The Bloodline System - Chapter 773 - Saving Vera

Chapter 773 - Saving Vera

Chapter 773 - Saving Vera

This was a difficult decision as she knew she wouldn't be able to outrun the pursuer if she decided to use it against the exit but using it on the pursuer too was only delaying the inevitable.

Deciding not to stress about it anymore, she threw the seed forward and it landed right before the exit point.


The vines shot out of the ground and slammed repeatedly against the ma.s.sive metallic door.

In a few seconds, it was blasted apart revealing the outside and it was also at this point that Vera was about to be caught as the pursuer closed in from behind.

All of a sudden...


A bright blue light appeared at the exit point, transforming into the features of a beautiful lady with grey and blue hair.

"There you are," She voiced out the instant she spotted Vera.

The pursuer from behind was about to grab hold of Vera's left shoulder when the figure that had just arrived snapped her finger.


Vera disappeared with a flash of blue light and reappeared beside the lady.

Seeing his hand go through thin air, the masked man paused his movement and stared at the intruder and Vera with a look of confusion.

"Are you fine?" Rhilia asked Vera.

"I'm okay," Vera responded while panting heavily.

She recognized this lady to be someone she had seen in Miss Aimee's presence before so she knew this was a friend and not a foe.

"Even in my presence you tried to grab her," Rhilia said while slowly placing Vera on the ground.

The masked man froze in fear as he recognized this lady.

'Miss Rhilia? Run,' The instant he thought of this he turned around with speed.

However, at this same time, the bloodline energy of an Alpha rank burst forth from her figure causing the vicinity to quake.

'We're doomed,' He thought as he sped across the air atop one of his glowing blades.


He hadn't even travelled very far when Rhilia appeared in front of him with her hand outstretched.


Her hand grabbed onto his neck in the next instant, putting him in an unremovable hold.

"Oh, I'm sure she will enjoy taking her time in tearing you lots apart, piece by piece," Rhilia didn't even need to mention who she was referring to before the masked man could understand.

His eyes widened in terror as he struggled to free himself.

As she held onto the masked man she made a call.

"I've found her. The seventh warehouse in street #44C,"

-"Good I'm on my way, don't let the culprits out of your sight,"

A feminine voice replied from the other end.

"I'm rounding them up right now,"

Rhilia stated while raising her left hand. Blueish glows coated index and thumb fingertips as she proceeded to snap them together.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ Zing~

The other people within the structure began to appear in their current position one after the other with shocked gazes.


Minutes later everyone had been rounded up, the senator included. Miss Aimee had arrived at this point and just her presence alone made some of them wet their pants.

"They made us do it,"

The masked leader who had now been unmasked shouted out in fear as he saw Miss Aimee glancing at him.

"I will deal with you lots later," Miss Aimee was currently more interested in what Vera had to say.

"They said agents have been planted all across the crime scenes of destruction. If Gustav decides to step a foot into any one of them or approaches the surroundings, he will be caught," Vera explained.

"So, is Gustav currently in the city?" Miss Aimee proceeded to ask.

"Yes, he's been here for two days already and I sense his direction changing some minutes ago after staying put in one location for two days which was why I tried to escape. I think he's heading to one of the scenes," Vera stated with a look of worry.

Miss Aimee placed her hand on Vera's shoulder, as her eyes squinted, "Point me in the right direction,"

Vera nodded and pointed in a direction...


In the next moment, Miss Aimee had vanished from her line of sight and what came next was an outburst of wind causing Vera's clothes to flap immensely.

"I guess he's more important to her than torturing these idiots right now," Rhilia said while staring at the gang of five all tied up together.

The senator of Burning Sands City was not given any special treatment; he was tied up like the rest of them and the wounds inflicted on him by Vera's vines had been treated but he seemed to have pa.s.sed out from fear as well.

"Well, even if she doesn't have time to deal with you guys right now, she'll have time eventually. Especially if her beloved student gets caught because of you five," Rhilia smiled with a look of excitement on her face like she was really looking forward to that.

"It's been a while since I last saw Lil sis lose her temper. She must really like this kid," She added.

Vera, who was standing behind was a little curious about the relations.h.i.+p between Miss Aimee and this lady who had a small resemblance to her, but right now she was more concerned about Gustav.

Even if she knew there was nothing to worry about now that Miss Aimee was involved she still hoped nothing bad will happen.


Minutes earlier Gustav arrived at a location one mile away from the place he found Ring Lord Vanisher and the others.

This was a street on the northeast part of the city, very close to the area bordering the burning sands.

He slowly walked around the place, moving like a normal pedestrian.

There were not a lot of vehicle movements around here, considering the fact that there was a gigantic crater that covered a radius of more than a hundred miles up ahead.

The scene of destruction still had a kind of barricade around it, preventing movement across that part of the city so vehicles would barely be seen moving around this area.