The Bloodline System - Chapter 74 - Unexpected End

Chapter 74 - Unexpected End

Chapter 74 - Unexpected End

'Huh? What's she doing?' Gustav noticed that Angy had closed her eyes while running yet she was still able to dodge the trees along her path.

Angy who had her eyes closed suddenly opened them.

'If I'm going to win, it must be by an outstanding gap,' As Angy said this in her mind another horn grew out of her forehead.

She initially had two horns but with this, it became three.


Her speed suddenly increased exponentially.

She starting racing ahead of Gustav.

'What?' Gustav was surprised to see Angy suddenly grow another horn which caused her speed to increase.

In five seconds she had already surpassed Gustav by almost fifty feet.

Gustav was struggling to catch up with her at this point.

As they crossed another hundred meters Gustav noticed that she was increasing the gap between them more.

'I have to use it,' Gustav said in his mind after noticing the increase in the gap between them, widened even further.

'Add ten attributes points to speed!"

[+10 attributes points has been added to speed]


Gustav's speed also increased by a notch and he started closing in Angy.

Right now they were only three hundred meters from the tree.

Gustav was starting to close in the gap.

From fifty feet, it reduced to forty and then to thirty in a few seconds.

Both of them were moving at a speed of around a hundred feet per second so even though Gustav was closing up on her, he calculated that she would still get to the tree before he did.

They were around a hundred Meters away from getting to the tree and Gustav was seven feet behind Angy.

'Add five attributes point to speed,' Gustav said internally.

[+5 attributes points has been added to speed]


Gustav's speed suddenly increased again.

It was like adding nitro to a rocket launcher.

In the next three seconds, the tree was already in front of Gustav but Angy had also arrived before it.


His feet slid a few centimeters forward on the ground after he came to a pause suddenly.


Gustav placed his hand on the tree as he arrived before it.

He sighed in relief and turned towards the left to stare at Angy.


Angy was also staring back at him and they both had their hands on the tree at the same time.

"A tie?" Gustav had the urge to facepalm.

Angy also had a crestfallen look on her face.

'I didn't win,'

They both removed their hands from the stem of the tree and turned around with a contemplative expression.

There were trails of dust in the direction they were coming from.

Angy's third horn slowly went back into her head.

She had a fatigued expression on her face. It was obvious that what she just did, took up a lot of her energy.

"So, what's going to happen now?" Angy asked with a slightly timid look.


[Quest has been completed]


<5000 EXP>

<All attributes stats +1>


Gustav noted the completion of the quest and the rewards.

'I had to spend almost all my saved up points because of this and yet...' Gustav was disappointed at the rewards. He has decided that the next time he was given a quest similar to this by the system, he would ignore it.

"You didn't win," He said to Angy.

Angy looked more down upon hearing that.

"But I also didn't win... Since it was a tie I'll give you a chance based on my conditions," Gustav added.

Angy eyes widened in excitement.

"Really?" She questioned.

"Yes, but only if you can accept my conditions," Gustav stated.

"I accept your conditions," Angy voiced out with a smile.

"Whuut? You haven't even listened to them yet," Gustav had a, 'You must be kidding me,' kind of look as he stared at Angy.

"I don't care what they are... I accept," Angy said again.

"Oh, is that so?" Gustav said with a smirk as he moved closer to Angy.

"Hnm," Angy nodded cutely.

"What if I asked you to do something shameless?" Gustav said as he moved his face closer to hers.

Angy gasped in surprise as she stared at Gustav's face that was only several centimeters from hers.

"Some-thing sham-eless?" Angy's face started turning red as naughty imaginations streamed into her mind.

Gustav kept moving his face closer to hers while still smirking.

"Yes, if I asked you to do something shameless would you agree to it?" Gustav asked again.

Angy had to keep moving backward till her back was placed against the tree.

Gustav extended his arm forward and placed his palm on the body of the tree beside Angy's face.

He moved his face closer to hers again while leaning on the tree with his hand.

Angy's face had turned completely beet red at this moment.

Gustav looked so devilishly charming with the smirk on his face as he looked into her eyes without breaking contact.

Their faces were only three centimeters from touching.

"Well, would you?" Gustav asked again.

"Y-yes," Angy shyly looked away as she answered.

"Uh?" Gustav was kind of surprised by her answer.

He moved his hand away from the tree and turned around to walk forward.

His face had gone back to being poker-like.

"Alright then," He turned around to face her once again.

Angy stared at his expression with a look of confusion.

She could call Gustav a devil with the way he was acting. One moment he was cold and the next, he was seductive only for him to go back to being indifferent.

"I have a few conditions in mind," Gustav started speaking again.


A few hours later Gustav was already back in his apartment making more research on mixed-breeds.

Occasionally his thoughts would drift back to his race with Angy.

He still wondered why she said she would agree to any of his demands regardless of what it was. Till now he didn't understand her thought process because other people would definitely not agree if he made absurd demands.

'If she continues this way, she's going to be badly hurt in the future,' Gustav analyzed but he hadn't thought of a way to help change her mindset.

This night he would be patrolling alone since one of his conditions to her was, she would only work with him on specific days of his choosing.

Three times a week but he would pick the days himself.

He had decided that he would only let her come with him on the days after he had defeated any mixed-breed that appeared during the week.