The Bloodline System - Chapter 755 - The Gang's First Mission

Chapter 755 - The Gang's First Mission

Chapter 755 - The Gang's First Mission

"Yeah... Oh..." Falco came to a realisation as he looked upwards.

"It's night," He voiced out.

Everyone else had looks of contemplation on their faces as they wondered how this came to be.

The group of twelve that had just arrived comprised of, Aildris, E.E, Falco, Ria, Glade, Angy, Teemee, Elevora, Chad, Vera, and two other special cla.s.s cadets.

These five had been put on a special mission different from the other cadets who were undergoing their first mission after the one year spent within the MBO Camp.


-The MBO Camp (A few days earlier)

Within a small private s.p.a.ce, a group of twelve were gathered together in front of an MBO officer dressed in an Orange-colored MBO uniform.

He seemed to be briefing them about something which was quite shocking, based on the expressions on their faces.

They all had expressions of confusion and disbelief on their faces.

"What? Our first mission is to a.s.sist the MBO in finding Gustav?" Falco voiced out after the officer in front of them finished speaking.

"Yes, you're to put in effort into a.s.sisting them in tracking him. You have all been chosen to catch the fugitive Gustav based on your past relations.h.i.+p with him. We expect good results from you lots," The MBO officer voiced out unhesitatingly.

"Hol up...Fugitive? There must be a mistake somewhere," E.E voiced out with a tone of disapproval.

"Did you miss the part where I mentioned almost three thousand people were killed and properties worth hundreds of millions were destroyed as well?" The MBO officer responded with a condescending tone.

"Are you saying he's responsible?" Aildris proceeded to ask.

"So far, all the evidence points towards him, so he's the main suspect," The MBO officer answered.

"Which means there's still a chance of this all being some huge mistake," Aildris mumbled.

"There has to be some sort of mistake; Gustav wouldn't just do that," Angy finally spoke after being silent for some time.

'I mean, he would kill, but he wouldn't kill for no good reason. Committing manslaughter is out of option,' Angy thought.

"Gustav always have a reason for killing. I'm sure the MBO are not digging well into this," Matilda also voiced out her displeasure about this whole situation.

"Killing Over 2700 people, old, young and children included... Yeah, I'm sure he had a good reason for doing that," The MBO officer voiced out while staring at the cadets like they were naive.

"There's no way he's responsible for that," E.E replied with a look of certainty.

"Well, if that is so, he should come out and prove himself innocent. Since you're his friends, help catch him, and then you can help him prove his innocence," The MBO Officer stated.

"The details you all need about the whole situation are in the chips I handed you. Make sure you go through the information and learn about the situation completely... You all will be transported to Burning Sands City in two days," He voiced out and proceeded to start walking towards the door.

"I almost forgot..." The MBO officer paused as he arrived at the exit and turned his head to the side.

"The world government placed a bounty of forty million on his head. That amount of money could change your lives if you catch him yourselves," He voiced out before leaving.

"This..." Glade voiced out with a look of astonishment.

"Forty million?" Chad voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

"He's just a suspect, and they already put this much bounty on him?" Matilda couldn't believe her ears.

Bounties would only be put on confirmed criminals who had already caused countless deaths and destruction. Sahil's boss, Sharmax, was someone who was already considered a crime lord, so he had up to a hundred million bounty on his head.

It was surprising that they would put a bounty like this on Gustav's head when it hadn't even been confirmed yet if he was responsible.

"As expected of that merciless b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Hahaha, I will catch him and get the money for myself," Chad voiced out with a crazy look on his face.

He stopped laughing when he sensed the stares on him in the room.

Aildris, E.E, Angy, and the others were staring at him intensely with a serious look as if to warn him.

"What? He's wanted. Y'all are in the wrong place if you're showing sentimentality on the job," Chad voiced out with a frown before turning around to leave as well.

"I don't know Gustav as much as the rest of you, but I'm sure there's more to this than revealed," Elevora finally spoke after silently accessing the situation in her mind.

"Let's make sure we find him first before they do so we can hear from him directly," Elevora suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," E.E responded with a nod. There was no way he would accept handing Gustav over just like that, no matter what the MBO said.

"They probably want to us to fish him out in a kind of way, or they need private information about him that they could use to catch him from us... Either way, I don't think they'll let us get directly involved," Aildris stated with a thoughtful gaze.

"The MBO better be ready to kiss my black a.s.s if they think I'll give them any information on Gustav," E.E stated with a decisive glare.

"What if they decide to kiss it, though?" Falco voiced out in response.

E.E; "..."

Everyone turned to stare at him and E.E with a myriad of expressions displayed on their face.

"Sorry, that was a weird thing to ask," The moment Falco stated, the boys burst into laughter.



"Oh, come on, it was a genuine question,"

"Who says that?"


The girls stared at them with straight faces, and Glade sighed while facepalming.

"This is a serious situation, guys," She voiced out.

"Ahem, yes *cough cough* back to the topic at hand," Aildris tried regaining his cool composure as he voiced out.