The Bloodline System - Chapter 740 - Successful Getaway

Chapter 740 - Successful Getaway

Chapter 740 - Successful Getaway

They were obviously not as fast as he was. Still, they both took the teleportation elevator while Gustav dashed towards the stairway area on the left.

The teleportation elevator took a few seconds before it would teleport a person towards their desired floor, which was why Gustav had to move towards the stairway to avoid getting caught or having Violet's eyes on him.

Even though Violet couldn't see him directly, she could still see through some floors within the building structures, so they planned to cut him off at a particular floor since they would arrive before he did.

To both their surprise, Gustav suddenly disappeared from Violet's range of eye detection when they arrived on the seventh floor.

He was initially on the eighth floor, then he suddenly disappeared.

Both of them instantly began looking around the place for him.

Meanwhile, Gustav actually leaped out of one of the windows on the eighth floor since he had already determined that falling from this height down to the second floor would lead him directly to Doctor Marklin's office.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

The instant he arrived on a window side of the second floor, his body paused in mid-air.

Gustav flew a little bit forward and went in through the window.

He had arrived within Doctor Marklin's office. He looked around and could see the mess created from cutting open the rectangular locker by the side.

Gustav moved towards it and pulled off the rest of the clothes on the locker, revealing a white-haired man who seemed to be around forty years of age.

This was the real Doctor Marklin, and he was currently in his undies since Gustav had to wear his clothes.

Gustav wasted no time picking Doctor Marklin up and clothing him as fast as he could before wearing a new piece of clothing.

Flesh wriggling sounds could be heard as Gustav transformed back into the dark skin and afro styled hair ident.i.ty he used earlier.

He then proceeded to lift Doctor Marklin, who was still unconscious by his neck and slammed his head onto the side of the office table.


Blood rolled down the left side of his head as Gustav proceeded to drop his body and dash towards the window area.


He leaped out the window once, flying across the streets and disappearing out of sight in a few moments.

Meanwhile, Violet scanned across the building on the sixth floor with her vision as they looked for Doctor Marklin.

"I found him," She suddenly voiced out as she stared at a particular area beneath.

"Where?" Officer Reiner asked.

"In his office but... He seems unconscious," She responded.

"Let's go," Officer Reiner shouted out as they charged towards the nearest teleportation elevator.


In a few seconds, they arrived on the second floor and began making their way to Doctor Marklin's office.


People on the entire floor were startled as they saw the state of things with these powerful MBO officers running around.

They were in Doctor Marklin's office after a few seconds and saw him lying on the floor, pa.s.sed out while bleeding from the side of his head.

Violet spotted the bloodstain on the side of the table in front of him and the clothes on the floor behind.

"I think he tripped," She voiced out.

Officer Reiner, who had also noticed this, moved forward and brought out a medicinal pill from his storage device.

He squatted in front of Doctor Marklin and fed him the pill.

Flicker! Flicker!

After a few minutes, Doctor Marklin opened his eyes to see two figures dressed in MBO uniforms standing in front of him.

"Uh? What happened? Why am I on the floor?" He slowly muttered as he sat up.

"Why were you running?" Officer Reiner questioned him with a suspicious tone.

"Uh? What are you talking about?" Doctor Marklin asked with a look of confusion.


Gustav arrived back at the lab five minutes before the timer for his shapes.h.i.+fting went out.

"That was close," He sighed as he slowly transformed back into his original looks.

"Why were those officers there? Did I make a mistake?" Gustav wondered as he tried a.n.a.lyzing the situation.

"The nurse with them... I saw her at the casualty doc.u.mentation office," Gustav recalled the face of the lady who gave him the doc.u.mentation device for Boss Danzo's corpse.

"Whatever I did, it must be related to the ident.i.ty of that doctor... She probably found something about me fishy," Gustav instantly put two and two together, understanding the situation.

He already knew Boss Danzo's corpse was under inspection, so he could tell all this was concerning the ident.i.ty he took and looking for Boss Danzo's corpse.

He was just glad he got away without having to do anything disastrous.

Earlier, the MBO female officer wanted to scan him with her eyes, and Gustav could sense had similar energy with G.o.d Eyes.

The moment she stared at him directly with those eyes, she would instantly be able to see through his shapes.h.i.+fting.

His original bloodline was something he wished to remain a secret, or it would cause many problems for him. Gustav knew that if it became known that he could mimic people's ident.i.ty, the usefulness of his bloodline would drastically reduce.

The authorities after him would be on a watch out, and the technology to see through shapes.h.i.+fting would definitely be ma.s.sively issued out.

Then there would be no point in having the power since it could be seen through. He had to keep it a secret that he could mimic people's ident.i.ty so they'd never see it coming.

This bloodline ability was so uncommon that any talk about a shapes.h.i.+fter that could mimic the ident.i.ty of people had not been heard of in up to a hundred years.

In this age of technology, there were see-throughs that could be used to identify if a person tried to disguise as another person, but presently, they weren't used actively.

Gustav felt if anyone besides Miss Aimee and those who already knew of his original bloodline found out about the secret, he'd have to silence them forever.