The Bloodline System - Chapter 746 - Making Plans

Chapter 746 - Making Plans

Chapter 746 - Making Plans

"You're going to remain hidden for now and present them with the things I have given you at the appointed time," Gustav stated.

"Are you sure Marshall is on board with this?" Gustav asked.

"Hnm, I spoke with him yesterday," Charisas nodded.

"Alright then...There's still one more thing I need to complete before leaving here," Gustav added.

"After that, I'll hand everything over to you and Scientist ZiL... I will come back after the tide starts turning to get you. At that point, they won't be able to label me with anything extra and try to bring me down than they already have," Gustav mumbled.

At the moment, theories were circulating around about how Gustav was working for terrorist organisations because, in some other small city, there were explosions similar to ones that happened in Burning Sands City.

A terrorist group came out, claiming they were responsible for the happenings.

The city wasn't as grand as Burning Sands city. Neither was the destruction level even close to what Gustav caused, but people began to link it to the one that happened to Burning Sands city.

Gustav could tell someone was trying to set him up to look like he was in league with terrorists, which was one of the reasons he knew revealing himself to let them take him in for questioning would be a very bad idea.

That would be him setting himself up for execution since they would just pin everything against him without giving him the chance to explain.

The system had snooped around, and he knew that lots of the higher-ups in the MBO were already against Gustav for giving the MBO a bad name, so they wanted him gone.

It gave Gustav this information and told him he needed a way to get himself out of this predicament.

Now that Gustav understood how things were and the fact that he was being plotted against, he had decided to turn the story about the whole situation around.

Yes, he was practically the cause and the villain here, but he had decided to turn things with his plan and pull off fooling the entire world.

Gustav had completed three phases of his plan in the last three days, and now one more was left.

"Big brother Gustav, will you be okay?" Charisas asked with a look of concern.

"Hnm, I'll be fine," Gustav responded.

'Maybe I should call Miss Aimee to let her in on my plans...' Gustav thought but quickly discarded the idea.

He stared at the holographic projection up, which was currently displaying a paused video.

Gustav instructed for the video to be played, and it began displaying a person's point of view.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of an explosion could be heard from the video, and one could see from the view of this person that battles were going on up ahead. When this person turned around, Charisas and Marshall could be seen in the same encirclement as him, and after saying a few words to them, this person was flung forward with immense speed by both of them.

From the point of this person's view, a golden beam was also shot out at the same moment he arrived before Gustav and pushed him out of the way while his body was still being catapulted in mid-air.

As the golden beam tore through him, this person turned to the side to stare at Gustav, who had a look of disbelief and confusion before the video blacked out.

"We should never have agreed to throw him forward like he asked," Charisas lamented once again after seeing the footage.

"I would probably be dead too if you hadn't," Gustav voiced out.

"Ah... No... What..." Charisas was truly lost for words as she thought about it too.

It turned out that during the battle with the three mixedbloods that were sent after them, when Gustav was about to get killed, Boss Danzo had asked Marshall and Charisas to throw him out.

They kept questioning what would Boss Danzo do since he was just an ordinary human being. It made sense for both of them to go out and help him, but somehow Boss Danzo was able to convince them.

Marshall and Charisas activated their bloodlines.

Marshall's bloodline gave him a power boost which helped him in lifting Boss Danzo and flinging him forward while Charisas made use of her telekinesis to catapult Boss Danzo's body faster in the air, making him arrive before Gustav just when the golden beam was about to be shot out.

Charisas had explained to Gustav about how it happened some days back, but Gustav couldn't blame her or Marshall. He would be dead if Boss Danzo didn't show up at the time he did, which would still lead to everyone's death too.

It turned out that Gustav's reason for visiting the medical center and coming into contact with Boss Danzo's corpse was to withdraw the data of Boss Danzo's last five minutes before death.

The system had explained to him that this was possible with its help and gave Gustav all the necessary requirements.

Now, this was another evidence of things that had happened on that day. The authorities were unable to recover any footage from the scenes of destruction.

Everything had been reduced to ashes, and even when trying to recover footage, they were unable to. They even called in a popular MBO officer that could reanimate everything that had happened in a particular area within a specific time frame, and his abilities didn't work here either.

All this was due to the lingering energy of Decimation. Decimation had been both Gustav's bane and help. Even though he saved them and had his revenge, it also prevented the authorities from getting the truth about how the whole incident began.

Now Gustav was trying to rewrite the whole scenario with everything he had gathered. If things went as planned, he would be free, and all accusations would be dropped.

"How did you manage to get this?" Charisas asked.

"That is of no importance. Be ready to play your role when the time comes," Gustav stated before standing to his feet.

"Time to le..." Just as he was about saying again...


A strange and powerful pressure suddenly descended upon the entire city.