The Bloodline System - Chapter 725 - Flabbergasted Ring Lords

Chapter 725 - Flabbergasted Ring Lords

Chapter 725 - Flabbergasted Ring Lords

The rage burning in his eyes still hadn't calmed as he instantly disappeared from his current standing spot.


After his disappearance, a blast rang out, causing waves to be sent out as cracks appeared on multiple buildings in the vicinity.

Heavy winds kept blowing across the place for a few seconds before everywhere became silent.

At this moment, the authorities had found the point of impact where the phenomenon originated from, so they were currently moving towards the area.

Fortunately for Charisas and Marshall, even though the wall Gustav set up earlier had crumbled in some parts, they were able to take cover behind a side that hadn't completely fallen yet.

This way, they weren't sent flying by the massive outbursts of wind after Gustav disappeared.

They both had panic-stricken faces as they ran towards the location where Boss Danzo's body was situated.

"Oh no... He's dead," Charisas voiced out with a crestfallen expression as she fell to her knees in front of Boss Danzo's corpse that currently had a massive hole in the middle.

Marshall squatted beside her and hugged her with a comforting look.

"What should we do?" She questioned amidst tears.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location underground, a group of three were seated in a dimly lit room.

They had looks of confusion and panic on their faces as the holographic screen in front of them went blank.

"There's nothing to worry about. He'll never be able to find this place," The man with a left black circular object covering his right eye voiced out.

"Don't be so sure about that, MJ; we already underestimated this kid more than a few times already, and he managed to surprise us," The man with a deep voice and black lines in the middle of his forehead voiced out.

"What just happened? How was he able to do that?" The lady with a red hat voiced out. She also had two different eye colors, a blue left eye and a red right eye.

These three were the ring lords. Ring Lord Halow, Vanisher, and Banshia.

"We have to make sure this incident isn't linked to us. The MBO doesn't spare anyone that comes after one of theirs," Halow voiced out as he touched the circular-shaped object connected to his right eye.

"Leaving might be the be..." Just as Ring Lord Vanisher spoke, the entire structure suddenly began trembling.

"What's going on?" All three wondered as their seats vibrated intensely and cracks began to appear on the walls.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

An alarm went off, causing panic and intrigue as other people in the facility began to run helter-skelter.

As all three of them stood up from their seats with looks of confusion, a holographic image appeared in their midst.

High above the facility, a dark and reddish figure was floating with an arm outstretched towards the facility.

A chaotic beam of different colors gathered in his hand as he shot it downwards.


The entire place trembled immensely once again as buildings above the surface crumbled, and shockwaves blasted across the vicinity, toppling other structures and causing a large amount of destruction.

"We have to get out of here," Ring Lord Banshia voiced out as she tried to move towards the exit.

"I guess I will be seeing you two later," Ring Lord Vanisher voiced out as the black lines on his head spread across his forehead.

It looked like an ink stamp at this point.

The two already knew he was about to use his vanishing bloodline ability at this point, but then, something suddenly happened...


The roofing of the underground facility suddenly blasted open as a penetrative beam landed in their midst.

All three were sent flying with speed as they crashed through the wall and kept flying further and crashing into more walls.

Gustav, who was high above the facility, stared down at this moment after sending that blast.

A lengthy hole, over hundreds of feet deep into the ground, had been created.

Gustav suddenly dived downwards.

Thwwiiiii ~> Bang!

In an instant, he arrived at the bottom, and even his arrival caused more destruction as the walls in the underground facility caved in and started to crumble.

Gustav stretched out both hands and blasted forth an invisible gravitational wave that destroyed things.

Above the surface, it could be seen that the ground was crumbling and caving in for several miles.

All three of the ring Lords activated their abilities and tried to escape, but the blast from the gravitational wave slammed into them heavily, causing their bones to break as blood trickled down different parts of their bodies.

It felt like multiple mountains were slamming into them.

Ring Lord Vanisher was later able to use his ability and disappeared from the spot. Still, due to the discombobulation and injuries from the multiple attacks, he could only travel a short distance and found himself above the crumbling surface.

He got up from the ground and ran as quickly as he could to escape the range of crumbling grounds.

'How did it turn out this way?' Ring Lord Vanisher thought with a look of fear as he limped away due to one of his legs getting snapped in two.

At this point, over twenty-seven buildings in the vicinity had crumbled into the grounds as Gustav kept destroying everything in sight.

He sniffed in and sensed that two of the Ring Lords had been trapped and severely injured underground.

He was also underground, but for some reason, he wasn't trapped like them, anything that tried to touch him burnt away.


He arrived first in front of Ring Lord Banshia, who was buried by debris that weighed tons. One touch caused everything to crumble as he grabbed and sped away.

He arrived in front of Ring Lord Halow and also saved him from his entrapment before blasting upwards through the crumbled underground facility.

The ground opened up right in front of Ring Lord Vanisher as he was limping away, and Gustav appeared from within, carrying both Ring Lords.