The Bloodline System - Chapter 768 - Annoying New Quest

Chapter 768 - Annoying New Quest

Chapter 768 - Annoying New Quest

("The being who achieved the fourth stage? His name was Ehyrian and he originated from planet Gjhlarhun... Twenty-seven galaxies away from the east star in the intergalactic s.p.a.ce...") The system responded.

"That seems very far away,") Gustav muttered.

("Using modern age s.p.a.cecraft, it would take a month's journeying to get there,") The system calculated.

"Oh, it's still in existence," Gustav voiced out.

("Why wouldn't it be?")

"Well... Who knows?" Gustav thought of the Slarkovs incident and felt maybe they were the only unfortunate planet that experienced such disaster.

"Anyways, it's been over twelve hours already," Gustav said and began tapping on the dimensional bracelet strapped to his left wrist.

[New Quest Has Been Issued]

"Huh?" Gustav paused what he was doing as he spotted the notification pop up in his line of sight.

[Quest: Stay Within The Tunnelway For The Next Twenty Four Hours]

"What?" Gustav exclaimed after checking out the quest.

"What are you doing, system?" Gustav asked while raising his brows.

("Who says I'm doing anything? As I said, quests are randomly generated... Sometimes,") The girly voice of the system sounded all goofy at the moment like it was messing with Gustav on purpose.

"Looks like I'll be failing this quest then," Gustav voiced out next and continued tapping on the dimensional bracelet.

("Why don't you check out the punishments first,") The System proposed.

"Hmph," Gustav decided to check the punishments for failing to complete the quest.





Gustav already stopped reading from the second line with a dark expression on his face.

"This is inhumane," He voiced out.

("Well, I'm an Artificially Intelligent life form which basically makes me a computer so...")

Gustav; "..."

Gustav had no choice but to take his seat. It was obvious the system didn't want him leaving here in the next twenty-four hours so he just had to wait.

There was also a possibility that Sir ZiL might not have gathered enough corpses for him yet so waiting didn't seem so bad.

Gustav decided to spend this time circulating his bloodline.

Since the system had given him such a quest it would mean daily quests for the next twenty-four hours were canceled.


Meanwhile, Gustav's friends were being taken to different neighboring cities around Burning Sands to find him.

Gustav only knew of Miss Aimee's presence but he had an idea that E.E and the rest were here too.

Well, they weren't at Burning Sands anymore after being grouped and taken to different cities.

Miss Aimee wanted to take Vera with her to a different city, so she could sense if Gustav was within but the thought of Gustav appearing back in Burning Sands City while they were away disturbed her.

What if she was to take Vera to all the different cities' surroundings the Burning Sands for her to sense if Gustav was in any of them and they ended up missing Gustav if he appeared in Burning Sands during that period of time.

This was why she decided to leave Vera back in the city. Also, it wasn't confirmed that she was capable of sensing him so this would be a way of proving that she is.

If Gustav's presence wasn't sensed in the city again in the next few days, she would be forced to believe Vera was incapable of sensing Gustav in the first place.

Miss Aimee had sealed her strength once again since a day ago.

She wasn't supposed to leave the seal deactivated for so long but the circ.u.mstances allowed for that to be since she saved the other city from the Ash-colored fog.


Within a luxurious yard, a group of four sat down around each other seemingly in a heated discussion.

"How can she do this to our city without any consequences," One of the men with a white buzz cut voiced out.

"Senator Harry, I'll advise you don't push this issue. I know you're angry about the whole situation but you know who we're going up against isn't somebody that can be defeated," One of the other men responded.

"Councilman Damon, are you telling me she can't be cautioned or called to order for such an act that could have cost the lives of many. How different is that from the incident with Gustav Crimson?" Senator Harry stated.

"The difference is she could have done it and gotten away with it but she didn't. We should be thankful she only did this little," Councilman Damon replied once again.

"What? Incompetent, you lots. Tch!" Senator Harry gritted his teeth in annoyance seeing the way Councilman Damon and the other two men dressed in MBO outfits seemed scared of the person they were talking about.

"You know we are referring to one of the strongest if not the strongest being on earth and you want to sanction her? We should be glad she even decided to help find her student," Councilman Damon stated once again.

"Senator Harry, there is no need for worry, the MBO will handle the damage done to the city and the artificial sun. Everything would have been completely repaired in the next one week," One of the MBO officers voiced out.

"Whatever," Senator Harry voiced out with a look of disappointment.

In a few more minutes, the discussion ended and all other three visitors took their leave while Senator Harry remained seated in this luxurious-looking yard which was a part of his property.

There was a pool not too far away, a big golf field up ahead, flowers, and all sorts of beautiful plants in the vicinity along with a variety of decorations.

A ma.s.sive blue house was positioned far behind.

Senator Harry's face turned dark as he spoke, "I'm not letting this slide,"

He proceeded to make a call in the next Instant.


In a flash, twenty-four hours had gone by. Gustav finally opened his eyes within the underground tunnelway to see a notification in his line of sight.

[Quest Completed: Stay Within The Tunnelway For The Next Twenty Four Hours ]