The Bloodline System - Chapter 749 - Breaking The Barrier

Chapter 749 - Breaking The Barrier

Chapter 749 - Breaking The Barrier

Gustav kept staring at them as they moved closer and closer.

The others arrived, and the circle became tighter as they moved closer to Gustav.

Gustav looked around one final time and stomped on the ground with his left feet as his body bloated and turned green.

Thrrrilkk! Thrrrilkk! Thrrrilkk! Thrrrilkk!

Icicle-like rocks instantly began protruding out of the ground, surrounding all eighteen of them.

In a moment, they had all been trapped along with Gustav within the encirclement of iro silk Gustav had just conjured up.

"What is this?!"

"What are you doing?!"

"Stay right there and don't make another move!"

They shouted out one after the other after finding themselves trapped in this s.p.a.ce with Gustav.

"Just one more movement," Gustav voiced out before tapping on his left wrist.

"What is..." Just as the officer who controlled the ground earlier was about to voice out, a bright light surrounded Gustav.

"No!" He shouted out as he controlled the pieces of the ground to surround Gustav in a bid to trap him.

At the same time, the other officers also sent out different attacks towards Gustav.

But before any one of them could make contact...


Gustav disappeared from the spot.

The MBO officers had looks of astonishment after this happened.

"Destroy the entrapment!" One of them shouted out, and everyone began attacking the icicle-like rocks that had surrounded them.

The Iro silk was immensely st.u.r.dy and strong, but in the face of so many bombardments from multiple powerful MBO officers, it would definitely crumble in a manner of seconds.

However, Gustav wasn't hoping to trap them there too long anyway, so this was all within his plans.


Gustav reappeared on the other side of the barrier where he had initially attacked, which was quite a distance from where he had trapped the MBO officers.

It turned out he had marked this place as a spatial checkpoint the previous time he attacked the barrier.

'This will cost a lot of energy. But I have no other choice right now,' Gustav thought as he stretched out his right hand.


The hilt of an atomic blade appeared within his hand and began growing in size.

In the next moment, it was thrice as long as an average height human.

Gustav swung it forward with intensity and speed.


A long line was cut on the whitish-colored barrier, but in the next instant, it began to heal back.

'Atomic disintegration causes everything to get disintegrated from a molecular structure... The bigger atomic blade is, the faster it can disintegrate atoms... even though the atom can regenerate, it just has to be able to disintegrate them at a faster rate...' As Gustav a.n.a.lyzed, he turned around and sped backward as the atomic blade increased more in size.

[-100 EP]

[-100 EP]

[-120 EP]

[-150 EP]

The more it increased in size, the higher the energy points consumed.

Gustav turned around after leaving a bit of distance between himself and the barrier up ahead.

He stretched the ma.s.sive milky glowing colored blade forward and activated combination once more.

[Sprint + Dash]


Lines of cracks were left across the place as Gustav's body blasted forward with immense speed, arriving in front of the barrier in an instant.


A loud sound of collision rang out as he stabbed the Atomic Blade into the barrier.

The shockwaves spread out from the point of impact, slamming into the buildings on the sides and causing the sound of gla.s.s shattering to ring out as well.

Gustav groaned as he kept pus.h.i.+ng the atomic blade with as much strength as he could muster.

His arms bulged intensely and became larger as he pushed forward, causing cracks to extend from the point where he was standing on the road to other parts of the surroundings.

Krrrryychhyyy~ Krrrryycchhh~

Sparks began to appear around the areas where the tip of the milky-colored blade was piercing through.

The atoms that made up the barrier were being disintegrated so fast the blade was beginning to make its way through.

On the other side of the barrier...


An explosion rang out as the multiple iro silk covering the environment was finally shattered after a few seconds of relentless attacks from within.

Debris and smoke covered the entire vicinity decreasing visibility immensely, but this didn't stop the MBO Officers within as they charged out of it.

Zhwwiii~ Swwhooossh~ Fwwhii~

Multiple figures blasted out from the smoke with speed and began moving towards the other end of the barrier.

At this point, Gustav finally pushed the entire atomic blade through...


His body phased through the hole that was created instantly, along with his ma.s.sive atomic blade.

Finding himself on the other end of the barrier, the atomic blade in his hand disintegrated into light particles as he charged forward with immense speed.


Cracks appeared all over the road as his figure instantly disappeared from the spot.

Reddish scales grew out of Gustav's legs as his thighs and calves increased in size, furthering his speed even more.

Combination was still activated, so he was currently moving at speed faster than sound, and now it had increased even more.

At the time the MBO officers arrived at the position where Gustav had escaped from, the hole created had already sealed itself.

"He got out," One of them shouted the instant they saw the cracks all over the place.

'How did he get out?' This question was circulating in the minds of everyone at the moment, but now wasn't the time to make any a.n.a.lysis.

The MBO officer with a reddish-colored face tapped a controller on his right wrist, causing the barrier to fade away.

"After him!" He commanded before flying forward with immense speed.


The fiery ignition on his back turned blue and made a booming sound as he shot across the sky with an even faster speed than before.

The officer controlling the ground earlier landed in a street of the city and sunk into the ground. Rumbling sounds that suggested he was moving underground could be heard.

Some MBO officers leaped from building to building while using gadgets to enable flight for them and chase after Gustav.