The Bloodline System - Chapter 761 - Difficulty In Learning Flesh Warping

Chapter 761 - Difficulty In Learning Flesh Warping

Chapter 761 - Difficulty In Learning Flesh Warping

Now a situation where he could repeatedly try it out had presented itself. On the first try, he completely destroyed a full human body.

Gustav couldn't help but think, 'What if it was a living and breathing person?'

Obviously, it would have ended in disaster, just like he feared all those times. No ability could be perfected on its first use, and this particular one would screw a person up if he had tried it on them.

Gustav moved towards the next body by the side and breathed in and out a few times before placing his hand on the head of this corpse, just like the last one.

He pictured an entire person's figure in his mind and activated the ability once more.

Reddish veins popped up on his arms as power flowed from his palm into the face of this corpse.

First, the face began changing structure, followed by the body parts. Similar to what had happened the last time, one arm would occasionally shorten, then increase in length once more.

The skin tone of the corpse turned a light lighter as sounds of wriggling continued to ring out.

This continued for over an hour, and Gustav still hadn't modified the body in the exact way he wanted it to be, but he was still a little glad, seeing that he had made progress compared to the last one.

Gustav stared at the body structure he had modified so far and could say it looked half like the person he pictured in his mind, but if he was going to do this, he had to make sure it was completely accurate.

Gustav now knew how this worked. His bloodstream was infiltrating the corpses when he activated this ability after placing his hand on their head.

His Genetic Transformation Bloodline, in particular, infiltrated their cells and gave him the power to externally modify their appearance. It was like giving them the power to shapes.h.i.+ft since his bloodline was within them, but then he was the one with the control.

Based on how strong the cells of a person were, it could be less difficult or have an effect like the last one exploding.

After another hour went by, Gustav could no longer modify the second corpse. It no longer responded to Flesh Warping after being modified for so long.

Currently, the nose of the corpse was as long as a carrot, while some other body parts were weirdly out of shape too.

"This is more difficult than I thought it would be," Gustav sighed and proceeded to move to the side to rest.

Currently, his breathing was a little more hurried than before. This was because using this ability sapped a lot of bloodline energy from him.

He had made his original bloodline the base for all his other bloodlines. His other bloodlines were connected to it, and so long as he channelled his original bloodline, others would also increase in rank.

It took more toll on him when a lot of energy was being sapped from his original bloodline than others. This meant that, even after he had managed to master this ability, he couldn't use it on a whim.

Gustav stared at the two other corpses available for him to use. He suspected he might even need more than what was available at the moment.

He had been here for about three hours already, and it was getting close to daybreak since he arrived around midnight.

'The last phase of the plan will be stalled for longer than antic.i.p.ated... I can do anything until I learn this,' Gustav thought and resumed learning Flesh Warping.


Within a ma.s.sive apartment, a girl with blue hair and beautiful looks could be seen lying on a bed in one of the rooms.

Her eyes suddenly sprang open as she sat up.

"I can sense his presence..." She muttered while standing to her feet.

She quickly moved out of the room, arriving in front of a pa.s.sageway.

Doors could be seen along the pa.s.sageways which led to other rooms.

She arrived in front of the second one by the left and began knocking.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Her knock was so loud that in a few moments, the person within had already moved to open it up.

"Vera, what is it?" Angy's voice resounded from the entrance of the room as the door opened up.

"I can sense him... He's in the city right now," She voiced out with a tone of urgency.

"Sense who?" Angy asked with a slightly confused look.


The moment Vera stated this, Angy eyes widened.

"How?" She asked.

"That's not important right now. We have to inform miss Aimee," Vera responded.

It would seem she didn't directly go to Miss Aimee herself since Miss Aimee had stated that she only trusted a few of them.

"Wake the others. I'll go inform Miss Aimee right now," Angy instructed before das.h.i.+ng out of the pa.s.sageways.

Vera nodded and proceeded to go banging from door to door. Despite the fact that it was midnight, everyone seemed to be on the alert as it only took a few moments for them to respond.


In a few moments, everyone was gathered in the living room except for one person.

"Where's Miss Aimee?" Aildris asked the moment Angy arrived back in their midst.

"I've checked the entire building as well as the premises; she's nowhere to be found," Angy responded.

A brief silence ensued amongst them as they stared at each other for some time.

"She should be somewhere around the city. Maybe she has something to deal with," Falco said with a low tone.

"Yeah... Is there any way to contact her?" Aildris asked Angy, who responded by shaking her head.

"Only Gustav would have known how to do that, and he's..." Angy stopped speaking at that point since there was no point in saying the obvious.

"We'll have to make a decision ourselves then," Aildris said before turning to face Vera.

"Vera, are you sure you can sense him?" Aildris inquired.

"I wouldn't wake everyone if I wasn't sure it's him," Vera said with a look of certainty.