The Bloodline System - Chapter 748 - Escaping The Pursuit Of The Officers

Chapter 748 - Escaping The Pursuit Of The Officers

Chapter 748 - Escaping The Pursuit Of The Officers

He sent out a landslide across the entire street since it was empty except for the MBO officers chasing after Gustav.

As Gustav felt the vibrations, he leaped forward and blasted through the fifty-second floor on the building by the left."


Screams rang out as Gustav's actions startled the people on that floor. However, Gustav didn't mind and kept charging forward through the walls like they were paper thin.


The MBO officer who had used the landslide attack gritted his teeth as he stood several feet above the ground on an exalted pillar extending from the ground.

He pointed his hand at the building Gustav leapt through and was about to use an attack when an MBO officer with a square-shaped red face placed held his shoulder from behind.

"Don't... The life of the civilians takes priority. If anyone is harmed during this operation, it will be another stain on the MBO's name," He voiced out before a rocket-like ignition blasted out of his back and legs.


He flew forward and infiltrated the building through the same hole Gustav created after leaping into it.

The MBO officer gritted his teeth even more as he stared at the other MBO officers in the vicinity going after Gustav too.

Some of them had already gone up ahead through the same hole to continue chase before he tried implementing his attack.

'A mere Cadet is causing us so much trouble?' He was p.i.s.sed that they couldn't unleash their abilities to the fullest due to the civilians in the surroundings.

Originally, they would only care about their goal, which was getting Gustav and but now they had to be concerned about people because of the situation of things.

The pillar shooting out of the ground began moving forward with speed carrying him along with it. He pa.s.sed the side of the building, deciding to chase from the side.


Gustav's figure blasted through the back of the third building up ahead.

'That's an irregular speed for a cadet,' This was everyone's thoughts as they saw how far Gustav had gone already.

They had been briefed before that Gustav was one of a kind. Still, they were not expecting his speed to be way faster than everyone here, especially when they were all higher than him in terms of bloodline rank.

'He's fast but not out of my range,' The MBO officer, who was being carried forward by the pillar extending from the ground, thought as he stretched his hand out.

Currently, Gustav was in mid-air, leaping towards the next skysc.r.a.per up ahead that was up two thousand feet away with a wide road in between.

Kkrrrtyhhhhcchh! Krrrryychhhh~

The ground below suddenly cracked open and multiple spikes shot out from it.

Gustav could see the spikes coming at him from every direction below and a red-faced MBO officer who just happened to be flying towards him from behind.

[Slash Has Been Activated]

Gustav increased the force of his arm swings as he conjured two atomic blades in his hand and spun repeatedly.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

It looked like white lines were swimming around in mid-air as he cut down every one of these spikes protruding out of the ground.

The entire place was covered up in dust as some of these spikes were obliterated from a single slash.

At this point, the red-faced officer flying from behind had caught up to Gustav as he was falling from the air.

He reached out as he kept flying forward, calculating Gustav's fall speed and knowing that he only needed to keep flying forward to catch Gustav, regardless of whether they were on the same height in the air or not.

As he kept flying forward with speed...

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body suddenly floated in mid-air just before he made his descent, reaching the same height as the officer flying towards him from behind.


The officer's eyes widened as he slowly flew past Gustav from below, not expecting that Gustav would suddenly float in mid-air.

He thought this was the end of it, but he was sorely mistaken as he felt feet on his back.

Gustav had landed on the officer's back and crouched a little before leaping upwards with force.

[Super Jump Has Been Activated]


A loud sound reverberated across the air as the officer was blasted downwards from the force of the jump while Gustav's body ascended across the air with speed.

The entire force chasing from behind was stunned speechless, seeing a fairly high-ranking MBO officer get tossed towards the ground from a jump.


He slammed into the streets below, leaving cracks all over the place while Gustav's figure could be seen flying over the skysc.r.a.per.

They kept chasing regardless since they knew Gustav would arrive at a dead-end behind this skysc.r.a.per due to the fact that the whitish barrier ended somewhere around there.

Multiple attacks were still being sent towards Gustav, but the officers had to be watchful of the amount of power they used around here, and they weren't as quick as Gustav, so it made things a whole lot more difficult.

On the bright side, they were seventeen of them present, each with different bloodline abilities and even more MBO officers would be here any moment, so they felt no matter how much Gustav tried to escape, he would be caught soon.

In a few moments, over ten of them had managed to get beyond the building. Gustav leaped over, and just as they thought, the dead-end was right there.

They could see Gustav up ahead with his back placed against the barrier since he had nowhere to go.

They surrounded him but paid no heed to the fact that his right hand was on his left wrist.

"Are you ready to surrender yourself now, Gustav Crimson!" One of them shouted out as blueish wings protruded out the sides of his right hand, which was pointed at Gustav.

Gustav kept inspecting the MBO figures as they moved closer and closer.