The Bloodline System - Chapter 764 - He's Gone

Chapter 764 - He's Gone

Chapter 764 - He's Gone

"What did you lots do when I was away?" Miss Aimee asked while raising her brows with a look of suspicion.

"What happened was..."


-Greyscale Pharmaceuticals

"Huff! Huff! Huff!" Gustav was breathing in and out profusely as he leaned against a laboratory table.

Up ahead, body parts could be seen scattered across the place with slightly decayed body fluid and blood.

There were nine rectangular stretchers extending from the wall area, and some of them had mangled-looking corpses atop them. Some were empty but had blood stains and fluids on them, while two had corpses that looked similar to each other at first glance, but on a closer look, there were still differences.

"I guess that's it for now... I'll need to ask Scientist ZiL to get me more corpses," Gustav voiced out after resting for some time.

"An entire night pa.s.sed already," Gustav noticed it was daytime already.

Gustav stood back straight and decided to go find Sir ZiL. He walked out of the lab and found Sir ZiL in his office working on something with his holographic computer.

"Oh, you were here," Gustav was a bit surprised as he didn't sense Sir ZiL's presence earlier.

But then, recalling how much fatigued he felt at the moment due to using Flesh Warping the entire night, he understood why.

"I didn't leave. I was here all through the night," Sir ZiL said while suspending what he was up to.

"Oh? Working on something?" Gustav asked.

"Yeah, the Arhk.u.m serum has been successfully created thanks to you, but then I found some irregularities as well... It can work on Mixedbloods just as much as it can work on Humans and Slarkovs," Sir ZiL revealed.

"Interesting," Gustav responded with a contemplative expression.

"Right..? You look really exhausted; you should have some rest," Sir ZiL voiced out with a look of concern.

"I will be fine," Gustav said with a dismissive expression before proceeding to ask a question.

"Doesn't that mean Mixedbloods would also have their Lifeforce increased if they consumed the serum now?"

"Precisely. It would take effect on Mixedbloods, increasing the number of years they get to live. This was made possible due to some of your cells permanently mixing with the serum when I was extracting it for study and modifying it. So this came from you," Sir ZiL explained.

"Replicating it would be a problem, so the ones created in the future would probably not have this effect. Only the ones created from the original dose I extracted from your cells will have this," He added.

'Hey, system, are you hearing this? I thought you said you isolated the serum?' Gustav said Internally.

("I did, but some of your cells which were initially insignificant, reacted to serum, and there was a chain reaction. Since it's not harmful, I let it be,") The system responded in his mind.

A Mixedblood had over a trillion more cells than a normal human, so a lot of those cells would be insignificant. Since they were useless, the system isolated the serum around the part of his body where these useless cells were located.

'And you didn't think to tell me?' If the system had a physical body, Gustav would have grabbed its neck right now and squeezed it tightly for always holding back information from him.

("It's not an important piece of information,") The system responded with an unbothered tone.

'It seems pretty important rig...'

"So what do you say, Gustav? Can I have some of your blood to maintain the same effect in the future Serums?" Sir ZiL seemed to have still been speaking while Gustav was engaging in a conversation with the system.

"My blood? Nah, that's out of the question. You made it for Humans and Slarkovs, so you already got your wish. Your scientists don't have to be greedy every time, you know? Just be satisfied with the results you have achieved," Gustav completely dismissed the request.

"That's a bit harsh, but I understand, haha," Sir ZiL chuckled lightly as he responded.

"You're right. We scientists really need to tone down our greed," Sir ZiL added.

It would seem being reprimanded by a youngster wasn't disrespectful to him.

"I do appreciate everything you've done so far... By the way, I need more corpses. I still haven't gotten my desired result," Gustav requested.

"I would use your words against you, but it's not quite fitting to the situation since you haven't achieved your objective at all, haha," Sir ZiL voiced out laughed lightly.

"Alright, I'll get more, but it will take some time," Sir ZiL added.

"Thank you... In the meantime, I'll be leaving the city again. Since my teacher is in the city and I want to avoid her, it's not wise staying around for too long," Gustav thought as he began tapping on the dimensional bracelet strapped to his wrist.

"Hnm, good plan. Stay safe," Sir ZiL said while Gustav nodded in response.

In the next few moments, he disappeared amidst a flash of bright light.

After Gustav had disappeared, Sir Zil resumed tapping on the holographic keyboard as his poker face returned.

A couple of words appeared on the holographic monitor in the next instant.

Cell Replication Procedure

His eyes squinted as multiple holographic images appeared all across the place.


"Are you saying he's in the city right now?" Miss Aimee's voice rang out as she stared at Vera.

"Yes," Vera responded affirmatively.

The instant Miss Aimee got the confirmation, her eyes lit up as she activated her second bloodline.

"I once marked him with my light empowerment bloodline," Miss Aimee voiced out as her figure suddenly lit up with purplish light.

She turned around after saying this and began walking towards the door.

"If he's within range, I just might be able to find him with..." While speaking, Vera suddenly cut her short.

"He's gone,"

Miss Aimee paused her steps as she heard that and slowly turned around.

"What?" She voiced out with a piercing gaze.

"...his presence... It just disappeared," Vera said with a slightly shaky expression.