The Bloodline System - Chapter 741 - Data Transfer From Archive 001925482777452

Chapter 741 - Data Transfer From Archive 001925482777452

Chapter 741 - Data Transfer From Archive 001925482777452

Gustav felt if anyone besides Miss Aimee and those who already knew of his original bloodline found out about the secret, he'd have to silence them forever.

The two officers would have found out that he had such an ability, which would lead to the MBO and the whole world finding out as well.

He didn't want to cause more death than he already had, but... 'I already killed close to three thousand people... What's two more?'

This was Gustav thought process at the moment.

He wasn't trying to escape earlier for himself. He was trying to escape for their sake.

"Anyways, the first step of the plan is complete," Gustav said as he took a seat in front of one of the holographic computers.

"Are you ready to transfer the data now?" Gustav asked the system.

("Affirmative... Go ahead and place your hands on it,") The system responded.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded slightly in response and proceeded to place his hand on the holographic monitor.

[Data Transfer From Archive: 001925482777452 In Process]

"Huh? Why are the numbers so many?" Gustav voiced ou

("Cos I have a lot of data in here,"). The system replied with a scoff.

"Oh... Universal data, uh?" Gustav muttered underneath his breath.

He couldn't fathom just how much information the system had gathered within.

The system had said it would reveal things to him as time pa.s.sed, but he still only knew a little, and sometimes he wondered if the system would actually reveal stuff like it claimed.

("Hey, your longing is quite disturbing, I said I'll reveal things little by little okay?") The system suddenly voiced in his head.

"I didn't say nothing," Gustav stated with a scoff.

("Yeah? But I could sense it... I live inside you,") The system girly voice repeatedly echoed in his head, causing Gustav to hold his head.

"Hey, stop it," Gustav stated with a slight look of annoyance.

"It's still weird hearing a girl's voice in my head saying 'I live inside you' ug..." Gustav said this, but he was completely used to the presence of the system right now.

("Oh? Is the virgin worried because things are supposed to be the other way around? Perv...") The girly giggling voice of the system echoed in his head.

"Shut it," Gustav wished the system had a physical body so he could just pull her ears whenever it started speaking like this.

("Of course you'd want that... I look this way because of you, and now you even want a physical body for me. You really want to have your way with me, eh?") The system tried mimicking a seductive tone as it teased Gustav.

"Hey, stop being creepy... Since when did you start sensing things without me thinking about them?" Gustav was curious, knowing the system couldn't do this before.

("Since when our bond increased... The more we accept each other, the tighter our connection becomes. Feelings and thoughts wise...") The system explained.

"Who accepted you... I... Didn't... You're still very annoying," Gustav voiced with a slight stutter.

("Hehe, of course, you'll deny it, just like you denied falling in love with Angy. Oh, I remember, here's a term for people like you... Tsundere,") The system stated and began laughing maniacally.

Lines appeared on Gustav's forehead as his face squeezed up. Just as he was about to respond, a system notification popped up in his line of sight.

[Data From Archive 001925482777452 Successfully Transfered]

"It's done," Gustav said with a longing gaze as he stared at the monitor in front of him.

[Video File Received]

This was displayed on the holographic monitor in front, along with a play b.u.t.ton.

Gustav looked a bit emotional as he raised his hand to tap on the play b.u.t.ton.

"Time to check this out,"



At the top of a ma.s.sive floating structure above a blossoming city, a figure could be seen flying towards the structure.

The floating structure looked like a chunk of rock the size of a building, ash in color.

"So it had been here this whole time, and it was invisible and impossible to sense?" The figure flying upwards was startled as they noticed the structure.

"Hey, Red Shadow, I found it," She voiced out through a communication device as the wind caused her jacket to flap.

"That's great young miss. You just have to disarm it using the T-67 now," Red Shadow responded through the communication device.

The figure flying towards the structure happened to be Miss Aimee.

Strange purplish energy surrounded her as she flew upwards.

In the next moment, she arrived in front of the ma.s.sive chunk and could see a weird cone-shaped device protruding from the top.

She flew a little higher and floated towards the device protruding from the top of the ma.s.sive chunk of ash-colored rock.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

A faint beeping sound echoed in her ear as she approached it and brought out a three feet long cylindrical-shaped device.

This was the T-67 device Gustav and Red Shadow found past the mixedbreed borders behind the neighbourhood a year back.

Just as Miss Aimee landed on the chunk of rock...

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The beeping sounds suddenly became extremely fast, and this was when Miss Aimee noticed the pinky finger-sized timer placed by the side of the device.


It suddenly went from two minutes to...


One second...

Miss Aimee's eyes widened as she charged forward with the T-67 device in her grip.


From the intensity of her speed, half of the floating platform behind her got blasted into smithereens, and from below, it looked sounded like an explosion went off in the sky, causing the citizens of the city to look upwards.

Miss Aimee had already seen the keyhole where she was supposed to put it, so she instantly shoved it into the hole and turned it anticlockwise.


In the last millisecond, Miss Aimee managed to deactivate whatever this piece of machinery was. It slowly powered down since there were about seven more milliseconds before the one second was up.

Miss Aimee was fast enough to deactivate it in less than a second.