The Bloodline System - Chapter 724 - Inducing A City Wide Panic

Chapter 724 - Inducing A City Wide Panic

Chapter 724 - Inducing A City Wide Panic

"Uh?" She voiced out as dark flames blasted forth from atop her empty neck area.

Her limbs also separated from her body, flying across the air in several directions as her body turned into ash.

Her head flying across the air was also burning to ash.

Gustav's hand was still extended out as the body he pierced through turned into a pile of ash on the ground.

The other two stared at him with frightened looks as they saw what had just happened to their comrade.

Gustav had suddenly appeared in front of them and killed her in an instant.

Thwwii! Thwwii!

Sweat covered their backs as they instantly jumped backward, distancing themselves from Gustav.

GS gathered golden-colored energy at the tip of his hands and fired it quickly at Gustav as he increased the distance between them while the tin-headed man sent out his fist as his entire arm extended.

Gustav stared at both attacks coming from both sides and turned to the left while swinging out his right hand.

Pah! Boom!

He slapped the golden beam away with sheer force twisted to the side to dodge the fist coming from behind.

The tin-headed man was about to retract his arm when Gustav reached out to grab it.


The tin-headed man screamed out in pain as his entire arm started burning up before Gustav could even make contact with it.

He tried to retract his arm faster, but Gustav was able to touch his fist before it got pulled back completely.

"My hand!!" He screamed out after retracting his arm and watching his entire palm area turn into ash.

Both of them decided at this point that escape was the only option since they couldn't fight whatever monster Gustav had suddenly become.


Speeding off across the air in separate directions, they felt this would have Gustav struggling to decide who he would go after.

Suddenly, a plus-shaped pink light appeared above Gustav's head.


What came next was an outburst of pinkish energy that blasted forth across the vicinity.

Before both of them knew what was happening, their entire view had been dyed in a world of pink.

Bam! Bam!

Both of them instantly fell to the ground, knees down and face flat.

Their foreheads kissed the ground as the pinkish energy continued to spread.

The around thirty or so people who were still alive in the vicinity also fell to their knees along with Charisas and Marshall.

"What is going on?"

"Is that big brother Gustav?"

These were the thoughts running through their minds as they stared at the dark and red figure up ahead, exuding violent and powerful energy.

Even before the pinkish energy blast, they already felt suffocated by the energy being exuded.

The entire city was alarmed as they could see a pinkish wave spreading across the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

People began to fall to their knees uncontrollably.

'What is going on?' They realized that they were unable to control their actions.

Law enforcement was alarmed and even tried to react, but in a few seconds, the entire city had been covered up by this pinkish energy, and right now, everyone, young, old, male, and female, was down on their knees.

Gustav, within the area of the barrier cloaking, started walking towards the tin-headed man.

He arrived in front of him and picked him up by the head.

The instant he stared into his square eyes, the tin-headed man began hallucinating, seeing a thousand different methods of death within an instant and feeling the pain from every single one of these deaths.

It felt like he had been experiencing the feeling of pain from the different types of death for years when in reality, it had only been a second.

Gustav waited for a few more seconds as if he knew what was happening before crushing the tin head in his grip like it was nothing.

Black blood blasted across the place as the tin-headed man's body fell to the ground limply.

It slowly burnt into ashes as well, leaving no remains behind.

Gustav couldn't think properly at this time, but only one thought kept circulating in his head.

'Make everyone involved in Boss Danzo's death pay!'

Gustav turned around at this point and appeared three hundred feet away from his standing point.


His screams caused the entire vicinity to tremble as GS found a stronger force than before, pressing his body against the ground.


The sound of bones cracking rang out.

Gustav lifted GS and slammed him into the ground once more.

Teeth flew out of his mouth along with blood as almost every bone in his body got broken.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Gustav slammed him into the ground several more times until he was on his last breath.

His face was soaked in blood and had been completely disfigured at this point.

Gustav stared into his eyes, causing him to hallucinate like the others as he felt immense pain from dying a million types of death within several seconds.

Unlike the others, he kept screaming out like he was undergoing more intense torture.

After a few more seconds, Gustav ripped his head from his neck and blasted his remains across the place.

The last thought that came to GS's mind just before his death was, 'Why did I agree to embark on this mission?'

The pinkish energy covering the entirety of Burning Sands city retracted at this point.

A wave of fear penetrated the hearts of the citizens as they regained their ability to move.

The instant the pinkish wave arrived back at the barrier cloak, it caused the entire barrier to crumble like glass.

The entire vicinity vibrated as the cloak tore off, revealing to the rest of the city how that area currently looked.

Gustav stood in place and grabbed the communication device that fell on the ground.

The instant he tapped it, an image of a dimly-lit room appeared where three people could be seen.

The rage burning in his eyes still hadn't calmed as he instantly disappeared from his current standing spot.