The Bloodline System - Chapter 737 - MBO Officers Arrive On Scene

Chapter 737 - MBO Officers Arrive On Scene

Chapter 737 - MBO Officers Arrive On Scene

("Ready... Do it,") The system responded.

Gustav nodded slightly and placed his palm on Boss Danzo's dried-up face.

[Processing Brain Waves Reanimation]

A system notification popped up in his line of sight as a transparent red glow appeared on Gustav's fingertips.

[Reanimating Brain Last Vestiges]




Gustav waited for the bar that appeared above the percentage readings to fill up.




In about four minutes, it was done.

[Reanimation Complete]

[Preparing To Withdraw Data]

[Bypa.s.sing Braincells Amunocode]


[Processing Data Withdrawal]

The red glow on Gustav's fingertips became brighter and strands of the glow pierced into Boss Danzo's face, causing his skull to light up from within.


Gustav could tell this part of the process would take long because it was already slower than the former.

The system had given him an estimate of fifteen minutes for the completion. Five minutes had already gone by since he started this operation, so around ten minutes were left till this was completed.

This room had cameras positioned in several spots. Still, the closest cam to Gustav only allowed him to be seen from the front where the Cryogenic-pillar-like tube blocked half of Gustav's frame.

Of course, if they decided to make the cam focus more on Gustav from the control room to see what he was up to properly, the angle wouldn't matter since cams were multifunctional these days.

However, there was no reason to do that since the securities placed there could see that he was a doctor and was probably busy examining the corpse.

They would only be alarmed if someone was trying to move a corpse out of this place.

Gustav would occasionally move his left hand like he was doing something surgical to not arouse suspicions. He hoped spending more than fifteen minutes in here would not cause any problems for him.


Meanwhile, on the second floor of the building, the medical personnel who helped Gustav with the device where Boss Danzo's corpse information was kept was currently walking down a corridor.

She arrived in the middle and turned to the right to move towards the office door.

Kom! Kom!

She knocked on the door softly and tried to slide it open. Noticing it was locked, she brought out a small black cube and placed it in front of the left side of the door.


The door slid towards the side, opening up for her. She stared at the empty office before her and could see the office table and chair up ahead.

A holographic computer was in sleep mode but still had some tabs on display. She looked around and couldn't see anything out of place in the office. Then, turning to the side, she could see the rectangular-shaped locker placed against the wall.

All doctors who had offices had this rectangular-shaped locker within, where they could keep their normal outfits before changing into medical outfits. Most of them never used it since they could keep their things in their spatial storage devices and carry them around with them.

The lady medical personnel moved towards the rectangular-shaped locker and stood in front of it.


"The moment you notice anything suspicious at all, give me a call so long as it is related to Danzo's corpse,"


She recalled the words of one of the male MBO officers who arrived here to give the order for them to report anyone who comes looking for Boss Danzo's corpse.

Remembering how Doctor Marklin acted opposite to his original personality, she felt something was up. Especially when it was related to checking out Boss Danzo's corpse.

The MBO officer had said anything suspicious that was noticed should be reported to him instantly regardless of what it was.

She felt there was only one reason a person would act opposite to their original personality was... When they were up to something.

Her colleagues said she was reading into it too much, and he probably woke up happy today or something, but she didn't feel this was the case.

She had contacted the MBO officer a while back, and he said to check Doctor Marklin's office covertly for anything out of place while he would be on his way.

She got the override cube that opened every office door within the Medical Center from the control room and was able to gain access to Doctor Marklin's office.

She tried opening up the rectangular-shaped locker, but it wasn't responding. It turned out the cube didn't work for that.

After opening it several times more, she gave up and moved to the office table area. She began checking for anything out of place around the table and eventually moved towards the computer to switch it back on and scan through the files there.

She had no idea that the real Doctor Marklin's unconscious body was within the rectangular-shaped locker.

Fortunately, the over-ride cube didn't work on it.

A few minutes later, a thin-looking man with knife-shaped spiky blue hair arrived within the office. From the presence he carried, one could tell he was quite the powerful mixedblood.

A red-haired lady wearing a back eye mask that covered only her eyes area stood beside him with a crossbow-shaped red device in her grasp.

"Did you find anything?" He asked the moment he came in.

"Nothing Officer Reiner, but believe me, he acted suspiciously. He never tells anyone "thank you," and neither is he ever polite," The female medical personnel voiced out.

"Hmmm... It seems a bit far-fetched, but I was the one who told you to report anything no matter what it is to me, so I have no right to complain," Officer Reiner said while looking around the office.

He moved around, trying to see if he could find anything related to secret communication devices.

Right now, the only theory was the possibility of Doctor Marklin being controlled or working in secret for an unknown ent.i.ty related to the Gustav incident.

They had no idea Gustav had stolen his ident.i.ty.