The Bloodline System - Chapter 752 - I Will Flatten This City

Chapter 752 - I Will Flatten This City

Chapter 752 - I Will Flatten This City

Only a few people in the MBO knew that Gustav was affiliated with Miss Aimee, and none of the ones who were sent to Burning Sands City were amongst them.

"Young Miss, you have to understand... we were under orders from the higher-ups," Command Linstrunt voiced out with a respectful tone far different from how he had been speaking to the other officers a while ago.

Those who had never seen Miss Aimee before but had heard of her name were astonished, seeing that she was more fearful in person.

"The higher-ups told you fools to use it against my student, and you agreed to do so," Miss Aimee voiced out with a condescending tone as the purplish energy around her blasted out of her body even more.


The entire place trembled immensely.

"You all deserve to die," Miss Aimee didn't care if she sounded unreasonable at the moment.

She raised her hand high up...


In the next instant, a ma.s.sive boulder appeared above the sky.

"Huh?" Before anyone could react, the boulder began to increase in size.


Rumbling sounds rang out across the city as the moon was blotted out by the ma.s.sive rock that had appeared in the sky.

In a few seconds, the entire city had been completely covered up by the ma.s.sive piece of rock floating in the sky.

Purplish energy surrounded the entire rock.

They couldn't see Miss Aimee's small figure holding onto this ma.s.sive piece of rock with just a single hand since they were currently on the far northern side of the city.

"It only takes one action to flatten this entire city... Choose your next words carefully," Miss Aimee voiced out while still floating high up in the air.

"Young Miss, please be reasonable. It's not the fault of anyone here; we were just following orders," The Commander shouted out once again with a panicked expression.

Every single person in the city was panicking at this moment, seeing the ma.s.sive rock stationed right above their city.

The MBO officers knew they would be unable to do anything to stop her if she wanted to do this, so they just remained in place. A lot of them were cowering in fear and about to pa.s.s out from the pressure of her mixedblood energy.

"I do not care about your orders. Where is he?" She questioned.

"He? Who?" Commander Linstrunt asked.

"Gustav... Where did you keep him?" Miss Aimee questioned again.

"Oh, we lost him, young miss... We were unable to catch him," Commander Linstrunt answered quickly.

"Lost? So you lots didn't get him?" She asked once again.

"No, young miss... He escaped," Commander Linstrunt praying mantis face lit up as he noticed the look on Miss Aimee's face slowly changing.

He had never been so glad about a failed mission before. Now he realized he should have been thanking his subordinates for failing to catch Gustav instead of scolding them.

"Are you telling me he's okay?" Miss Aimee asked once again with a tone of concern.

"The Officers were unable to catch him due to his escaping tricks and multiple skills, so I'm sure he is fine young miss, since he escaped with his own strength," Commander Linstrunt wasn't just praising Gustav's skills because he was Miss Aimee's student but because he also saw some of the footages linking to Gustav's escape.

He knew Gustav was truly a special Mixedblood even though he scolded his subordinates for being unable to catch him. Now he felt it made sense why someone with a lower-ranked bloodline was skilled enough to escape the pursuit of many higher-ranked Mixedbloods.

The ma.s.sive piece of rock in the sky slowly began to shrink down after Miss Aimee heard the response. Her gaze slightly reduced in intensity as the purplish energy surrounding her slowly started to rescind.

"Lil sis, were you truly going to destroy the entire city?" Another feminine voice was heard in the air as a figure appeared behind Miss Aimee.

"If they had harmed him... I would raze this city to the ground." Miss Aimee answered unhesitatingly without mincing words.

Chills ran down everyone's spine as they heard that.

'She's not called the demon queen for nothing,' All of them bore thoughts similar to this.

"You're so violent, Lil sis, haha. You still haven't changed," The other feminine voice resounded again.

"Why did you follow me?" Miss Aimee asked as she slowly descended from the sky.

The figure descending with her was a beautiful lady with grey and blue colored hair.

This lady had a slim figure and was clad in a red leather gown with a long slit reaching her left thigh.

This was the same lady that teleported the rest of the civilians out of the city Miss Aimee saved from the ashy poisonous fog.

"Oh, come on, I had to see who was making my little sis get all worked up," Rhilia said with a light chuckle.

"Turns out it was a little fugitive," She added with a light snarky tone.

"Don't get in my way," Miss Aimee turned to the side and gave her a death glare while speaking.

"Of course not. I won't," Rhilia responded with a nervous chuckle while raising her hands slightly with a look of defeat.

Miss Aimee turned to look around and stared at the destruction she had caused. Seeing everywhere in flames, not one shred of pity could be seen in her gaze.

The MBO officers were glad that the danger had pa.s.sed, but they were still very scared at the moment seeing her walking towards them.

Now they didn't know whether to keep going after Gustav or not when the higher-ups gave the instruction. On one side, they might lose their official t.i.tle, and on the other side, they might lose their lives.

"Come here, you," Miss Aimee voiced out.

The praying mantis-faced commander walked towards her trying to maintain a calm outlook.

"Tell me everything that happened," She demanded while a chair formed behind.

Miss Aimee proceeded to sit on the chair amidst the flames and destruction while crossing her legs as she listened to the narration of Commander Linstrunt.