crater which was where he had planted those cylindrical-shaped devices and now he had to take a five minutes bus to the other side which was also several miles away.

This part of the city was a neighborhood as well but behind it was a good-looking business area with a few skysc.r.a.pers.

Since it wasn't too far from the crater, Gustav decided to use the first one closest to the neighborhood.

Finding his way into the building, he instantly took an elevator to the last floor. Gustav could have leaped across the entire two hundred floors of this building but performing such a feat in public would attract attention.

Right now he wasn't trying to pull any attention to himself until he finished his objective.

Gustav arrived on the last floor and covertly proceeded for the rooftop, making sure not to arouse suspicions from anyone in the vicinity.

He currently had black skin with bushy hair and casual wear on his body so he looked like your regular citizen even though he was carrying quite the long bag.

Gustav arrived on the rooftop and quickly moved towards the edge by the left.

His eyesight scanned across the place as he activated G.o.d Eyes once more. It phased through across the multiple buildings in the neighborhood arriving at the crater area and then at the hole he was aiming for.

Calculating his distance from the hole using G.o.d Eyes, he found out that he was currently 2.78 miles away from the set location.

He was currently over three thousand feet high above the surface of the ground but the distance between him and the location he was aiming for was close to sixteen thousand feet away.

It was distant enough for none of the officials over there to notice him but this was a distance he had never covered before with what he was planning in mind.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Mutatated Bull + Demonic Bunny + Blood wolf + Savrina Serpent + Solar...]

In the next few seconds, Gustav had transformed into a menacing-looking creature with glowing white eyes, purplish and golden colored scales covering some parts of his body, and a muscular-looking nine-feet-tall physique.

He had once more made use of the Ultimate Combination Form.

"I should fall straight from above as I dropped directly from the sky above the crater... I need to attain a way higher height for this to be possible," Gustav thought out loud as he stood a few feet away from the rooftop ledge.

Gustav knew this form could only be maintained for about a minute so he had to get into the hole as soon as possible to avoid depleting his energy completely before his task was finished.