The Bloodline System - Chapter 769 - Successful Flesh Warping

Chapter 769 - Successful Flesh Warping

Chapter 769 - Successful Flesh Warping

Gustav finally opened his eyes within the underground tunnelway to see a notification in his line of sight.


[Quest Completed: Stay Within The Tunnelway For The Next Twenty Four Hours ]



Seeing the rewards, Gustav couldn't really complain, but he still felt the punishments didn't match the rewards in terms of intensity.

"So much for all that huh," Gustav muttered.

"Add five points to all stats," He proceeded to voice out.

[5 points has been added to all of the host stats]

A notification popped up in his line of sight after he said that.

Gustav could barely feel the difference since he already had over two hundred points for all of his stats. Still, he felt every additional ounce of strength was necessary.

"Time to go," Gustav voiced out as he tapped on the dimensional bracelet strapped to his left wrist.

In a few seconds, he picked the coordinates and disappeared from the underground tunnelway.


Appearing back within Sir ZiL's office, Gustav found the place empty.

Sir ZiL wasn't in, neither was Charisas. It was understandable that Charisas wasn't here since Gustav hadn't asked for her yet due to getting busy with flesh warping in the last few days.

Gustav looked around the office for a few moments more setting his eyes on the holographic computer on the office table.

"Hmm," Since it was lighted up, it meant someone was here a while ago which led Gustav to believe that Sir ZiL probably didn't go far.

He decided to sit on the sofa and wait for him instead of heading into the lab. After all, he would still have to ask Sir ZiL if the corpses he needed were available.


About thirty minutes later Sir ZiL walked into the office and jumped back a little with a startled look after spotting someone sitting on the sofa by his right.

"Aren't you a little too old and way too gigantic to be getting jumpy over little things?" Gustav obviously witness the embarra.s.sing act and voiced out.

He currently had his legs leisurely crossed as he stared at Sir ZiL from the side while shaking his head.

"You startled me, haha. Please don't do that again," Sir ZiL voiced out with a burst of light laughter as he saw Gustav slowly uncross his legs.

"Is there any reason to be startled?" Gustav asked.

Sir ZiL smiled wryly as he moved towards his office seat.

"Of course not. You just have that effect on people," He voiced out while switching off his holographic computer.

Gustav's eyes squinted a little before speaking.

"Were you able to get more corpses?" He asked.

"Oh yes, I was expecting you earlier than this but I guess you were held up with something?" Sir ZiL stated and asked at the same time.

"Yes I was kinda held up," Gustav felt like cursing the system at this point.

("Randomly generated...") The system voiced in his mind as it already could sense Gustav's annoyance.

"I see... I was only able to get ten corpses this time. It would be impossible to get more anytime soon since it will start affecting the logs if too many corpses are disappearing," Sir ZiL voiced out.

"You will have to make do with these ones," He added.

"No problem... I have almost grasped the trick anyways. Ten should be plenty enough," Gustav responded while turning to face the lab.

They both moved into the lab together in the next minute and Sir ZiL performed the same actions as the last time.

Stretcher-like platforms pushed out of the wall area revealing corpses on them.

The last time, Gustav left the lab void of any body parts which surprised Sir ZiL as he wondered where all those corpses disappeared to.

What he didn't know was that, after Gustav destroyed more than half of the corpses available and modified some to the point of no return, the lab was left looking disgusting.

Piles of body parts scattered all across the place with blood and decaying body liquid.

Gustav made use of Atomic Disintegration to get rid of every single corpse available. They were all disintegrated into nothingness, including the bloodstains and other liquids.

The only thing he was unable to completely get rid of, was the stench but Sir ZiL seemed to have taken care of that.

However, now that corpses were being revealed once more, this place was about to return to the state Gustav left it the last time.

After a brief dialogue, Sir ZiL left the lab to Gustav and went back to his office.

Gustav wasted no time in beginning Flesh Warping once more on the first corpse.

The last time he did this was almost two days ago. That time he had come close with the last corpse before it reached a state where he couldn't modify it anymore.

He knew he was close to learning Flesh Warping; a point where he would be able to achieve the desired look he wanted for a corpse, but he still couldn't tell how long it would take.

Flesh wriggling sounds rang out in the room as he took his time in modifying the first corpse with a body image in his mind.


Hours flew past and before Gustav realized it, the night had gone by.

Not caring about how long had pa.s.sed he remained focused on his goal.

The lab at this point was already stinking because Gustav still made a few mistakes and caused some of the corpses to exploded.

In the next few hours, he was able to modify about three more corpses without causing anybody explosions but not a hundred percent to his satisfaction.

He kept going at it for multiple more hours until he finally stopped.

Gustav slowly removed his hand from the face of this corpse and moved back a little to examine it from different angles.

"I... did it," He muttered as he stared at this corpse which vividly resembled the one he had been picturing in his head this whole time.

He had finally successfully flesh warped a corpse to his desired look.