The Bloodline System - Chapter 759 - I Think That's My Teacher

Chapter 759 - I Think That's My Teacher

Chapter 759 - I Think That's My Teacher



As the bracelet emitted a burst of bright light, his facial features were also changing.

In the next instant...


He disappeared amidst the bright light.


Appearing back in the middle of the city, Gustav was met with a huge shock.

"Why are the skies dark?" He mumbled while staring at the skies.

The blazing star-shaped pearl that was always situated in the northern part of the sky within the city was nowhere to be found.

'Is this an after-effect of using Life Sign Tracking?' Gustav wondered after seeing the empty skies.

He already felt the MBO's Life Sign Tracking method wasn't as efficient as his. So thinking this was an after-effect was due to knowing that the beam came from the floating structure in the sky.

Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes and looked around the city. There were also power outages in some areas.

Thinking that this might be an after-effect, Gustav felt they wouldn't be using the structure for a while, and he didn't have to worry about being located like before in the city for some time.

He had no idea the entire structure had been destroyed, and Life Sign tracking would most likely be unable to be used in this city unless the MBO decided to activate one of their s.p.a.ce satellites and point it in the direction of this city.

This was something that would be unlikely to happen due to Miss Aimee's recent input.

Wearing his hoodie over his head, he leaped down from the rooftop of the skysc.r.a.per he was currently standing on and landed one street away from Greyscale Pharmaceuticals.

He was glad he was away from Greyscale Pharmaceuticals when he sensed the strange pressure over the city two days ago.

If he had remained there, the lab would have been raided by the MBO since that was where they would track him to. Then he would be unable to come back there like he was doing right now.

The MBO had tracked him to the top of a skysc.r.a.per in the middle of the city, not having any idea about where exactly he came out from since he was previously in any of the buildings in that particular area.


"Thank Goodness you're okay. We were worried," Sir ZiL voiced out as Gustav sat on one of the sofas in his office.

"Why? If I had been caught, it would have been broadcasted all over the media," Gustav replied as he transformed back into his original looks right in front of Sir ZiL.

'Fascinating...' Sir ZiL said, internally unable to hide the look of astonishment on his face.

He already knew Gustav had the ability to do this initially, but he had never seen Gustav do it in person.

"The MBO employed a variety of methods to catch you in the last two days and even activated the same light beam they used back then twice after you were said to have escaped towards the west area of the burning sands," Sir ZiL explained.

"We all know how dangerous the burning sands are, so Charisas and I were worried for your safety," Sir ZiL added.

He was glad when he finally heard Gustav's voice through a call some minutes ago.

"Nothing to worry about. I won't be so stupid as to put myself in unnecessary danger unless absolutely necessary," Gustav responded.

Sir ZiL nodded before speaking once more, "On the bright side, they won't be able to use that technological device to locate you anymore,"

"Hmm, that's true... The city is dark at night now. It must be an after-effect of using that power," Gustav stated.

"An after effect? No, that's far from being the reason," Sir ZiL corrected.

"Huh? How do you mean?" Gustav felt Sir ZiL's response hinted that he knew something Gustav didn't.

"Something happened about twenty hours ago," Sir ZiL went on to narrate how a powerful pressure descended upon the city more powerful than the time the device was activated.


In a few minutes, he had completely narrated the entire scenario of the structure being thrown down by a figure and how rock covered the entire sky in the city.

"Why would that powerful figure destroy the artificial sun?" Gustav asked with a look of astonishment.

He was also quite surprised the MBO hadn't done anything about it, and even though the media displayed the happenings, the person responsible for the deed was not displayed.

"The only thing everyone heard was, 'Who gave you the permission to use that device on my student?' The powerful figure seemed angry," Sir ZiL also had no idea who exactly the person was just like everyone in the city, so he just narrated to Gustav exactly as it had happened.

"Student?" Gustav's eyes widened.

"Yes," Sir ZiL confirmed.

"Was it the voice of a woman?" Gustav proceeded to ask.

"Yes, it was a feminine voice," Sir ZiL said with a tone of certainty.

'Miss Aimee... It's gotta be her,' Gustav instantly thought.

"Do you know her?" Sir ZiL noticed the strange expressions on Gustav's face and asked.

"I think that's my teacher," Gustav responded.

"Your teacher..? You had a teacher as powerful as that?" Sir ZiL couldn't believe his ears.

"Hmm, but I didn't want her to get involved... I still don't," Gustav said with a low sigh.

'Miss Aimee is here... and she already caused problems as expected,' Gustav didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this.

"It's obvious she was mad because they were after you... I did get some News that the MBO Officers, who were sent outside the city to look for you, were retreating. Looks like she has a big influence in the MBO. You should use this to your advantage," Sir ZiL voiced out.

"No, I don't want her to go against the entire MBO because of me. This is already enough," Gustav said with a tone of disapproval.

While Miss Aimee would be able to pull such a thing off, this would cause tension between her and the MBOs.. The world powers would be wary instead of being comfortable with her presence on earth.