The Bloodline System - Chapter 75 - Plans In Motion

Chapter 75 - Plans In Motion

Chapter 75 - Plans In Motion

Two days had gone by again in a flash.

Gustav was currently in the dojo, taking a break after training with miss Aimee.

He and miss Aimee sat on the floor with their legs crossed as they discussed.

"Miss Aimee, I've been wanting to ask, why do we have to wear Yukatas when training?" Gustav said with an intrigued look.

"You don't know about the history of this place?" Miss Aimee asked while turning to stare at him.

Gustav shook his head in denial.

Miss Aimee decided to explain after seeing that Gustav had no idea about this place.

"This entire building is owned by a business group named, Octavia... it's one of the most affluent business groups in the city," Miss Aimee explained.

"The group is owned by a powerful family which originated from an ancient country known as Japan... In the olden days, Japan was one of the countries in an ancient continent named Asia that practiced martial arts. This Yukata was a traditional outfit that originated from there... The family that owns this building also owns the dojo. They implemented their culture so it wouldn't be forgotten," Miss Aimee concluded her explanation.

Gustav now had a look of understanding. He already knew a thing or two about the ancient countries and part of their history so miss Aimee's explanation made sense to him now.

"Miss Aimee... that family, do you have a kind of connection to them?" Gustav asked what had been bothering him for some time now.

He had noticed the way miss Aimee was treated with respect around here.

It made no sense that they would fear and respect her that much if she didn't have some kind of connection to the family that owned this building.

Miss Aimee squinted her eyes before replying.

"Who knows? Do I have a connection with them?" Miss Aimee shrugged and stood up.

"Let's continue," Miss Aimee said.

Gustav had a look of suspicion but he decided not to pursue the matter.

He stood up and continued his training with miss Aimee.


Another day went by again. Today was a Thursday.

For the past three days, Gustav hadn't visited the training hall to join his peers to spar.

His classmates were still suspicious about him but what he did the other day was starting to die down.

They decided to focus on the upcoming exchange event.

As for Angy, Gustav let her follow him on the night patrol for the last two days.

The first night that she joined him, her father and mother came out of their apartment to plead with him to protect Angy In case of emergency.

Angy felt very embarrassed and she kept asking her parents to stop but they refused.

Gustav just nodded at them and left with Angy.

He wasn't bothered since he already calculated that it wasn't time for a Mixedbreed to appear yet.

He would only let Angy come with him on nights where he was sure that a Mixedbreed wouldn't show up anyways.

He had asked miss Aimee about this weird phenomenon of mixed-breeds crossing the border. She also couldn't understand why or how that was happening but she promised Gustav that she would look into it when she had the time.

For now, Gustav would still have to keep protecting the neighborhood and he didn't mind since it was also bringing in money for him.

He had also been selling parts and organs of mixed-breeds secretly which to his surprise also brought in a good amount of money.

Gustav found out some time ago that organs of mixed-breeds were also used to make drugs.

He also found out that some restaurants cooked some luxurious meals using some of their organs.


In school today Gustav patiently waited for the day to end. He had been planning something for the past few days. It was time to put some of those plans in motion.

The latter part of the day for class 3 was always spent within the training hall.

They would train there till the day ended.


The sound of the closing bell reverberated across the school.

Finally, school activities came to an end for the day.

Class three students started streaming out of the hall in groups.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Friends moved together chatting with one another in excitement as they walked out.

Two tall students, in particular, were walking together with each other.

One had orange-colored hair while the other had black hair. Both of their hairs were the shoulder-length type but they were quite tall.

The one with the orange-colored hair was 6'2 while the other was 6 feet.

"Charles are we going there today?" The one with the black hair asked with a smile.

"Huhu, you bet we are Gordon... I've held myself back for a week now with all this intense training. I must relieve all this pent-up stress!" Charles replied with a mischievous smile.

"Hehe, yes we should relieve our pent-up stress," Gordon answered back with a smile.

Suddenly his face froze up, "Speaking of relief, I must relieve my bowels... I need to head to the bathroom," Gordon's face squeezed up as he spoke.

"Eckk, again?" Charles asked with a slightly frustrated look.

"I won't take long please just wait," Gordon said and turned around to head for the bathroom inside the hall.

"Tch, I wonder what he ate?" Charles had a slightly pissed-off look as he stared at Gordon who was running towards the hall.

Charles moved towards the side to wait for Gordon.


Fifteen minutes later Gordon was jogging towards Charles from the direction of the training hall.

His face had a look of relief.

He arrived before Charles and spoke, "Let's go, Charles," He said.

"Hmm, you sure you're up for it today?" Charles asked with a slight tone of worry.

"Haha, why not... I wouldn't give up having fun with those sexy sluts for the entire world," Gordon replied.

"Besides we have to release our pent-up stress from all the intense training we've been going through," Gordon added.

"Hmm, alright let's go then," Charles said and turned around.

They moved towards the parking lot and arrived in front of floating velvet-colored car.

The car was similar in shape to a sports car like the old days Lamborghini and Bugatti.

The differences were, it was floating above the ground, it had a whitish kind of flame oozing from underneath, it looked way neater and futuristic, it was thrice the size of those kinds of sports cars, lastly it was at least ten times faster.

There was already a driver waiting for them.

He bowed to both of them politely before they entered.

The driver got in and started the car.


The sound of the engine was so smooth and soothing, It sounded pleasant to the ears.


It zoomed off with speed into the distance.