The Bloodline System - Chapter 736 - Classified Deceased Information

Chapter 736 - Classified Deceased Information

Chapter 736 - Cla.s.sified Deceased Information

Gustav didn't even bother meeting up with one of the medical personnel here because he already knew they would ask for ident.i.ty.

He wasn't biologically related to Boss Danzo, so the next step he took was to scan the entire building using G.o.d Eyes.

His eyes moved from place to place as he looked for the office where records were kept.

In a few minutes, he found it and took the disguise of a medical pract.i.tioner before moving into the office.

He had quickly knocked a doctor out and kept him hidden in one of the lockers in his office. Normal people were still no match for Mixedbloods after all, especially when it was someone like Gustav. The doctor was knocked out before he knew what was happening.

There were about four doctors in the records room at the time when he moved in, and three of them were ladies. They greeted Gustav thinking he was the original doctor, and asked what he was looking for.

Gustav explained, and one of them moved in to grab the record he was looking for. In a few moments, she handed a square-shaped pinky-sized device to Gustav.

He tapped on it, and information about what he was looking for appeared in the holographic format above the device.






TAG NO: 982

Floor: 13


"Why is it cla.s.sified?" Gustav asked with a confused look.

Besides the other information, he could see the red label above that said cla.s.sified. Gustav looked at the other doctor who came in here to check on one and didn't see the same red label above.

"Oh, doctor Marklin did you forget? The authorities asked us to report immediately if anyone came looking for this person's corpse," The lady responded from the other side of the counter.

"Oh, I see, thank you," Gustav responded.

After checking the info for a few seconds more like he hadn't already crammed it, he pa.s.sed the device back to them and left.

"Hey, don't you think doctor Marklin was acting a bit strange?" One of the ladies questioned with a weird look.

"Yeah, he would have scolded us at ten times for things we didn't do before leaving," The one in the middle voiced out.

"And he even said thank you... He never says thank you," The third one added.

It would seem the ident.i.ty Gustav had taken on was quite the problematic one. Not performing said actions made them see Gustav as extremely suspicious.

Gustav would normally not arouse any suspicions with stealing ident.i.ties if he didn't have to engage in conversations, but in this situation, it was inescapable.

This made one of them recall something and walk out of the office.


Gustav arrived at the thirteen floor of the building, which was a floor full of storage rooms for corpses. He recalled the room number he was looking for as he walked along the ma.s.sive corridors.

This area was pretty scanty since only a few people in medical outfits could be seen around here.

Gustav recalled what the lady said about Boss Danzo's information being restricted and the instruction of the authorities.

'Good plan to catch anyone who comes for Boss Danzo's corpse and question them,' Gustav was glad he didn't try to pretend like he was a family member using the other disguise.

That would lead them to call the cops on him, which could prove disastrous since he couldn't tell if they would have devices that might unmask his fake ident.i.ty.

'I have about forty minutes of shapes.h.i.+fting energy left. Will it be enough?' Gustav asked the system.

("It should only take about fifteen minutes to extract the data,") The system responded.

'Alright, let's do this then,' Gustav said Internally as he arrived in front of the door that had the number 29 above it.

He walked in after using a print cube that belonged to the doctor.

The instantly he got in, he found himself in what looked like a hall of cryogenic pillar-sized tubes. The internal structure of the room was much bigger than how it seemed from the outside.

This was made possible through the shrinking s.p.a.ce technology that was possible in this day and age, but it was only applied to some special types of buildings.

Gustav looked around and could not even see a single person in sight. This place was devoid of living creatures except for himself, but there were cams monitoring, so he had to be careful with his actions.

The cryogenic pillar-sized tubes were all colored grey, so it was impossible to see what was within, but it was quite obvious that corpses were kept within all of them.

Each had number tags attached to their tops, so Gustav instantly scanned the entire place using G.o.d Eyes and found tag 982 in a few seconds.

He moved towards the far end of the northwest side of the room and arrived in front of one of the pillar-like tubes.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

After tapping a few holographic b.u.t.tons by the side, a loud mechanical opening sound was heard.


The front of the tube slid open, and a stretcher-like platform where a corpse with a ma.s.sive hole in its torso area was strapped to s.h.i.+fted outwards.

It stretched towards the front and placed the body strapped to it in a horizontal position.

Gustav stared at the familiar dried-up corpse beside him, and emotions began to well up from within again.

"Boss Danzo," He mumbled with a low tone as tears gathered in his eyes.

He quickly placed his palm on his face and forced the tears back, not wanting any to drop.

'There's no time to waste... I'll come back to give you a proper burial rite,' Gustav said Internally before stretching his right hand out.

'Are you ready?' He asked the system.

("Ready... Do it,") The system responded.

Gustav nodded slightly and placed his palm on Boss Danzo's dried-up face.

[Processing Brain Waves Reanimation]