The Bloodline System - Chapter 742 - Ashy Fog Explosion

Chapter 742 - Ashy Fog Explosion

Chapter 742 - Ashy Fog Explosion

After handling the unexpected situation, she sighed in relief but then suddenly sensed something and turned around.

She was currently high up in the clouds due to where this platform was located, so even looking behind her, all that could be seen were clouds. However, Miss Aimee was powerful enough to see beyond all that.

Her eyes widened as she charged forward, but the moment she did, a loud blast rang out.


Unlike the one where her speed caused it, this explosion happened in the far eastern part of the city within the sky.

Miss Aimee was currently seven hundred miles away from there, yet she blitzed at a speed that made her close in the distance in a few seconds, but even with all that speed, she was too late.

A grey-coloured fog had covered the skies in this part of the sky. It kept spreading, and it looked like the city underneath would be consumed in no time.

"Young miss, what's going on? Didn't you deactivate it?" Red Shadow's startled voice could be heard coming from the communication device.

"We got fooled. There were two of them," Miss Aimee responded.

"What? Two? d.a.m.n it! What are we going to do now?" Red Shadow asked with a worried tone.

"I'm sure both were set to go off at the same time, which means it will be less effective and spread slower with just one going off... Evacuate the citizens from the eastern part of the city as quickly as you can. I'll do my best to slow the spread and disperse as much as possible," Miss Aimee voiced out as the purplish aura-like energy surrounding her increased in output.

This was the far eastern part of the sky in the city, so beyond it were road routes that led outside the city, which was mostly void of life.

Miss Aimee spread her hands, and a whitish glow covered them.

Two ma.s.sive items began forming in her hand as the grey fog kept spreading till they covered even her.

All of a sudden...


A loud whoos.h.i.+ng sound reverberated in the sky as two ma.s.sive objects could be seen moving in the sky.

The cloud of ashy fog suddenly got blown backwards by a lot.

The citizens beneath stared at the sky with a look of astonishment and confusion, wondering how half of the fog that was already looming over a large quarter of the city was suddenly blown back.

High up in the sky, Miss Aimee could be seen holding onto the handles of two ma.s.sive hand fans.

The hand fans were each the size of four-storey buildings, so it looked like she was holding a ma.s.sive building in one hand and another in the second hand.

Miss Aimee swung out both fans once again at the same time, causing an immense gust of wind to blowback the ashy fog once again, decreasing the range of its spread.

Meanwhile, on the ground in the city, Red Shadow was working with some MBO agents, helping the citizens evacuate the city.

Ruckus! Ruckus!

"Come on, move this way. There's no time!" He shouted out as he pulled some kids out of the hover bus bringing them back from school.

He stretched his hand forward, and a star-shaped reddish light appeared.

"Go!" He shouted to them.

All of them ran forward one after the other and disappeared the moment they went through the red star-shaped light.

The entire vicinity was crowded with panicking crowds, and vehicles had blocked the roads due to people who had already been evacuated leaving their vehicles behind.

The MBO agents moved swiftly as well, leaping towards the buildings by the side, where workers were situated and bringing them down.

Red Shadow would open multiple portals simultaneously, which led to the outskirts of the city over at the west side. The range of the fog they were trying to protect everyone from was only within the city.

"Move, come on!" Red Shadow hurriedly helped another twenty people move teleport away.

This part of the city had at least twenty thousand people living in it, and so far, he had only managed to help around ten percent of that.

He knew they didn't have much time because even though Miss Aimee was helping reduce the speed of the spread, they were still dealing with gases in this situation, so there was no way some of it wouldn't mix with the oxygen in the air and become invisible.

It would soon start having little effect on the surroundings regardless. They had requested for more help from the MBO to move the people away faster, which was why more MBO agents were arriving on the scene.

But even with the amount of MBO officers on the scene, it would still take a lot of time to get everyone out of here.

In the sky, Miss Aimee had fanned a lot of the ashy fog back with just brute strength alone that it looked like the skies had cleared, but this was far from the case.

Miss Aimee could sense a greater pressure than before coming from upwards where she had fanned the ashy fog to.



There was another outburst of the ashy fog as they spread across thousands of feet instantly. They were spreading out way more violently than before, catching even Miss Aimee by surprise.

It was almost as if they had sentience as a ma.s.sive amount of them formed a gigantic upside tornado in the sky, charging towards Miss Aimee with the tip.

Miss Aimee raised both ma.s.sive fans again and swung them out with force.


An outburst of wind blasted forth and slammed into the ma.s.sive upside-down ashy-fogged tornado. Even though it was the size of a skysc.r.a.per, the violent wind crashed into it and dispersed it instantly.

However, as it dispersed, more ashy fog suddenly burst forth in every direction, instantly covering Miss Aimee's small figure up in the middle of the sky.

'Hmm? It's starting to consume my protective energy field?' Miss Aimee sensed the purplish aura-like energy surrounding her, thinning out as she found herself within the sea of fog.