The Bloodline System - Chapter 758 - It's Time

Chapter 758 - It's Time

Chapter 758 - It's Time

"Miss Aimee!" Angy called out to her before she could leave once more.

"Ugh, what is it, kid?" Miss Aimee asked with a slight look of frustration.

"Some of them are Gustav's precious friends, and I'm sure they will be of help," Angy voiced out.

"Don't know them, don't care..." Miss Aimee responded with an uncaring expression.

"Gustav trusts some of them... And he would even entrust them with his life if need be," Angy stated.

Miss Aimee turned to stare at Angy at this point with a look of ridicule.

"If you think that, then you don't know Gustav. He would never entrust anyone with his life. I'm not even sure he would entrust me with his life. That kid *sigh*" Miss Aimee spoke and sighed afterward.

She proceeded to turn around to leave at this point.

'She's not wrong. Looks like Angy won't be able to convince her,' E.E thought as he watched the dialogue from up ahead.

"I know he wouldn't, but I'm counting on the fact that one day he will... But I can a.s.sure you he really trusts some of them here," Angy remained unrelenting as she tried to convince Miss Aimee.

"I don't," Miss Aimee responded coldly before leaving through the exit.

Angy sighed after Miss Aimee left. She was quite disappointed that her words yielded no result.

Angy turned around and started walking towards the group.

"I guess we'll leave it up to you guys," Aildris voiced out with a smile.

"There's nothing to worry about since she's like the strongest being on the planet. I'm sure we'll only be able to do little anyways," Teemee stated too.

Ria still seemed crestfallen since he was hoping he would get to see Gustav after so long.

"I can't believe the Demon Queen was his teacher this whole time," Chad was still having a hard time believing everything that had been revealed here, and so were the others who knew of Miss Aimee.

"Looks like you seven are heading back, tom..." One of the officers beside Commander Linstrunt was speaking when a feminine voice interrupted.

"Hold on,"

Everyone turned towards the entry point to see Miss Aimee walking back in.

"Point out the ones you said Gustav trust," Miss Aimee said while staring at Angy.

A look of excitement appeared on Angy's face as she heard that.

"I will only pick them if their bloodlines will prove useful in some kind of way," Miss Aimee added.

Angy began pointing them out one after the other, starting with Aildris.

"He just like E.E is one of Gustav's best buddy and also ranked number three now number two since Gustav was de-ranked,"

"Gustav trained her in camp, so she's like your grand student," She voiced out while pointing at Vera.

"Oh, Gustav decided to train someone..." Miss Aimee was a bit surprised, but this was an automatic pa.s.s from her because she knew Gustav wouldn't just pick anyone to perform such action.

"He calls himself Gustav's rival..."

After giving a breakdown of info on, Aildris, Vera, Teemee, and Ria, only Elevora was left.

"She's... Not really close with Gustav, but she's more of a rival considering the fact that she was number one, then Gustav de-ranked her, then she became number one again after the whole incident..." Angy said while gesturing at Elevora.

Miss Aimee walked towards Elevora and stared at her. Her eyes were especially focused on the purple head-tie wrapped around her forehead.

Miss Aimee could sense a restricted force of power there.

"I'll be keeping my eyes on you," Miss Aimee said to her.

"Yes, Miss," Elevora responded respectfully, but unlike the others who had chills crawling down their spines whenever Miss Aimee stared at them, Elevora had a straight face and didn't even flinch once.

Miss Aimee was quite interested in her than she admitted, but all that was something she decided to put aside for now.

"Alright then, the other two can be sent on another mission," Miss Aimee said before turning around to leave.

"You ten, come with me," Miss Aimee said while walking out.

"Wait... What about me, Angy?" Chad yelled out with a look of betrayal.

"Eh? You don't even like Gustav. Why would I pick you?" Angy stared at Chad and questioned with a confused expression.

"That was before... Haha, aren't we all friends? Come on, pick me too," Chad voiced out shamelessly.

"No," Angy stated with a look of disgust before walking out with the rest.

Chad and the other special cla.s.s cadet had a bitter look on their faces as the ten followed after Miss Aimee.


Within the underground tunnelway, Gustav sat in a crossed-legged position with his eyes closed.

"It has completely changed to a dark red color now... What does this mean?" Gustav muttered as his senses scanned his internal structure.

He was currently checking on the state of his Yarki. It was still wrapped by the ashy-colored, bandaid-like restraints, but he could see the color of Yarki had completely changed within.

The bandaid-like restraints covering it had little cracks all-over. They were barely visible, but Gustav could sense them like he could see them directly.

"It will probably come off in a few days," Gustav thought out loud.

He was interested in seeing what other surprise Yarki had in store for him beyond the color change. He was sure he would be in for some surprises sensing that Yarki also emitted a different kind of energy compared to before.

After a few more seconds, Gustav retracted his senses and stood to his feet.

"It's time," He voiced out after opening his eyes.

"I should contact Scientist ZiL the moment I get back into the city," Gustav decided while tapping on the dimensional bracelet strapped to his left wrist.


He wasted no time in picking the same area he was trapped in by the MBO during his pursuit.



As the bracelet emitted a burst of bright light, his facial features were also changing.

In the next instant...


He disappeared amidst the bright light.