The Bloodline System - Chapter 750 - Final Escape

Chapter 750 - Final Escape

Chapter 750 - Final Escape

Other MBO officers were arriving on the scene with vehicles, and the entire area had become even more crowded than before.

Those who arrived later asked about the current situation from their colleagues as they also gave pursuit with the understanding that they were currently going after Gustav.

At this point, Gustav was closing in on the border of Burning Sands city to the south.


He didn't stop running for a moment.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]

Once he arrived at the border area, he leaped upwards with intensity.


A ma.s.sive tremor affected the surroundings, spreading out from where Gustav had leaped upwards.


His figure cut across the sky with intense speed, looking like a red streak.

The burning Sands were right below him as his body flew several ten thousand feet across the air.

'Would be nice to have the ability of flight,' Gustav could not stop thinking about this as his body soured through the sky.

But he remembered that the only time he could fly was when he used the ultimate Combination Form or when DECIMATION was activated.

When these were activated, flying seemed so natural to him, and it was also in difficult situations, so he didn't think much of it, nor could he enjoy the feeling that came with flying.

Hover only allowed him to float in mid-air for a few seconds, so it couldn't be considered flying, and the only Mixedbreed he could transform into that could fly had lower movement speed compared to when he was running at full speed, so he couldn't even consider that at the moment.

Gustav could already feel his speed in mid-air decreasing which meant the momentum was slowly starting to die out, and he would be falling towards the Burning Sands soon.

He was still very high up in the air, but he could feel the intense temperature from below. It was unlike anything Gustav had ever felt like he was being cooled down and cooked at the same time.

As his body began to reach the farthest point it could in the sky, he started descending.

'This should be far enough,' Gustav thought as he began to click on the dimensional bracelet on his left wrist.

He repeatedly swiped as different checkpoints were displayed until he finally saw the one he was looking for.

He clicked on it instantly as he fell across the air.


Fifty feet away from making contact with the burning sands, a bright light surrounded his figure, and he disappeared.


The Officers who were chasing from behind had also arrived at the border, and they had several surveillance gadgets pinpointing the direction Gustav moved in.

At this point, they realized he had crossed over the Burning Sands. Those who had the flight ability or staying off the ground continued to scale through after him. In contrast, those who were already making use of an aircraft had no issues with continuing the chase.

But all of a sudden, Gustav disappeared from the radar.

"He disappeared!" They were once more startled by this act.

This was due to the fact that a spatial disruptor had been put in place, which meant no act of teleportation should work around a radius of Five hundred miles.

"Spread out and find him. He would still have to be somewhere around," All the MBO officers could hear the voice of a well-renowned commander through their comms.

The number of MBO officers chasing after Gustav at this point had reached a number of thirty-nine.

They spread out across the place, using one means of flight or the other as they traveled across the Burning Sands.

Each MBO officer was echo ranked with a few of them already at kilo rank, so they felt humiliated having to put in this much effort to locate a mere Falcon ranked mixedblood.

The ones who had arrived earlier felt even more humiliated, recalling that Gustav even managed to trap them for a few seconds and escape the barrier they set up.

They vehemently searched for Gustav everywhere above the Burning Sands for Gustav, making use of both technological gadgets and even their bloodline abilities.

An MBO officer who could scan an entire area with his mind kept giving reports as he moved across the place, saying he couldn't find any signs of life around here.

Others with unique scouting bloodlines also failed to find Gustav no matter how much they searched.


Over six hours later, most of the MBO officers included in the search had returned back to the base to give their reports.

Within a large hall where a multiple number of MBO officers gathered, a dissatisfied-looking officer with a face similar to that of a gigantic praying mantis could be seen yelling out with a loud tone.

"A Falcon ranked mixedblood managed to outrun every single one of you? Ptoi!" He spat out to the side.

"You shameless p.r.i.c.ks are soiling the reputation of the MBO! How did he manage to escape your hands when the higher-ups even gave the go-ahead to use Life Signs tracking to find him?!" He kept voicing out his questions with a strong tone of disappointment.

"Commander Linstrunt, we were not given enough information on the abilities of Gustav Crimson. If we had accessed him properly, we would have been able to deal with the situation better!" One of the Officers in the vicinity voiced out.

"We even set up a spatial disruptor, but he was still able to use spatial ability to vanish... We weren't expecting that, and the variety of abilities left us with surprises, not knowing what to expect," Another officer voiced out, and the others in the vicinity nodded their heads in agreement.

"Our first encounter with him was also within a civilized area. We had to be careful with the use of our abilities, so we wouldn't harm innocent civilians.... These factors gave Gustav Crimson the opportunity to escape from our clutches," Another officer voiced out.