The Bloodline System - Chapter 747 - The MBO Uses Life Signs Tracking

Chapter 747 - The MBO Uses Life Signs Tracking

Chapter 747 - The MBO Uses Life Signs Tracking


A strange and powerful pressure suddenly descended upon the entire city.

"What is that?" Charisas voiced out with a wary tone.

The entire city could feel the sudden and enormous invisible pressure in the atmosphere. This made everyone pause their actions and look up in confusion.

Gustav's eyebrows creased as he turned suspicious after this pressure descended.

He could feel a certain kind of familiarity within this pressure.

Gustav proceeded to wear a hoodie around his head and moved out of the lab.

"Big brother Gustav where are you going?" Charisas asked with a worried expression.

"Stay here," Gustav commanded and leaped out through the window of Sir ZiL's office.

Sir ZiL happened to just be coming in when Gustav leapt through the window.

"Gustav!" He called out, but Gustav was already gone. It turned out he had information to pa.s.s to Gustav.

Gustav landed in the middle of the street right beside Greyscale Pharmaceuticals and activated Sprint.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

He ran up the side of a two hundred storey skysc.r.a.per and arrived at the rooftop in a few seconds.

The pressure descending upon the city kept increasing as different media outlets in the city were broadcasting a particular News that concerned the MBO.

At this point, people began to be affected and started moving indoors to decrease the effect of the pressure coming from above.

Gustav looked up into the sky and could see a faint fluorescent light in the middle of the burning star-shaped pearl high above the city.

The burning star-shaped pearl was always dazzling with yellow flames, but the small hint of fluorescent light could be seen in the middle this time.

It was barely noticeable, but due to Gustav's eyesight, he could spot it.

Just as he wanted to activate G.o.d Eyes...


A pillar of fluorescent-coloured light suddenly shot down from above, landing right in the middle of the city.


The moment it made contact with the ground, the light spread from the point of impact towards every corner of the city in a manner of seconds.

The ground was glowing with a fluorescent light at this point in every part of the city. Later on, the pillar of light in the middle slowly dimmed. Everyone was startled at this, and they began to feel the pressure slowly disappear.


"Arrgh," Gustav groaned in pain as he felt a sharp pain on his forehead.

'This energy... It's the same as Life Tracking,' He said Internally as he held his forehead.

("Gustav... The MBO forwarded their plans,") The system suddenly voiced in his head.

"Forwarded their plans?" As Gustav voiced this out, his eyes widened as he came to a realisation.

Currently, his forehead was glowing with a... "/_'!#!'_/" sign which was quite visible.

"They had the capacity to use Life sign tracking too?" Gustav was astonished as he voiced out after understanding what this was.

("You have to move n...") Just as the system was speaking...

Zzzooom~ Zzoooom~ Zzzooomm~

Bright lights suddenly concentrated on Gustav's position from different directions, and multiple people dressed in MBO uniforms began to appear on the rooftops of the buildings surrounding the one Gustav was currently standing on.

Before Gustav knew what was happening, he was surrounded by multiple MBO officers.

"Gustav Crimson! Come with us quietly for questioning!" One of them voiced out with a loud tone.

Gustav looked around with a strong and piercing gaze.

'There's seventeen of them... More will probably arrive soon too,' Gustav was instantly able to calculate their numbers.

The entire area radiated with the combined pressure from all of these MBO officers, all channeling their bloodlines at the same time.

They were ready to attack Gustav the moment he took acted in an unsatisfactory manner.

This was a situation Gustav never saw coming once again, but he would be d.a.m.ned if he let himself get caught when he was almost done implementing his plans.

"Alright... I'll come with you guys..." Gustav voiced out while raising both hands.

This caused some of them to crease their eyebrows in suspicion seeing the way he just agreed.

"...After I prove my innocence," The moment Gustav voiced this out...

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

He turned to the side and charged southwest.


Gustav blasted across the place with immense speed, but a kind of barrier suddenly appeared the moment he tried to pa.s.s through the midst of the two MBO officers on the building he leapt towards.


Gustav slammed into it and got blasted backwards.

Ting! Ting! Zzweehii~

Walls of white suddenly began to connect from one MBO officer to the next, and in a manner of moments, a barrier had been fully constructed around Gustav.

Gustav fell towards the window of the building behind and did a flip in mid-air before landing sideways on the window and leaping downwards towards the street below.

"There are civilians in the vicinity. Make sure you're careful with the usage of your abilities!" One of the MBO officers shouted out as the MBO officers all moved towards the ledge of the building and began to jump down after Gustav.


The instant Gustav landed on the ground, he wasted no time in charging forward again towards the left side of the building he had just fallen from.

Conjuring an atomic blade, he raised his hand diagonally and slashed down at the whitish barrier that had been erected around the vicinity.


The instant contact was made, a small line appeared on the barrier, which depicted how st.u.r.dy it was.

Gustav calculated in his mind how many times he would need to strike with that amount of force to break through it and realized that it was a lot.

'There's no time...' The instant this thought appeared in Gustav's head, he jumped towards the side.


A ma.s.sive boulder size black drilling object slammed into the barrier beside him as well as a yellow beam.

Gustav began running around the sides and swerving as multiple attacks began to head towards him from different directions.

"Come quietly with us, Gustav Crimson!" One of them shouted out as he saw Gustav's figure from above, leaving afterimages across the place.