The Bloodline System - Chapter 763 - What Are You Kids Doing?

Chapter 763 - What Are You Kids Doing?

Chapter 763 - What Are You Kids Doing?

The visual from the eye on her forehead saw through the buildings, making it easy for her to cover the area she was a.s.signed.

Everyone had a map of the city that displayed the streets that extended in the direction Vera had pointed them in.

The moment any street in the area A group was a.s.signed had been cleared, they would communicate through the minds comms to make sure Angy didn't have to check those places again.

Angy was lowering the intensity of her speed on purpose so as not to cause too much commotion across the city.

If this wasn't the case, it would only take her a minute to check every single s.p.a.ce within a two hundred storey building.

This search went on for over two hours, and it was almost six in the morning.

If daybreak arrived, they would have to suspend their search.

After making them settle in the apartment, Miss Aimee had told them they had to be careful with their movements. Although she made the MBO stop with their search for Gustav in the meantime, beneath the surface, they would still covertly keep their eyes on all of them.

Which meant the moment they found out they were onto Gustav, the MBO might try something sneaky. They would be followed if they weren't careful, so the moment daybreak arrived, they would suspend their search.

"Can you still sense his presence?" Aildris asked Vera as they arrived at a rooftop.

"Yes, we're getting closer," Vera said as they leaped towards the next rooftop.

"Any suspicious sightings up there, Elevora?" Aildris asked through the mind comms.

"Nothing at all... Everything seems normal," Elevora responded.

"I'm closing in on a dead-end... The other parts of the city in this direction extend towards the line you and Vera are covering," Elevora stated.

"After covering the places in that area, come join us," Aildris stated.

"Hnm... I just spotted a link to an underground pa.s.sageway within a building. I can scan through it, so I'll have to go down there and check it out personally," Elevora said while swooping down from the sky as purplish energy covered her entire frame.

"Copy, just make sure you report back if you find anything," Aildris

They continued on with the search, knowing they had only a few more minutes left before stopping.


Thirty minutes later, they were back in the apartment with looks of contemplation as they stared at Aildris.

"We will cover the rest later at night. Since it's already daybreak, we can't risk being followed," Aildris stated.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Besides, we are halfway done, so I'm sure we will be able to cover the rest this night," Aildris added.

"But what if we don't find him?" Glade voiced out with a look of worry.

"Vera said..." Before Angy could complete her sentence, Glade interrupted.

"Yeah, Vera said... And we all trusted her without even questioning how she is able to sense Gustav's presence in the first place? What if it's a hoax? What if she's wrong, and we're just wasting our time searching in the wrong place?" Glade questioned repeatedly.

"Well..." Angy was unable to answer these questions, and some of them turned to stare at Vera.

"I just want us to find my rival. It doesn't matter if she's sure or not," Ria voiced out next.

"At least it's better than just staying here without doing nothing," Teemee added as well.

"Come to think of it, we were all brought here so we could help them predict Gustav's mode of thinking so they can find out his next move or at least track him with the knowledge we provide of him... But none of us can actually predict his mode of thinking because Gustav does things in unpredictable ways," Falco said with a tone of admiration.

"Even if we were to provide them with any information, it wouldn't do them any good because no one can ever tell what Gustav is up to unless he reveals it himself... Haha, the MBO has no idea who they're dealing with," E.E chuckled lightly as he voiced out.

"He's probably planning a way to get himself out of this mess right now, but I'm sure the MBO thinks he's just running away aimlessly," Aildris a.n.a.lysed with a contemplative look.

"That's not the point... How do we know we're looking for him in the right place?" Glade voiced out once more.

"Let Vera tell us how she is able to sense him, so we know we're not following her blindly," Glade added.

"Are you saying you don't trust her?" Angy asked.

"Has she given us any reason to?" Glade questioned back.

"I think the better question is, Has she given us any reason not to?" E.E voiced out next.

"I know she was really tight with Gustav cos they spent a lot of time together. I'm trusting on that," E.E added while shrugging his shoulders.

This also happened to be Aildris, Angy, Falco, and the others' reason as well, so they nodded in agreement.

"I don't have any reason not to help. I would die for him if I had to," Vera said with a pa.s.sionate gaze in her eyes.

The entire place turned silent for a while as everyone sneakily stared at Angy, wanting to see her expression.

Angy tried to maintain her composure, but there was no denying that Vera's last statement made her feel a little unhinged.

"Anyways, let's just make sure to check the rest of the area by night," Angy cleared her throat before speaking.

"I think we should have someone or a few of us covertly check around during the day too. Who's to say Gustav will be in the city till night," Elevora finally spoke.

She had a.n.a.lysed from everything they had said that Gustav was unpredictable. If he suddenly appeared in the city, what's to stop him from suddenly disappearing too.

"Maybe we..."

"What are you kids doing?" A feminine voice was heard from the entrance of the living room.

"Miss Aimee," Everyone was surprised as they saw her arrive in front of them in nearly an instant.

They didn't even know when she arrived.