The Bloodline System - Chapter 770 - Vera's Dissapearance

Chapter 770 - Vera's Dissapearance

Chapter 770 - Vera's Dissapearance

The face of the corpse looked quite handsome but close to middle-aged with black lines on the forehead. A six feet tall frame and slightly cream-tone body color.

The look of the person he had been picturing all this time in his mind was Ring Lord Vanisher.

This was exactly how Ring Lord Vanisher's body looked.

Gustav didn't have to strip anyone to rewrite his body to mimic theirs because his bloodline made it so that he could do all that the moment he stared at a person's face for the first time.

Gustav would be able to mimic everything perfectly; the entire body structure, blood cells, and DNA. However, since he was becoming a mirror version of such people, he would be unable to actually use their bloodline abilities if they were mixedbloods.

It wasn't that he couldn't use them, but the abilities would be insignificant and hold no actual power when he tried to make use of them.

Now it was the same thing happening here. Sir Vanisher's corpse had been perfectly cloned. If it was tested for D.N.A and other things, they would not be able to find any difference between this and the original.

But if it was a living being, it would be unable to use Ring Lord Vanisher, vanis.h.i.+ng ability.

Gustav was a bit disappointed as he recalled he ended up destroying Ring Lord Vanisher and the others in rage instead of stealing their bloodlines.

Some of them had very good bloodlines that had even been trained to the Kilo level which would make Gustav more powerful if he was to have acquired them but his rage didn't let him think of anything at the moment other than slaughtering every last one of them.


Gustav's palm covered in milky light suddenly came hacking down on the neck of the corpse causing it to be severed.

Now what was left in front of him was a headless corpse of Ring Lord Vanisher.

"The next phase of the plan can now commence," Gustav voiced out and sighed in relief as he moved about the lab to do a few things.


By the time Gustav was done he realized it was almost nightfall once more and he had been in the lab for two days already.

It really didn't feel like two days had already gone by since he was engrossed in Flesh Warping.

Now that he finally completely one perfectly, he felt he could use it better now but trying it on a living human was still out of the question.

"It is time to head to the other business district," Gustav voiced out to Sir Zil as he picked up the corpse and put it in a kind of bag.

It was impossible to keep human-like corpses in a spatial storage device, be it alive or dead.

It was possible to keep corpses of mixedbreed in them but not living ones. If a human-like corpse was forced into a spatial storage device, an alarm would be sent to the nearest authorities pinpointing the owner's location.

Gustav could create his own spatial storage without any of those restrictions but he could only do so when Ultimate Combination Form was activated so he had to use a bag.

"Be careful. They probably still have the whole crime scene being monitored," Sir ZiL stated with a slightly worried tone.

"Hnmm, the area of impact is very large which means, the possibility of finding gaps is higher," Gustav responded while shapes.h.i.+fting into a different look.

"I have also installed anti monitor devices inside the bag, so it's impossible to tell what the content is if it is scanned from anywhere with scanning devices," Sir ZiL added.

"After I manage to successfully plant this, the only part left to be played will be that of yours along with Charisas and Marshall," Gustav stated.

"Thank you once again," Gustav added before walking towards the window by the left.

Sir ZiL nodded at him before he leaped through it.

Gustav landed on the next street and began moving towards the nearest bus station.

He was going to use public transit this time because making use of his speed might attract attention. There weren't a lot of people that could move as fast as he could.

Gustav's plan was to arrive a few streets away from the premises and slowly make his way there on foot, not trying to arouse any suspicions.


-Six Hours Earlier

In the apartment Miss Aimee and the others resided in on the day of their arrival, a beautiful lady with grey and blue colored hair walked from place to place within the apartment.

This was Rhilia, the same lady who referred to Miss Aimee as Lil sis.

The apartment happened to be empty at the moment after she checked the place repeatedly.

"She's not here," She voiced out through a communication device.

-"Did you double-check?"

A feminine voice was heard from the other side.

"What do you take me for Lil sis? Even without checking I could already tell this place was empty but I still decided to do it,"

-"... There's no way she could have just disappeared like that,"

It was already quite obvious that Miss Aimee was the other person on the other side of the call.

"This place looks like no one has been in it for days. My guess is, she has been gone for over a day," Rhilia responded.

-"Maybe she went looking for him on her own, I'm heading back to the city. Try searching around the city for her,"

The instance this sentence was voiced out, the communication was disconnected.

"Lil sis..." Rhilia was about to say something when the call got disconnected.

"Ah so much for not wanting me to get in your way hmph," Rhilia pouted in displeasure as she recalled Miss Aimee's indirect threat the other day.

She proceeded to storm towards the entrance with a look of displeasure.

"I have to find that Vera girl before she gets back," Rhilia stated with a look of seriousness after arriving outside the house.