The Bloodline System - Chapter 767 - Concept Of Dreams

Chapter 767 - Concept Of Dreams

Chapter 767 - Concept Of Dreams

Dreams were supposed to be a representation of your thoughts and desires during the day but he had never thought of something like this neither did he desire to have such an encounter in his lifetime.

At least this was what Gustav's ideology about dreams and nightmares meanings. He believed you had to be scared about something before it could appear in your dreams and what he saw in his dream was something that confused him because he had no idea what that was.

("Your thought process is flawed,") The system suddenly voiced out in his head.

"What?" Gustav exclaimed.

("Who said you could only dream of things you've had one form of thought or the other? There are times when people dream about things they've never thought about or seen too. It happens a lot,") The system explained.

("The brain is powerful enough to create a fake reality of its own. It's just like how fictional writers, create stories that don't exist. It comes from that brain of theirs which they use to create new realities, never seen or heard about before,") It added.

"Oh, so my brain just created a world of its own not based on my experiences, thoughts, or things I've seen before... Interesting," Gustav mumbled.


"Reality warping already exists but then to manifest the power in the real world beyond our brain is where the difficulty is," Gustav added.

("Well... If you look at it that way too, you're not entirely wrong,") The system was a bit taken aback by Gustav's sudden theory but found sense in it.

"Hey, I remember during my time with the Archinade Species in the underground prison they did mention that at the highest level of Cosmic Superiority, reality-warping is a possibility," Gustav recalled back to during the MBO test phase.

"Just that no Cosmic Superior being has been able to achieve that in the last five thousand years, according to them... The last one who did, mysteriously disappeared," Gustav was still amazed that the Archinades knew a whole lot of information on this.

Thinking about it, he realized that was how things would become with him when he began s.p.a.ce exploration. The Archinades he met had spent all their lives travelling across galaxies, so it was normal for them to have lots of information.

"Oh, they should only have four years left of their sentence. I wonder if they got it reduced a little since the last time," Gustav voiced out recalling it had been a year since his encounter with them.

(Author's Note: refer to chapter 235)

Gustav decided that if he ever needed information about things related to s.p.a.ce that he couldn't find anywhere, he would find a means of visiting them in the underground mixedblood prison again.

"I haven't even gone beyond the first stage of Cosmic Superiority yet," Gustav mumbled as he stood to his feet.

He wondered how long it would take him to get to the fourth stage since he has been stuck in stage one for a year.

("You better be grateful for your current improvement. You think it's an easy task to achieve Cosmic Superiority?") The system suddenly voiced out with a tone full of distaste.

("Beings who have achieved Cosmic Superiority spend hundreds of years studying the abilities that accompany this state as well as trying to improve it. The one who was last said to have achieved the fourth stage was alive for over seven thousand years before he did it,") The system voiced out lengthily.

"Oh, I see..." Gustav mumbled.

("One of his feats included, saving an entire galaxy from being consumed by a star multiple times larger than the sun,") The system announced.

"What? That's... Multiple times larger than the sun?" Gustav was astonished to hear this.

"What exactly did he do to save them?"

("The details to that are lost in time, it's been over five thousand years now but the records are still there and the planets within the galaxy that was saved still wors.h.i.+p him till this day as their beloved deity,") The system stated.

Gustav was still wowed thinking about it. The next thought that came to his mind was, 'Can Miss Aimee pull that off?'

("Of course not. That's several levels beyond what can be achieved by even the said most powerful mixedblood on your planet,") The system responded to his thought.

"Not one, not two but several levels?" Gustav voiced out.

("Yes, he is still said to be the most powerful existing till date, and no one else has come close to achieving what he did, but no one knows why he suddenly disappeared either,") The system stated.

"Interesting... Doesn't this make the earth weaker since there are beings out there who could come close to him due to the power of Cosmic Superiority?" Gustav thought out loud.

("No because none of the beings who have achieved Cosmic Superiority since after that time or before never came close to surpa.s.sing him in strength.

Although your teacher and the other one known as the most powerful are way weaker than he was at his peak, they are still one of the most powerful forces in the universe currently. There are others as well who are only a few levels lower that would also be considered super powerful across multiple galaxies.

This is what makes earth a force to reckon with along with its technological advancement as well.

Compared to the past, the current beings said to be ranked the most powerful are not as strong as those who existed over five thousand years ago and were proclaimed to be the strongest,") The system explained.

This explanation made sense to Gustav but then he wondered why the current ranking of most powerful beings wasn't as powerful.

Was it because they did not achieve Cosmic Superiority? Or was it because of something else?

Either way, he still knew that Miss Aimee's strength was super impressive since she was the youngest amongst a list where they were people who had lived multiple centuries.

"What was his name?" Gustav asked.