The Bloodline System - Chapter 765 - The Green Asset

Chapter 765 - The Green Asset

Chapter 765 - The Green a.s.set

"...his presence... It just disappeared," Vera said with a slightly shaky expression.

The others in the living room stared at Vera as well with contemplative expressions.

The purplish energy surrounding Miss Aimee slowly died down as she began stepping forward.

"Are you sure?" She asked as she arrived in front of Vera.

"Yes... Just a few moments ago, I stopped sensing his presence," She responded.

"Hmph, maybe you never sensed it at all and just sent us on a wild goose chase. How is it that his presence suddenly disappeared when Miss Aimee arrived," Glade voiced out from the side.

"He obviously left the city again. Did you forget that he wasn't initially in the city?" Vera said with a slightly irritated tone.

"Maybe he never came back in the first place. I mean, Miss Aimee could easily look for him better than we, but now you say he's gone when she arrives," Glade felt Vera was bulls.h.i.+tting them.

"It's okay. I'll still try to scan the city to see if I can find him," Miss Aimee said before turning around to leave once more.

"I'll have an objective for the ten of you when I return," Miss Aimee said before leaving through the door.

Glade saw this as an opportunity to argue with Vera again, but Vera just sighed and left her room.

Everyone had felt how discontented Miss Aimee was after Vera revealed that Gustav's presence had disappeared. It was without a doubt that she was disappointed.

Angy and the others still didn't believe they wasted time in searching for Gustav all through the night, but they had to wait for Miss Aimee's return so they would know the next step to take.

"If only Miss Aimee was around during the night," Angy sighed as she voiced out loud.

They all felt the situation would have been handled easily by her if she was available during that time, knowing all their strengths combined were not even a quarter of hers.

What they didn't know was during the night, Miss Aimee flew to the other neighboring cities.

Although the burning sands surrounding the city covered a radius of more than two thousand miles, Miss Aimee had flown all the way across them to visit the cities beyond the burning sands.

Of course, her objective was to find Gustav. He was suspected of having escaped to one of these cities since it was impossible to hide on the Burning Sands.

It took her the entire night to cover two cities on the east and west sides of the burning sands. She didn't take the kids with her because they had just arrived, so she wanted them to rest up till the next morning when she could give them an objective.

Not knowing such a thing would happen in the middle of the night while she was away.


Some of them stayed in the living room while some returned to their rooms. They didn't have to cook since there were currently at a resort center where they would be served breakfast every morning.

Within Glade's room, she sat down on her bed and brought out a small baby pinky nail size tool.

After placing it behind her left ear, she tapped on the device.

-"Do you have a lead for us, green a.s.set?"

She heard a voice in her mind.

"Yes and no..." She responded.

-"How do you mean?"

"One of my teammates could sense Gustav's presence in the city earlier. I was going to point you guys in the direction, but then she said his presence just vanished,"

-"Hmmm, this is... How certain are you of the teammate's capability to sense his presence?"

"I repeatedly clashed with her trying to get her to expose how she is able to pull it off, but she wouldn't reveal it. However, I am quite sure that she was being truthful due to her suspicious connection with Gustav back at camp,"

"It's even more trustworthy when she doesn't want to reveal the secret behind how she's able to sense his presence which was why I kept trying to get her to reveal it,"

-"Interesting... This teammate of yours, you have to keep an eye on her,"


-"Reveal the location of Gustav's whereabouts when his presence was sensed in the city,"

"She couldn't accurately pinpoint the location, but she pointed us in the direction where she could sense his presence,"

-"Hmm, reveal the areas then,"

"His presence already vanished, so..."

-"It doesn't matter. I will send a squad to covertly look around the areas,"

"Alright then..."

A few moments later, Glade had given whoever was on the other side of the call the areas to cover.

-"Good job Green a.s.set. You'll be up for a bonus soon,"


-"I expect to hear from you soon enough... I almost forgot since you're close with Gustav, do you have an idea as to why he would return to the city?"

"Hmm, well, it's just a.s.sumptions for now, but we believe he is up to something. Maybe planning to clear his name, so we believe he will still return to the city,"

-"Interesting, this is a good piece of information... Looks like I will have to covertly plant officers around the scenes of the crimes around the city. There is a possibility he will have to return to one of these places,"

"That's a great..."

While Glade was responding, a knock was heard on the door.

"I have to go now,"

She quickly disconnected in the next instant and stood up from her bed to go answer whoever was at the door.

"Angy," She voiced out and donned a light smile after opening the door.

"Glade, can I come in?" Angy asked.

"Sure, sure," Glade moved out of the way for her to come in.

"Why are you giving Vera a hard time?" Angy asked.

"Because I don't trust her," Glade responded.

"Why?" Angy asked once more

"I just don't, okay. She's not originally a part of our group," Glade stated.

"Gustav spent more time with her than with me in camp, and he's the person with the biggest amount of trust issues I've ever met in my life, so I'm sure that counts for something...." A wry smile appeared on Angy's face as she voiced out.