The Bloodline System - Chapter 751 - Miss Aimee Arrives With Fury

Chapter 751 - Miss Aimee Arrives With Fury

Chapter 751 - Miss Aimee Arrives With Fury

"Our first encounter with him was also within a civilized area. We had to be careful with using our abilities, so we wouldn't harm innocent civilians... These factors gave Gustav Crimson the opportunity to escape from our clutches," Another officer voiced out.

"Excuses, excuses, excuses... Regardless of all of these, the MBO will be made a laughing stock for being unable to catch a Falcon ranked," Commanded Linstrunt voiced out while shaking his head.

"The Life sign tracking tech was used on him, which means he should have been unable to think, talk, remember who he is, move or perform any action for the coming weeks... How was he able to negate the effects?" The second highest-ranking officer in the hall voiced out with a suspicious look.

He was the same red-skinned Officer who Gustav tricked in mid-air during the pursuit.

The entire place became silent as everyone pondered this same issue as well. Whenever the beam of light shot from the skies finally located the desired person, they would be unable to perform any action for weeks.

They would literally be in a vegetative state, which might give them an untreatable side effect after they had snapped out of it.

The burning feeling in their foreheads would be the last thing remembered when they returned to their senses. Some might even have their brains deteriorated which was why the MBO only used the technology in extreme cases.

In this case, the device surprisingly didn't cause such effects to Gustav, which was something no one could understand at the moment.

"That is..." Before Commander Linstrunt could voice out his sentence completely, a strong pressure suddenly descended upon the entire vicinity.


The whole place vibrated intensely as they sensed a powerful figure floating above the premises.

The officers' eyes widened as they looked upwards even though they couldn't see through the roofing of the building they were currently in.

"Who gave you the permission to use that device on my student!?" A mighty feminine voice laced with anger and killing intent reverberated across the entire city.

The citizens of the city were once again startled and shook with wariness as they felt the pressure descending upon the city was even stronger than the one that happened hours ago.

People began to run and hide for cover thinking the same scenario with the beam of light shooting down from the sky earlier would repeat itself but with more intensity since the pressure was more powerful.

"I... Is... Isn't... That the voice of the demon quee... I.. I... mean young Miss Aimee..." One of the officers stuttered as he voiced out quickly.

The others were not deaf, so of course, they were instantly able to tell who the voice belonged to as well. Every single person in the hall had expressions of fear on their faces, the two highest-ranking MBO officers included.

'Her student? Who is her student?' All of them had this thought circulating in their minds as they seemed to be oblivious to who Miss Aimee was talking about.

Miss Aimee, who was floating a few thousand feet above the ground, stared at the dazzling fiery star-shaped structure in the sky.

Without saying a word, purplish energy blasted forth from her figure as she flew upwards while stretching out her right hand.

Purplish streaks shot out of her palm and slammed into the structure, causing it to get blasted further into the sky as the flames surrounding it instantly died out.

Miss Aimee flew further upwards and grabbed the ma.s.sive structure that seemed to be the size of three mountains merged together.

She held it up in the air like it was nothing above the city and stared at the area where the MBO base was located.


She flung the ma.s.sive structure downwards with ease.

The officers within the base could feel the immense pressure headed towards them from above and instantly rushed out of the base as quickly as they could.


In the next moment, a mighty explosion rang out as the ma.s.sive structure landed directly on the base and exploded, destroying the entire base along with the surroundings.

The structure was looking way bigger than that in the sky initially due to the dazzling yellow flames surrounding it, making it look like an artificial sun. Now that it was put out, the size had reduced a lot, but it was still superma.s.sive.

The entire city suddenly descended into darkness after miss Aimee destroyed the fiery structure.

It turned out that it was currently late in the night, but due to the structure that was always lit up, it still looked like daytime.

Just like that, the citizens of Burning Sands City that had not experienced night in over fifty years finally saw the skies darken.

Those who had managed to escape safely from the base without any harm stared at the purplish figure floating above in the night sky, radiating with menacing and powerful energy.

Her gaze upon the area was like that of a deity staring at foolish mortals who had crossed her... Cold and merciless.

'She just destroyed the city's multi-tech device,' Everyone was both astonished and fearful, knowing just how hot the structure was.

None of them would be able to withstand the temperature, talk more of touching it with their bare hands and putting out the flames surrounding it.

"You lots haven't answered my question? I said, who gave you permission to use the device on my student!?" Miss Aimee's voice reverberated across the place again as she gracefully stretched her palm towards the already decimated base.

Everyone's eyes widened in fear and wariness as they heard the question. They knew that if she was to attack again, not just the area surrounding the base but the entire city could be in trouble.

"Young Miss, who is this student you speak of?" One of the high-ranking officers asked with a respectful look from below.

"Gustav Crimson,"

The instant those words were voiced out, the entire place descended into a brief silence.

'We were not told that she had a student.... And it just happened to be Gustav Crimson,' A lot of them had these thoughts circulating in their minds.