The Bloodline System - Chapter 760 - Using Flesh Warping For The First Time

Chapter 760 - Using Flesh Warping For The First Time

Chapter 760 - Using Flesh Warping For The First Time

Gustav still had no idea why Miss Aimee had agreed to wear a seal and work with the MBO, so he didn't want to cause problems for her. But, for all he knew, it could be for some important reason, and he didn't want things to be ruined for his sake since the consequences could be something even miss Aimee might not be able to handle.

"Ok... But are you not going to try and see her?" Sir ZiL asked.

"Not at all... I have to make sure she doesn't know I'm here," Gustav had decided to remain hidden.

"So... Back to the plan. You know what I need," Gustav said, getting them back on track as to why he was here.

"Follow me into the lab," Sir ZiL said while standing up from his seat.

Gustav nodded and followed after him towards the personal lab.

They arrived within, and Sir ZiL moved towards the right side and tapped on a few holographic b.u.t.tons.


A rectangular-shaped board s.h.i.+fted out of the wall beside them, and a fresh corpse could be seen laying atop it.

"Are you sure you can do what you mentioned?" Sir ZiL asked Gustav.

"Well, I've had the ability for a while but never tried it... Back then, I could only modify a little, but now that my bloodline has increased a lot in rank, I should be able to do more," Gustav said while moving towards the board.

"Are there any more? Just in case I ruin this one," Gustav asked.

Sir ZiL nodded and tapped on the holographic keys again.

Ssshhhsszzz~ Sshhsszz~ Ssshhsszz~

Three more boards pulled out of the wall reveal one female and two male corpses. They were preserved well enough, so they didn't look like they had been dead for long when it was, in fact, the opposite.

Gustav had no idea how Sir ZiL got these corpses, but he didn't care about that right now. He was more concerned about performing the experiment he had to for his plans to be complete.

He would have done this earlier, but his original bloodline had just returned to full power a day before he was almost caught by the MBO.

Gustav pictured a look in his mind and placed his right hand on the forehead of the first corpse.


Reddish glowing veins appeared on his arm in the next instant, travelling from his shoulder area down to his wrist and even appearing on his right palm.

'Flesh Warping... Wasn't that the name the system gave it after I achieved the Falcon rank,' Gustav thought as he concentrated on his original bloodline while trying to use this power.


The corpse's flesh in front of him started to wriggle, and some parts of the body began to bloat.

"Oh, it's working," Gustav muttered as he opened his eyes.

The right leg became longer than the left leg, then reduced in size, becoming shorter than the left.

"No, not... Humph... Bigger... Smaller... Rounder... Too flat... Longer..." Gustav's voiced out as the corpse in front of him changed look repeatedly but wasn't becoming exactly as he wanted it to be.

The look of the body was slowly started to turn familiar as it changed from the original short and fat-looking man.

However, the belly had bloated a whole lot, and Gustav was trying to reduce it right now.

"Medium-sized..." He muttered, but then the belly completely decreased and even pushed inside like the owner of the body was malnourished.

Other parts of the body were still wriggling as Gustav tried modifying them over and over again.



The body exploded into bits and pieces scattering all over the place.

Gustav pulled back a bit and managed to dodge the rain of body parts and liquid spills from the corpse.

"I should have tried to learn how to use this earlier..." Gustav thought out loud, but he also felt no situation warranted the need for this ability, and there was no one to try it on.

He knew it would be dangerous to try it on a live human for the first time, not knowing what the consequences would be.

He also could not just walk up to a mortuary and ask them to give him permission to experiment on the corpses kept there. That would be insane.

This ability was attached to his Genetic Transformation Bloodline, which of course, was his original bloodline.

Initially, according to the system's record, he could only change one or two body parts of a person to meet his desire.

He could make a person's head bigger than its original size or slightly change the look of a person's face. Still, the ability was limited to just a little change.

Gustav never saw the need for this ability, especially when it wasn't battle-related. His original bloodline wasn't the battle type, but Shapes.h.i.+fting had saved his life so many times, so he knew how useful it was.

However, this particular ability related to morphing another person's look was the only one he never tried after unlocking it during his time in the MBO camp.

Now the ability had become even more powerful than before after achieving the Falcon rank. According to the system, he could change an entire person's appearance using this ability.

This meant he could make a person look like another person, just like he could shapes.h.i.+ft.

Now the issue was he had no idea if it was something that could be controlled. Would it be temporary or permanent? What if he transformed a person's looks and was unable to make them go back to how they were?

Or, what if he messes up the person's look while trying to make them look different, and he is unable to change it back.

There were just so many ways making use of this ability could go wrong. It was practically G.o.d-like but at the same time with so many unknowns.

Now a situation where he could repeatedly try it out had presented itself, and on the first try, he completely destroyed a full human body.

Gustav couldn't help but think, 'What if it was a living and breathing person?'