The Bloodline System - Chapter 76 - Running Stomach?

Chapter 76 - Running Stomach?

Chapter 76 - Running Stomach?

The interior of the car was so good-looking that it could be compared to a jet's cockpit.

A guard on all black sat beside the driver's seat. He wore black shades also and had dark red hair while the driver looked like a typical pushover with his scrawny build and honest-looking eyes.

"Yo Ren, take us to that place," Charles voiced out from the backseat.

"As you wish young master," The driver replied politely and pushed a button forward before grabbing hold of a small bar-like handle and pushing it forward.


The car turned left at an intersection and kept speeding forward.

Its speed was so fast that it blurred through the road streaking by several vehicles.

In Plankton city there were hardly any roads that had speed limits but there was still some kind of speeds that were over the limit.

An example would be moving at over a thousand miles per hour, which was exactly how fast the car was moving.

The thing was no one could complain when they saw what type of car it was.

A new modeled Vimpolo from the new Vimpolo Marcus series. A type of car that only the biggest shots in the city could afford.


Their car arrived in front of a five-story building.

This part of the city was one of the


It was always bustling with activity.

People moved to and fro across the area.

A lot of males and females streaked into this building that they arrived at.

Most of the females that were walking in were laced in revealing garments.

Most of them wore skimpy skirts that almost revealed their thighs completely while some wore tight-fitted short gowns that revealed a lot of their cleavages giving passersby a sight for sore eyes.

A glowing sign was hung up on the building that said, "Maidens Haven!"

This was a well-known business place in the city that the so-called righteous citizens would see as a sinful place.

It was the combination of a pub, a club, and a first-class brothel.

It was obvious that Charles and Gordon frequented this place to have fun.

Charles and Gordon got down from the car.

They had changed from their school uniforms into something more casual.

Even with the casual wear, you could still tell that they had an influential background.

The men standing at the entrance bowed to them as they walked into the building along with their guard who followed behind.

Normally there was a queue to get in but both of them got special treatment.

Even the Ladies on the line were whistling at them before they entered to get their attention.

Immediately they got in after passing through the corridor loud music blasted into their eardrums.

Dance to the beat don't you wanna get stoned

Move to the rhythm drop that ass bomb

Flow with the bass and get high on fun

F*ck them little bitches right in



Some dirty music was playing out and strippers could be seen dancing on poles in front.

The lights and the atmosphere gave off a party vibe.

There were seats positioned at different corners and people sat on tables with drinks placed in front of them while some people were on the dance floor. Mostly ladies wriggling their butts.

"Young masters, welcome back," A beautiful female in short green and red gown approached them while greeting.

She had long blue hair and pink bunny ears.

"Will it be the usual room today?" She asked.

"Of course... That's the best place to have big fun don't you think, Gordon?" Charles tapped Gordon as he spoke.

"Huh..? Oh yes yes, that room would be better," Gordon who was absent-minded earlier answered hurriedly.

"You're still having that stomach upset?" Charles asked after noticing his weird behavior.

"Uh, yes," Gordon answered with a slightly pained look.


"Don't worry, once we're having fun with those beauties it will pass," Charles tapped Gordon's shoulder while assuring him.

Gordon nodded with a smile.

"Madam Pharl, get that room ready for us, and huhu, we want fresh blood today," Charles whispered into her bunny ear.

The lady nodded with a smile and walked away while both of them picked a place to hang around in the meantime.


One hour later they were in the last room on the last floor.

The room was luxurious with two large beds big enough to contain fifteen people each.

There were seven beautiful females in revealing outfits serving drinks to Gordon and Charles.

They danced and moved across the place seductively swaying their hips towards Gordon and Charles.

Laughter filled the room as they drank to their heart content and touched the bodies of the females in a dirty manner.

Both of them had one female each sitting on their lap.

Charles's right hand was currently inside the bra of the one on his laps.

He blatantly fondled her breasts from underneath the bra while talking to Gordon.

The lady was moaning loudly into his ears and he kept laughing with excitement when he saw her expression.

"Gordon it's about time we ravished the beauties here, huhuhu," Charles said with a lewd smile hung on his face.

Gordon smiled back but just as he wanted to reply his face twisted in pain.

"Ugh!" He threw the girl on his lap off him as he held onto his gut.

Charles frowned, "Not again," He voiced with a disappointed look.

Gordon stood up while holding his gut in pain.

"Get out! All of you!" He shouted.

The females were wondering what was happening.

"I said get out!" He shouted again with his face squeezing in pain.

The females scampered out of the room after hearing him shout for the second time.

"Hey, you didn't have to chase them out, you could have just gone to do your thing in the bathroom," Charles said with a look of annoyance.

Gordon kept holding his tummy while squatting slightly.

"Help me, Charles," Gordon said with a pained voice.

"What the hell did you eat?" Charles voiced out in dissatisfaction.

"I ate our regular so I do-n't know... Ev-en th-e pil-ls did-n't wo-rk," Gordon said with a pained expression.

"Ecck, Alright," Charles replied and went to assist Gordon up.

"Help me to the bathroom," Gordon added.

Charles placed Gordon's hand on his shoulder and helped him to the bathroom within the room.

Immediately they entered the bathroom, Gordon smirked and withdrew his arm from Charles's shoulder with force.

Before Charles could react to that, Gordon suddenly straightened himself up and reached out to grab Charles's face.

He lifted Charles off the ground with one arm and dashed towards the wall ahead.


Immediately he arrived before the wall which had a mirror placed on it he slammed Charles's head into it.


The mirror cracked and pieces were sent flying in all directions.

Blood trickled from the point of impact, across the surface of the mirror, towards the wall, and down to the floor.