The Bloodline System - Chapter 772 - The Alien Makes Her Move

Chapter 772 - The Alien Makes Her Move

Chapter 772 - The Alien Makes Her Move

"Even if she doesn't give us any additional information, we know he's here. We have taken proper measures to find him. Multiple secret agents have been deployed all across every single scene of destruction in the city. They are all undercover and in hiding. so he wouldn't notice them. The moment, he visits any of these crime scenes, he will be caught," The tallest in their midst voiced out to the Senator.

Vera's eyes widened a little as she heard that. She became worried because even though she could not pinpoint Gustav's exact location, due to being able to perceive the direction he was currently situated in, she could tell he was on the move.

She recalled Aildris's statement during their discussions...


"He's probably planning a way to get himself out of this mess right now, but I'm sure the MBO thinks he's just running away aimlessly,"


Vera was very surprised these unknown people already had it figured out.

The MBO would most likely underestimate Gustav's way of doing things since they didn't know him but his friends who did, were the only ones who could think like this which was why Vera was surprised.

'He's changing directions very fast... I need to find a way to get out of here and stop him,' Vera thought as she began struggling to free herself.


Meanwhile, Gustav was currently in a vehicle headed for the business district which was only a few minutes away.

The small hover bus just pa.s.sed through another installed teleportation point reducing the amount of time left till he arrived there.

'I'll go in from the west area after walking around first... I'll need to check around properly,' Gustav was making plans since he knew the vehicle was almost at his desired destination.


Vera could sense the change in directions due to how the hover bus got teleported from place to place.

Unfortunately, her bloodline was currently sealed so she was limited to normal human-like strength.

"We should be getting activity soon since it has already been two days and once that is over and done with, we'll be out of your hair," The tallest one in their group voiced out to senator Harry.

"I'm sure you also want Justice for your city or don't you senator?" The lady also voiced out.

While they were speaking Vera was still struggling to free herself and a seed fell from one of her clothes pockets to her left hand.

The turned her head to the side to stare at the seed while her finger touched it.

Unfortunately for the group even though they had managed to seal Vera's bloodline, she still had the power that wasn't related to her bloodline in any way which remained unsealed.

Because Vera was in fact an alien...

As her finger made contact with the seed, she shook her body, causing it to fall to the ground and in the next instant...


Ma.s.sive vines with thorns suddenly shot out of the ground, spreading across the place.

The gang was taken by surprise and one of them got impaled from behind, through the right chest area.


He screamed out in pain as the vine lifted him off the ground in the process of tearing through his flesh and slammed him into the wall.

"What is going on? Are we under attack?" One of them shouted out as he quickly conjured glowing daggers around him and swung them out to protect himself from the tras.h.i.+ng vines.

The other two also channeled their bloodlines and tried waving off the multiple fat vines with spikes.


One of them slammed into the Senator sending him blasting through the door with blood flying out of his mouth.

"Senator Harry," The gang leader shouted out and quickly joined all the glowing daggers around him together before slas.h.i.+ng repeatedly across the place.

Swwis.h.!.+ Sweiss.h.!.+ Sweisshh!

Every single vine in the place was instantly cut into thousands of pieces leaving only small roots left on the ground.

The other gang member who got impaled fell to the ground bleeding profusely and one of the teammates ran towards him to tend to his injuries.

Just as the leader, was about to go check on the senator, he looked back and noticed the stretcher-like platform was empty.

"The girl is gone," He voiced out with a look of surprise.

"What? She did that? But we sealed her bloodline?" The lady voiced out with a surprised expression.

"She can't have gone far. Check if the Senator is okay, I'll find her," He voiced out and stormed out of the place.

The glowing pieces of light floating around him, formed a platform which he jumped on and flew across the corridor.

At that moment, Vera was running across a corridor not knowing which way leads to the exit but she followed her instinct.

She pulled out several more seeds from the pocket where she kept them and threw them all across the place after inputting her will in them.

The instant she scaled through, more vines burst forth from the floor, spreading across the place and leaving no gaps to pa.s.s.


The man chasing from behind sped across the air and the moment he arrived in front of this blockage a small battle ensued between him and the multiple vine roots with spikes.

In a few seconds, he slashed them to thousands of small pieces, leaving him enough s.p.a.ce to pa.s.s through.

Vera was already closing in on the exit of this place after turning multiple times but she could sense the approach from behind.

Reaching into her pocket once more, she tried to get some seeds but found out that she only had one left.

Up ahead was a ma.s.sive metallic door, over twenty feet tall with wheels in the middle, and on the right was a small box that scanned for features.

She could either use the last seed to try and delay the pursuer or use it to destroy this exit point.

This was a difficult decision as she knew she wouldn't be able to outrun the pursuer if she decided to use it against the exit but using it on the pursuer too was only delaying the inevitable.