The Bloodline System - Chapter 762 - On The Search For Gustav

Chapter 762 - On The Search For Gustav

Chapter 762 - On The Search For Gustav

"So, can you direct us to where he is?" Aildris asked next.

"His presence suddenly appeared in this city. I can't pinpoint his exact location. I only know he's somewhere in that direction," Vera said while pointing at the south.

"That doesn't leave us with a lot of clues, but it's something we can work with," Aildris said while staring at everyone.

He didn't bother asking Vera how she was able to sense Gustav's presence even though everyone was kind of itching to know.

The objective now was to cover the areas in the direction Vera pointed at.

"We'll have to split up and look for him ourselves," Aildris stated.

"We still have the mind comms that was given to us when we were leaving camp. We'll use that to communicate with each other," E.E voiced out as well.

The others nodded in agreement.

"Matilda, Glade, Ria, and Teemee, you four have the slowest speeds, so work together to cover the streets on the east area in this direction," Aildris began giving out instructions.

"Falco and E.E work together to cover the streets in the middle. Dark Falco is fairly fast, and E.E's Vortex should make movement even easier for you both,"

"Vera and I will cover the east side in that direction while Elevora will use her aerial abilities to scour the vicinities as well," Aildris added once more.

Elevora and Vera nodded in understanding. It took almost unleas.h.i.+ng the full extent of her abilities to fly, but Elevora knew the situation was dire, so she had no qualms having to be the aerial lookout.

"Angy is the fastest amongst every one of us, so she will move as a sole unit, covering the areas we miss,"

"We have to make sure we don't cause too much disturbance while undergoing this operation but make sure you report through the communications if you notice anything suspicious," Aildris concluded with this.

"Guys, be careful... If we end up causing too much disturbance, the MBO might be alerted. We don't want them knowing in on what we're up to," E.E voiced out next.

"Alright, let's move, "Angy stated as everyone prepared to leave the apartment.

They were still in their pajamas and would have worn their MBO outfits, but there was no time to do that right now.

Vera said Gustav's presence just suddenly appeared in the city. There was a probability it would disappear soon, too, so they had to take hold of this opportunity to find him as soon as possible.


Minutes later, forces blasted through the streets of Burning Sands city, crosschecking one building after the other.

E.E would occasionally open multiple vortexes leading to s.p.a.ces within a building. He would sometimes appear in people's rooms and slowly check around the place before getting out through another vortex that led to the next room.

Dark Falco took over and jumped through the other vortexes E.E opened up as well. Sometimes he would crawl across window panes using the dark of the night to scan the entire building for Gustav.

On Glade's side, their search was going according to the way Aildris planned it as well. They were the slowest amongst everyone, but their numbers made up for that. They would occasionally alert the people living around that area due to their speed, but when they brought out an MBO badge explaining they were in the middle of an investigation, the people around there would leave them be.

Angy was so quick that she would be in and out of a building before anyone knew it. The only thing that would leave the people living in that area suspicious was the sudden intensity of the wind.

They would wonder when they left the windows open.

Aildris's speed was similar to Gustav's without making use of Dash. He would be able to scan an entire apartment using the colors of every object in the surroundings.

This made it easier for him to do this while carrying Vera along. Vera wasn't fast, but she was useful for telling if they were getting closer to Gustav or not.

Vera could put her consciousness into things, and luckily for her, she had been training it in the way Gustav told her to.

"Catch that bird for me," She said to Aildris as they arrived in the middle of a street.

Aildris had no idea why she would need that, but he leaped from side to side across the skysc.r.a.pers in the vicinity and caught the bird in a few seconds.


The moment he landed on the ground, he handed it over to Vera unscathed.

It looked a little like an eagle with leopard-colored feathers and twelve inches long feathery tail.

Vera closed her eyes while holding onto the bird, and in a few moments, she let it go.

Aildris was wondering what that was all about, and in the next moment, the bird flew in through one of the windows of a building by the side.

"I can see through its eyes and control its actions," She explained to Aildris, whose face lit up in astonishment after hearing that.

He thought her power was related to controlling plants since this was what she made use of during battles within the MBO camp. Now it turned out it was more than just that.

Aildris grabbed hold of Vera and once again began das.h.i.+ng across the place with speed.

Vera covered her left eye to focus on the right, where she could see the bird moving within buildings.

Her eyes caught hold of multiple weird acts going on in some rooms, but she didn't react to it since she was more focused on finding Gustav.

"Already checked this one. Let's move to the next," She voiced out as Aildris was about to go inside a building.

He nodded and proceeded to move towards the next.

Up above, Elevora flew across the city with her forehead revealed. The large purplish eye on her forehead pulsating with unknown energy scanned across the buildings as she flew from place to place.

The visual from the eye on her forehead saw through the buildings, making it easy for her to cover the area she was a.s.signed.