The Bloodline System - Chapter 738 - Data Withdrawal Process

Chapter 738 - Data Withdrawal Process

Chapter 738 - Data Withdrawal Process

"Violet, go find him while I check this place out," Officer Reiner voiced out and proceeded to move towards the office chair.

"I will take you to where he is," The female medical personnel voiced out and led the way out.

The red-haired lady wearing the eye mask followed the medical personnel out after hearing this.

Officer Reiner began to check through the holographic computer.


Meanwhile, in the cold room, Gustav stared at the notification bar in front of him as he waited.

[Data Withdrawal Process: 62/100%]

'It will probably still take around four minutes for this to be done,' Gustav thought as he waited.

He felt like he was disrespecting Boss Danzo's corpse this way, so he hoped this would be over and done with quickly.

He stared at the ma.s.sive hole in the middle of Boss Danzo's corpse for the umpteenth time, and the guilt within him kept rising.

Gustav had already apologized a number of times, but he still felt it wasn't enough. The longer he stayed here, the more negative emotions continued to rise within him.

[Data Withdrawal Process: 84/100%]

'Less than two minutes left now,' Gustav sighed in relief as he felt this whole charade would come to an end soon.

His senses were currently spread across the entire thirteenth floor, so he could sense the medical personnel moving to and fro.

Sometimes, there would be no single person walking across the corridor for more than three minutes.

In the next moment, his eyes widened in suspicion as he sensed the arrival of two figures on this floor.

'Hmm? Why is there a strong mixedblood on this floor with medical personnel... And she's holding an item which has power contained within too,' Gustav a.n.a.lyzed.

He could sense the outline of the item in her grasp and felt it was shaped like a crossbow which made him feel even more suspicious.

'Something's up,' Gustav instantly came to this conclusion as they walked along the corridor, moving closer and closer to the area where the door of the cold room was situated.

[Data Withdrawal Process: 87/100%]

He stared at the notification bar again and gritted his teeth.

'Hopefully, I'm just being too cautious. Even with this thought, Gustav wished he could speed up the process.

In the next moment, Gustav realized how wrong his last thoughts were as these two arrived right in front of the door to the cold room he was within.

"d.a.m.n it," Gustav cursed underneath his breath.


Down in Doctor Marklin's office, Officer Reiner had checked everything he could within the system in the last four minutes and couldn't find anything suspicious.

He moved from place to place around the office again to see if he missed anything the finally arrived in front of the rectangular locker.

This was the only place he hadn't checked so far, so he was curious.

He tried opening it, which of course, failed. He realized it could only be opened using specific keys and shrunk back a bit.

"This place seems more suspicious than all... I might find something within," He thought and looked around.

"Since there's no other way, I might as well do this..." He voiced out as blue blades shot out from his hair.

Thwii! Thwii!

Both blades stabbed into two different sides of the locker and glowed up.

Zhiii~ Zhii~

They cut fine rectangular-shaped lines in front and flew back to his head.

In the next instant, the metal still sticking to the locker fell out, displaying a hole within.

But then Officer Reiner's eyes widened as clothes began to fall out of the locker.

He quickly moved closer and tried to hold them, but the clothes were pouring out like crazy as if the place was stacked full of clothes beyond its capacity, and it was just waiting to burst out.

Even when the clothes had already formed a pile in front, there were still a lot of clothes within.

"How can someone call himself a doctor and be so unhygienic..." Officer Reiner felt frustrated as he saw all this and tried to pack the clothes to the side. He touched the clothes still on the inside and was able to tell that there were still so many more.

-"Officer Reiner,"

He suddenly heard a call from the communication tool strapped to the side of his head.

"Yes?" He answered.

-"We are unable to get through the cold room door," The voice that belonged to his female subordinate could be heard from the other side.

"What? Is the nurse not over there with you?" He asked.

-"She is... The entry cube worked, but for some reason, the door won't slide open,"

"I'm on my way," He voiced out and proceeded to turn to the side to leave the office.

He initially wanted to sort through the clothes even though he considered it a waste of time, but he couldn't ignore this call.

If he had sorted through the clothes, he would have found Doctor Marklin's body underneath all that pile.

Gustav placed some oxygen nodes in Doctor Marklin's nose before packing all of those clothes on him. The clothes were actually from Gustav's storage, and that setup was done just in case anything went wrong.


On the thirteenth floor, Officer Reiner arrived within the corridor and rushed to meet up with his subordinate.

"I've tried over and over, but it's like the door is stuck," The female medical personnel voiced out while reaching out the cube towards the door once more.

"I wanted to ask for permission to use lethal force," Violet voiced out.

"Don't. Your attack ability has a wide area of concentration," Officer Reiner instantly turned her down.

Meanwhile, within the cold room, Gustav was standing in place sweating while his concentration was focused on the door area.

Gravitational Manipulation was currently active as he made the door several times heavier than it was supposed to, which was why it wasn't opening up.

However, this was costing Gustav a lot of energy, and he was currently weak, so even though he had kept it up for around two minutes, he was sweating a lot.