The Bloodline System - Chapter 756 - I Just Hope He's Okay

Chapter 756 - I Just Hope He's Okay

Chapter 756 - I Just Hope He's Okay

"I don't care about you lots plan. I'll catch Gustav and hand him over myself if I have to. I want that money," Another special cla.s.s cadet that happened to be in this group voiced out.

He gave everyone a glare before leaving through the exit. He was the only guy that didn't share in their sense of humor, and now they were only ten left in the room.

"Who cares about those two idiots! I will not let anything happen to my rival!" Ria shouted out with a look of enthusiasm.

"Keep your voice down, dumba.s.s," Teemee slapped the back of his head as he voiced out.

"Let's just make sure to give the MBO very little information and make plans to get to Gustav before anyone else does," Matilda said with a decisive look.

"If you're on this, hands in," Matilda said while stretching out her hand.

Aildris nodded and stretched out his hand, placing it on hers. E.E wasted no time and moved to the side while stretching out his hand as well.

Falco, Teemee, Ria, Elevora, and Glade also moved forward and placed their hands on the others as well.

"I don't know him well enough too, but like Elevora said, there's more to this, so I agree with the plan," Chutlu, the sixth-ranked strongest first-year cadet, voiced out as he also moved forward.

He placed his palm right on top of theirs as well.

Angy's face showed a radiant smile as she turned to the side and stared at Vera, who was standing over there all this time without speaking.

"What about you, Vera?" She asked.

"It goes without a saying that I will help my master," She said with a serious look before walking towards them and placed her hand on the eight hands already joined together.

Angy was a little startled hearing Vera call Gustav her master, but she shrugged it off and moved towards them to place her hands on theirs too.

"Let's do it," She voiced out with a strong tone.


While that was happening, all across different places in the camp, cadets were receiving their first missions in groups.

It was already a year since they had arrived at camp, so it was time for the first years to embark on their first missions.

First missions were usually easy ones and pretty much tests to see how much improvement every cadet had gone through in the last year.

Depending on how well a cadet did during their first mission, they might be sent on another one and return later to camp than the others. If they were a.s.sessed to have performed spectacularly on the field, one year would be deducted from the amount of time they are supposed to spend in the camp.

Originally, it was four years, but those who performed splendidly would have the numbers reduced for them. For Gustav, it was already guaranteed he wouldn't spend more than two years before the first years began training a year ago.

Right now, different groups all across camps had received their first mission, and they would be leaving the camp in about two to three days for their first mission.

Aildris, E.E, Angy, and the others happened to be drafted on this special mission to a.s.sist in catching Gustav.

Within the next two days, they studied the information on the chip and got more details about the incident.

This made them realize the severity of the situation seeing clips about the destruction and the state the city was left in after the incident.

Only Angy was completely running crazy with a lot of thoughts in her head as she saw a piece of information that stated Boss Danzo was killed.

She remembered Boss Danzo to be someone Gustav considered to be like a father to him, and it truly scared her to think of what Gustav could have done after this happened.

'Could he have gone mad and caused this destruction because of that?' Angy thought as she sat in her room, a.n.a.lyzing the whole situation.

'No, Gustav would only try to harm the people responsible; there would be no reason for him to commit genocide...' Angy held her head as she thought. She was extremely worried after seeing this piece of information.

She barely knew Boss Danzo, but Gustav had mentioned him so many times that it was impossible to overlook their relations.h.i.+p.

'I should keep this from the others... They may see it as a reason to believe he's responsible,' Angy thought to herself.

'I just hope he's okay,' Thinking about it carefully, Angy realized there was no way Gustav would be okay, just like she wouldn't if she lost her father.

'We have to find him before anyone else does,' Angy really longed to find Gustav and be beside him right now, but there was no way to achieve that.

She suddenly recalled something.

'He mentioned a granddaughter here in camp... Has she been informed?' Angy thought before standing to her feet.

'I should go speak with her,' She decided.


-Burning Sands City (Present Time)

"You kids," Two MBO officers approached the group of twelve standing in a line-up format a few feet ahead of the aircraft.

They turned to face him after hearing that.

"Commander Linstrunt will see you now, follow me," The lady on the left voiced out and proceeded to turn around.

"Wait, what about her," Angy voiced out while gesturing at the aircraft behind.

A feminine figure with a crestfallen expression walked out of the aircraft in the next instant.

"We were told there was only twelve of you... Who is she?" The MBO officer asked.

"She's here for her father," Angy responded.

Both officers stared at each other in confusion before the female officer responded.

"You twelve come with me. My subordinate will take care of her," She said before proceeding to turn around once more, leading them away from the aircraft.

The other male officer walked towards the girl in a cadet outfit as well to question her.


The group of twelve were led towards a ma.s.sive tent-like structure right behind the area of destruction.


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