The Bloodline System - Chapter 739 - Chasing After The Suspicious Doctor

Chapter 739 - Chasing After The Suspicious Doctor

Chapter 739 - Chasing After The Suspicious Doctor

However, this was costing Gustav a lot of energy. He was currently weak, so even though he had kept it up for around two minutes, he was sweating a lot.

[Data Withdrawal Process: 99/100%]

'Almost done,' Gustav said Internally as he sensed the three figures outside the door.

He could already tell that one was about to attack.

From the view outside, Officer Reiner stood in front of the door while both ladies gave him a little distance on the sides.

Two blades shot out from the top of his head and flew towards the door.


The door suddenly slid open before the collision was made, and the blades ended up flying through the entrance.

"Oh, it opened," The female medical personnel behind voiced out.

Both MBO officers were surprised to see it had slid open contrary to the initial situation.

"Maybe it was stuck," The female medical personnel added as she moved towards the entrance.


Officer Reiner grabbed her shoulder from behind and pulled her to the side with a suspicious look on his face.

"Stay behind us," He stated while walking forward with his subordinate, Officer Violet.

s.h.i.+nnnn! s.h.i.+nn!

The blades flew out earlier returned back to his head in the next moment, but he allowed them to float around his head this time instead of joining to his hair as they were supposed to.

Violet held the weapon in her hand slightly upwards, ready to use it the moment she felt the need to.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

They could already hear footsteps from within as they got to the entrance.

"Hmm?" Officer Reiner and Violet both voiced out as they spotted Doctor Marklin walking towards the entrance from the northeast side.

He had just pa.s.sed through the midst of some cryogenic-pillar tubes and arrived at the front, where he had to turn towards the left to arrive on the path that led to the entrance.

The entrance wasn't too far off from his position after turning, and he seemed to be tapping on some holographic projections being displayed from a watch on his right wrist like he was computing some data.

The two officers took a few steps forward and paused their movements. They looked around the ma.s.sive hall-sized cold room. They couldn't see anyone else within except for Doctor Marklin, who was approaching their position.

"Oh," Doctor Marklin suddenly paused his footsteps as he acted like he was just seeing them.

The holographic projection floating above the watch on his right wrist disappeared as he discarded what he was doing.

"Officers from the MBO?" Doctor Marklin voiced out with a tone of surprise as he saw their uniforms.

"Dr. Marklin, right?" Officer Reiner inquired.

"Yes," He responded with a tone of confirmation.

"Can we have a brief discussion outside? I wanna ask you some questions," Officer Reiner said with a tone of seriousness.

Doctor Marklin nodded in response while Violet walked forward and turned to the right.

She began headed in the same direction Doctor Marklin was coming from earlier.

The female medical personnel who followed them directed Violet towards the area where Boss Danzo's corpse was kept.

Doctor Marklin acted normal and followed Officer Reiner out to talk at the entrance.

Officer Reiner began asking questions about why he was here and what he was doing with the corpse.

"Examining it, of course, there are still investigations going on, and as mentioned earlier, he died like the rest. However, he was murdered directly," Doctor Marklin began answering the questions professionally.

Officer Reiner made sure to read his expressions as he answered the questions he posed. Meanwhile, Violet was currently inspecting Boss Danzo's corpse with the female medical personnel.

They were checking if anything was amiss which might prove that Doctor Marklin was truly up to suspicious acts.

"Yes, the investigation wasn't completed according to the police since they have determined how close Gustav Crimson is to Danzo. It is believed he wouldn't kill him. This leads to the theory of the enemies being at fault, just like the eyewitnesses say,"

After a few minutes, Violet walked out of the cold room with the female medical personnel, and they reported to Officer Reiner that they didn't find anything suspicious. Boss Danzo's corpse was intact, almost like it was never touched.

At this time, Officer Reiner had also finished questioning Doctor Marklin. There was nothing to use against Doctor Marklin as it could even be said that he was helping the situation with the examination he was conducting.

Just as they would let Doctor Marklin go, Violet proposed she did a quick scan.

"Oh, you want to check him out?" Officer Reiner asked.

"Yes," She responded.

"Okay, do as you wish. After this, we'll let him go,"

Doctor Marklin, who heard this, squinted his eyes a little in confusion, not understanding what they were talking about.

He suddenly felt a sense of foreboding as he saw Violet place her hand on the eye mask wrapped around her upper face.

She slowly lifted it up, revealing a pair of glowing azure colored eyeb.a.l.l.s.

'This energy... It's the same as...' As this thought appeared in his mind, Doctor Marklin turned around. At the same time, Officer Violet slowly raised her head to stare in his direction.


To everyone's surprise, a burst of wind blasted across the place as Doctor Marklin disappeared from their line of sight.

"He's running. We're going after him," Officer Reiner shouted out and charged forward.

Officer Violet was quick in reacting, and both of them ran forward as well.

Their speeds, too, weren't shabby as they arrived in front of the teleporting elevator at the end of the corridor, leaving the female medical personnel in awe.

They were gone as well in the next moment.

Gustav, who had been imitating Doctor Marklin's ident.i.ty all this time, had to escape before Officer Violet could lay her eyes on him.

Right now, he was headed towards the second floor where Doctor Marklin's office was located.. At the same time, the two officers chased after him.