The Bloodline System - Chapter 771 - Vera's Quietness

Chapter 771 - Vera's Quietness

Chapter 771 - Vera's Quietness

"I have to find that Vera girl before she gets back," Rhilia stated with a look of seriousness after arriving outside the house.

She floated upwards with her bloodline energy and flew across Burning Sands City.

Mixedbloods who had attained Alpha ranks could fly, using their bloodline energy regardless of whether or not they had the ability before reaching that rank.

The more powerful a mixedblood became, the more their access to a general range of abilities that wasn't related to their actual bloodline abilities.

Rhilia was able to use teleportation which could affect herself or a third party if she wanted but due to being an Alpha Ranked, she could fly too using bloodline energy.

The second year of the mixedbloods in the MBO camp would mostly be related to training them on how to use their bloodline energy for other things than just their bloodlines abilities.

One of them included how Miss Aimee was able to inject her bloodline energy into the students back then and figured out the state of their channeling before they achieved the Zulu rank.


In another location, a girl with beautiful blue hair was strapped to a stretcher of sorts and surrounded by a group of four in masks.

A few wires were connected to her head through some weird sticker b.u.t.tons planted to her forehead. Her eyes were currently opened but unlike regular people, it was devoid of fear and emotions.

She just stared at them with a straight face.

"She's not saying anything," One of them voiced out with a mechanical tweaked tone.

From the body structure of the person that had just spoken, it was obvious that she was the only female in a group of males.

"She caught on already. She won't give us any more information if we ask, torturing her is the only other option we have," Another one of them voiced out.

A look of excitement appeared on the girl's face as she heard that but then she pictured someone in mind and her look returned to its previous state.

'It would be better if he did that to me himself,' She thought.

"We can't harm her. That's the only downside to all this. We were instructed to only extract information from her using other means besides anything related to torturing," The tallest one in their midst voiced out.

"Tell us now, where is he?" The last one voiced out while moving closer to Vera.

Vera remained silent ignoring the question.

"You've already told us he is here, point us in his direction and let's get this over with," He voiced out once more.

A faint look of guilt appeared on Vera's face as she heard this.

Two days ago, she sensed Gustav's presence and was about to use her communication tool to contact Miss Aimee when she suddenly got ambushed by this strange group.

They encircled her pretty easily and made use of a gas toxin to cause her to pa.s.s out.

She woke up and found herself here. She had no idea how long it had been but she knew she had been here for some time.

Seeing the strange wires attached to her head that day she thought she was being brought here to be tortured for extraction of information.

The first thing said to her was, "We noticed you were about to make a call... Is Gustav Crimson in the city?"

She instantly decided to respond to the question and say no but then...

"Yes," Instead of saying that she found herself saying the opposite.

Vera tried to say no again but instead said yes.

"Turns out you just tried to lie... So Gustav Crimson is in this city," One of them responded with a light chuckle.

"Point us in his direction, is it south?"

This time Vera ignored the question knowing she would be unable to control her tongue.

"Tell us,"

"We will dig out your flesh and put electrocuting clips in them,"

They kept threatening her and telling her to give them a direction but Vera ignored them.

This had been going on since she awoke and never voiced out a thing since then.

The wires on her head didn't actually compel her to tell the truth contrary to what she thought. It only made her say the opposite of whatever she voiced out.

They knew the first thing she would try to say would be a lie which was why it worked so well as if it forced the truth from her mouth. If Gustav's direction was in the north, most people would want to lie and say south if they didn't want to be truthful since it was the opposite direction.

Now instead of saying south, they would end up saying the true direction which was north.

Of course, if a person figured out the trick to the machinery at work they could fool the group but Vera had no idea that this was the case.

She only knew, the machine compelled her to say what she didn't want to reveal which made her think it was like a truth device.

Keeping shut was the best option for her.

"One of them brought out an electric rod and pointed it in her direction. I don't care, I will hurt her now if she doesn't spill," He said while moving closer to her.


The door on the back left corner suddenly slid open and a man walked through.

"What are you doing? This isn't why I asked for her to be abducted," This man had a white buzz cut.

"Senator Harry now relax. I'm sure you don't want it to be revealed that you're responsible for this since she would come directly for you," One of them voiced out causing the man with the white buzz cut to pause in his tracks.

"You..." He didn't know what to say at this point.

"I only took her for that one reason and you lots have turned it into a different vendetta entirely," Senator Harry had a look of dissatisfaction as he voiced out.

"Just relax we'll be out of your hair soon," The lady in their midst voiced out.