The Bloodline System - Chapter 753 - The Unknown Voices

Chapter 753 - The Unknown Voices

Chapter 753 - The Unknown Voices


Within an unknown place in the universe, time and s.p.a.ce flowed as normally as they would.

This part of the deep vacuum of intergalactic s.p.a.ce was devoid of any form of light. However, visibility wasn't zero.

If one looked closely, one could see a small brown dot very far in the endless vacuum of s.p.a.ce. The brown dot was actually a planet, albeit too far from the current position, so it looked tinier than a human baby's pinky.

Orange-colored solar winds occasionally moved across this dark part of s.p.a.ce which seemed more dead than normal.

The gravitational force in this area was also at an absolute, and a small shrieking sound was audible.


An ashy-colored fog could be seen wriggling like a creature as it drifted across the endless intergalactic s.p.a.ce.

It seemed to be squirming in agony as it beelined towards the small brown dot in the distance.


"HO WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE," Numerous voices suddenly boomed across s.p.a.ce.

"QUITE AN INTERESTING CREATURE, I SHOULD SCAN IT'S COMPONENTS," It sounded like numerous voices echoing together with a mix of screeches, male and female. Still, it was actually coming from a single source.

Even though these numerous voices joined together could be heard, no figure could be seen. In fact, it seemed as if the voice was coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The Ashy fog, which obviously had sentience wriggled across the place in s.p.a.ce, trying to find the source of the voice but to no avail.

This part of s.p.a.ce quietened for some time, almost leading the Ashy fog to believe the source of the voice was gone but in the next instant...

"INTERESTING! INTERESTING! THIS CREATURE WILL BENEFIT ME! HAHA!" The voices sounded excited after staying silent for a while.

This gave room to the thought that it had finished scanning the ashy-colored fog like it mentioned earlier.

"YOU'RE COMING WITH ME, LITTLE CREATURE," The intertwined voices resounded out again and in the next instant...


A small black hole opened up and swallowed up the entirety of the ashy-colored fog.

It disappeared the next instant, and this part of the intergalactic s.p.a.ce returned to its initial tranquility.


Within an underground tunnelway that looked rugged and was packed with lots of chunks scattered around the place, a figure could be seen sitting a pile of debris while munching on some food.

This was obviously Gustav, and he was currently in the same underground tunnelway he blew away during his escape with Boss Danzo and Charisas from the underground battle arena guards.

The whole place looked stuffed, and the walls of the tunnelways looked like they might come cras.h.i.+ng down at any moment.

Fortunately, the holes created on the roofing from the blast had been patched, and even though there was barely any s.p.a.ce for movement within this place, Gustav was glad it wasn't as bad as he pictured.

The entire tunnelway almost completely collapsed the last time, but the Ring Lords had begun working on them after Gustav destroyed the pathways to getting to one of their underground battle facilities.

Even though they were unable to restructure it completely before Gustav erased them from existence, they had repaired it to a certain extent which was why Gustav could stay here without problems.

This was where he had picked to teleport to while he was falling towards the burning sands when the MBO officers were chasing after him.

It was over a thousand feet below the surface of the burning sands.

This was made possible since Gustav had teleported away from here using his dimensional bracelet the last time he fought Garou and Biden.

The dimensional bracelet marked spots he had teleported from as checkpoints to teleport back to such locations anytime.

Gustav consumed the last bar wrap of snack in his hand and tapped on his left wrist.

"It's back to being fully charged," He muttered as he recalled he had only been here for about twelve hours.

Four solid-looking blue bars were displayed on the surface of the bracelet.

Gustav had used the bracelet twice to teleport, and he recalled only half a bar was deducted.

Originally, it took extremely long for the bracelet to recharge, which was why Gustav refrained from using it unnecessarily.

The reason Gustav didn't teleport far away both times was that he had studied the dimensional bracelet, so he knew a lot more power was consumed when he teleported farther distances or with multiple people.

Gustav knew if he decided to teleport to the other places saved as checkpoints which were very far away, the entire four bars might be consumed, and using the dimensional bracelet for a long time would be out of the question.

He didn't want to be far away from Burning Sands City despite the situation since he hadn't completed his objective yet, so this was the best course of action he could think of at the time.

"Since no one has found me, that would mean the burning sands can defect the ability of the Life Signs tracking the MBO used," Gustav a.n.a.lyzed.

He recalled the beam from the sky and his head burning up, so he knew the tracking was affiliated with the light. Since the MBO had used it earlier, he didn't have any doubt that they could use it again to try and find him, but since he had been here for half a day and no one had any idea about his whereabouts, it meant the burning sands above prevented the effectiveness of whatever device they were using to implement it.

Gustav was actually right with his speculation. The MBO did try using Life Signs tracking again, but when the beam fell in the middle of the burning sands, there was no response, unlike before when it was in the middle of the city.

This happened before Miss Aimee's arrival, and the MBO was led to believe Gustav might have escaped to neighboring cities, so the word had already been sent out for the other cities to watch out for him.