The Bloodline System - Chapter 754 - Arrival Of A Familiar Group

Chapter 754 - Arrival Of A Familiar Group

Chapter 754 - Arrival Of A Familiar Group

Regardless of these actions, Gustav was still unable to be found, so he was glad he made the right decision by teleporting to this place.

"That was unexpected," Gustav was still surprised that the MBO had the capability to use something similar to Life Sign tracking.

It wasn't exactly the same with his, but the similarities could not be overlooked.

At the time it was activated, his forehead burned with a symbolic glow, and they were instantly able to pinpoint his location.

The energy the beam emitted was also similar when he activated Life Sign Tracking.

His wouldn't cause the forehead of a person to glow up, but he would have to copy the invisible symbol ingrained deep in their forehead and picture it to find the person.

Gustav's Life Signs Tracking wouldn't cause any harm to the person he was looking for, neither would the surroundings be affected, but the MBO's device seemed to lack that, and the fact that the person had to be in a city-wide range of the beam before it could be effective.

Gustav could see through a person's forehead no matter where they were in the world so long as he had their life signs. He could also locate them from that.

Safe to say, Gustav's life sign tracking was less complicated and more effective than the MBOs.

He had no idea that the negative effect on the person it was used against was even worse than he thought, and he just happened to be unaffected.

("The MBO pushed their plans forward suddenly... I hacked into one of their mainframes and found out they had a meeting not too long ago,") The system voiced in his head.

"A sudden meeting, hmm... I almost got caught because of that," Gustav couldn't understand why they would just change their minds like that.

("One of the people in attendance for that meeting was Yung Jo,") The system added.

"Of course, it had to be him," Gustav wasn't so surprised anymore.

Knowing Yung Jo for being a master of persuasion, Gustav knew he must have given the higher-ups reason to implement their plan early.

It was already a given that the device using Life Sign Tracking was the plan to get Gustav, but he couldn't understand why they didn't just make use of it earlier.

Why did it seem like they were giving him time to show himself before they decided to use it like it was an extreme measure. Gustav couldn't wrap his head around this, but he decided to keep it at the back of his mind in the meantime.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d... When I'm done handling this situation and getting the second quarter of Scientist ZiL research, I should find a way to erase his pitiful existence," This had once again triggered Gustav.

He knew Yung Jo was still after him and now everything else that had been happening, which increased the world's suspicions about Gustav, made sense now.

Gustav felt Yung Jo was probably pulling strings in the shadows to make sure this incident completely buried him.

He hadn't forgotten about Yung Jo and everything he had done, but there was no time to deal with Yung Jo while dealing with everything he had been dealing with since he got out of Camp.

Gustav sighed, trying to relax. His current plans were much more important at the moment.

"I need to get to the business district I destroyed... Hmm, it's probably still very much under surveillance which means I'll have to be careful," Gustav voiced out.

("But you need to get the corpse from Scientist ZiL's lab first,") The system reminded.

"That goes without a saying, but the business district is harder to get into without arousing any suspicions and implementing my plans," Gustav responded.

("On the bright side, they think you escaped to another city, so they'd probably not try to use that device anytime soon,") The system stated.

"But they know I can teleport, so they should also know I might come back... It's not so certain that they wouldn't make use of the device," Gustav was still a bit worried but what needed to be done. Anyway, he would have to get back to Burning Sands City soon.

They had no idea that the city had been plunged into darkness due to Miss Aimee destroying the structure responsible for shooting out the Life Sign Tracking Beam.

"They're probably still everywhere trying to get me... I'll stay here for a day more," Gustav looked around as he spoke.


-Burning Sands City

"What happened here?" A youngster in a white MBO outfit voiced out as he got out of an aircraft that had just landed with a group of other youngsters coming out behind him.

"Looks like h.e.l.l rained down on this place," Another youngster answered him from behind as he also got out.

The others behind had looks of awe as they stared at the mountain-sized star-shaped structure sitting in the middle of a gigantic crater that seemed to have been created from a collision.

They were a group of twelve currently standing in place, staring at the destruction in the surroundings with looks of confusion and astonishment. It seemed like this wasn't what they were expecting to meet here.

"Hey, Aildris, what do you think that is?" One of them with dark skin and bush afro-styled hair voiced out.

"I'm not so sure, E.E but from the looks of things..." The tallest in the group voiced out as he looked up into the dark sky to see the moon positioned at the northeast.

"I think that used to be Burning Sands City artificial sun," He stated with a look of uncertainty.

Everyone was startled as they heard that. They stared at the ma.s.sive structure once more, then looked at the sky as they recalled a piece of information.

"Their artificial sun?" Falco voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

"Did you forget it was mentioned that Burning Sands City never experienced nightfall?" Teemee voiced out from the side.

"Yeah... Oh..." Falco came to a realisation as he looked upwards.

"It's Night,"