The Bloodline System - Chapter 757 - What Are They Doing Here?

Chapter 757 - What Are They Doing Here?

Chapter 757 - What Are They Doing Here?

The group of twelve was led towards a ma.s.sive tent structure right behind the area of destruction.

Many MBO officers were moving across the place, and each of them exuded power which made the group confused even more.

'If there are these many powerful officers in place, how is it possible for the artificial sun to get destroyed?' They all had similar thoughts in their minds as they headed for the tent-like structure.

They were led through the entrance in a few seconds, and it looked like they had arrived at what seemed to be an improvised base.

It looked really better on the inside than they expected with different sets of technology set up in different areas.

A few Officers could be seen stationed in front of holographic computers tapping on keyboards. Different screens floated in mid-air, displaying several locations all across the city.

A few MBO officers were currently standing in the middle around two ladies as they seemed to be discussing something.

The MBO officer who brought the group here moved towards the officers standing around the middle area discussing.

"The cadets are here, Sir," She voiced out the moment she arrived in front of them while gesturing towards the back.

The five discussing turned to stare at the group of twelve.

"What are they doing here?" Miss Aimee, who happened to be in the middle, voiced out as she spotted the kids.

"Miss Aimee?" Angy said with a surprised look.

E.E, Falco, Glade, and Matilda also recognized Miss Aimee, remembering she was Gustav's master and also recalling the rumor that she was the most powerful female mixedblood on earth.

Besides them, a few of the other special cla.s.s cadets also recognized Miss Aimee's face, and their faces lit up with shock.

'Gustav is done for,' Those who didn't know of her relations.h.i.+p with Gustav had this thought.

"Angy and the rest of you, why are you here?" Miss Aimee asked once again.

The others were surprised Miss Aimee actually knew who Angy was and started questioning the connection in their minds.

"Erm, Miss Aimee..." Before Angy could explain, Commander Linstrunt interrupted.

"They are here on the higher-ups' order to a.s.sist with catching Gustav Crimson," He explained.

"Oh?" Miss Aimee voiced out while scanning at all twelve of them.

They felt chills crawl down their spines as she stared at them one after the other. They couldn't help but feel like they were doing something wrong.

'Impossible... The legendary Demon Queen is also after Gustav. We might as well forfeit this mission,' Chad was one of the few that knew who Miss Aimee was.

"You lots plan on extraction information about Gustav from them?" Miss Aimee's eyes squinted as he turned to the side to ask commander Linstrunt.

"...That is... Young Miss, the higher-ups sent them here. I have nothing to do with this..." Commander Linstrunt praying mantis-like face trembled a bit as he spoke.

"I can send them back if you want," He added with a respectful tone.

Miss Aimee had a contemplative look on her face as she heard that.

"Miss Aimee, you know he couldn't have done that, right? Please let us help find him," Angy suddenly shouted out with a pleading expression.

"Of course. I know my student well enough... While it is within possibility, the circ.u.mstances surrounding what happened is what needs to be brought to the light," Miss Aimee stated.

"Student?" Chad blurted out with a look of confusion.

The others, too, had heard this and wondered if they heard right.

Miss Aimee didn't bother responding to them and turned to face Commander Linstrunt.

"Have you suspended the search on him?" She asked.

"Yes, we have sent out the word for all Officers around the city to return to base and cease their search," Commander Linstrunt answered.

"Good. I will find him myself," She stated.

"If anyone makes a move on him or harm him in any way, there will be h.e.l.l to pay," Miss Aimee voiced out before proceeding to walk away.

The group of twelve left a gap in between their lineup for her to pa.s.s through as she moved towards the exit.

"Is this it?"

"Does that mean our mission ended before it even started?"

The cadets were both astonished and confused at the same time after listening to Miss Aimee's conversation with Commander Linstrunt.

Miss Aimee suddenly paused as she got to the entrance and turned slightly to the side.

"Let these ones follow me. They'll complete their mission under me," She stated.

"Young Miss, do you mean you want them to work with you?" Commander Linstrunt asked, trying to confirm if his ears were playing tricks on him.

"Hold on... I don't know some of them," She said while turning around and began walking forward again.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

With every step she took, their hearts pounded in anxiety.

"Just these five are good," Miss Aimee said while pointing at Angy, E.E, Falco, Matilda, and Glade.

"Thanks, ma'am, haha," E.E voiced out, raising his fist.

A smile appeared on Angy's face as she heard that, but Miss Aimee's next statement left her dumbfounded.

"Send the rest back. Let them go on some other mission. They're not needed here," Miss Aimee voiced out and turned back around to leave.

The others had dark looks on their faces after hearing that. Aildris smiled wryly while Elevora maintained her poker face, seemingly not bothered by this decision.

Miss Aimee turned to the side and stared at Elevora from the corner of her eye.

"You remind me of him, but I can't let you work with me if I don't trust you," Miss Aimee said before resuming walking forward.

Everyone saw Miss Aimee's eyes on Elevora in those few moments, so they knew she was speaking to her, but this brought them even more confusion.

'Is Gustav her student?'

'Is Gustav the person she is referring to when she says Elevora reminds her of him?'

'Did she just get rid of every other MBO officer and us on the case so she could find Gustav herself?'

Different thoughts ran through their minds.