The Bloodline System - Chapter 723 - Activating Hidden Rage Skill

Chapter 723 - Activating Hidden Rage Skill

Chapter 723 - Activating Hidden Rage Skill

Author's Note: Chapter Hasn't been completely edited.


He couldn't see any life signs in Boss Danzo's body as he lay lifeless.

"This... Cannot... Be..." Gustav voiced out in disbelief.

"Hey, you ended up killing the wrong person. The boss is gonna be mad," The azure colored haired lady stated.

"He suddenly got in the way. I have no idea where he came from," GS responded with a surprised expression.

"Do it right this time," The tin-headed man voiced out while staring in the direction of Gustav, who was currently kneeling.

While the three enemies spoke, Gustav's mind kept spiralling with different kinds of thoughts.

'How could I let this happen?'

'Boss Danzo is dead?'

'Impossible this cannot be,'

'He can't be gone,'

'I swore to protect everyone I love and care for...'

'I failed..?'

'...It's all their fault...'

His head turned to the side as he stared at the three standing up ahead with a glare of immense hatred.

[Warning! Host heart rate is increasing to an abnormal level!]

[Warning! Host heart rate is increasing to an abnormal level!"]

'...It's all their fault... They did this...'

'...They are to blame... This city, the ring lords and their henchmen...'

'...They're all to blame...'

[Warning! Host heart rate has gone beyond normal level!]

[Warning! Host rage is rising beyond unprecedented levels!]

[Warning! Unable to induce stress release toxin!]

Gustav ignored all the warnings from the system notifications, which weren't related to energy this time. He kept giving the three a death stare as thoughts appeared in his mind.

'...They all deserve to pay...'

"I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!" Gustav screamed out with a tone that caused the entire vicinity to shake.

The three stared at his eyes and were taken aback by how he looked at the moment.

"What is this... How could a person have so much hate in their eyes? Just who is Danzo to him?" The azure-colored hair lady voiced out as she felt chills crawling down her spine.

"Do it right this time. Don't let him hit us with any more surprises; end him now," The tin-headed man voiced out.

"I heard you the first time," GS voiced out as his fist glowed with bright golden light, and he pointed it towards Gustav.

[Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!]

[Unable to relax host heart rate!]

[Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Host Inability to Calm Down Will Result In Implementation Of Hidden Skill]

[Warning! Warning! Warning!]

[Activating Hidden Rage Skill In...]


Gustav wasn't even looking at the notifications. At this point, his entire body was trembling with rage as he tried to free himself from the hold of the blue light surrounding him.

As GS's fist remained pointed in Gustav's direction, the golden light built up with power. He wanted to make sure Gustav would be completely obliterated this time.

If the blast had been bigger earlier, Boss Danzo and Gustav would have been consumed together regardless of whether he was pushed out of the way or not, so he didn't want such an incident to occur again.


Gustav was screaming out with so much energy with his face looking devious as his muscles bulged intensely.

He had already broken out of the slow speech and thinking, but his body was still slowed.



[Activating Hidden Rage Skill...]

Gustav's mind suddenly went blank, and all he could see was darkness the moment this notification popped up.


At this same moment, GS released the golden light beam he had been building up for the last three seconds.


A loud explosive like sound rang out as it slammed into the area where Gustav was situated, causing immense tremors as shockwaves spread across the surroundings.

The beam thinned out and finally stopped firing after a few seconds. A cloud of debris had spread across the entire vicinity reducing visibility.

"Good job,"

A voice was heard from the other end of the communication devices placed behind their ears.

The three of them sighed in relief as it was finally over. They hadn't expected it would take a lot of effort to bring down a Falcon ranked mixedblood since all three of them were Kilo ranked.

"These injuries will take some time to heal even with a recovery pill," GS voiced out as he touched his right eye which was shut due to Gustav punching his eyeball in.

"Time to go," The tin headed man voiced out.

"What of everyone here?" The azure colored haired lady asked.

"Don't w..." Before the tin headed man could voice out completely...

Badump! Badump!

A loud heart beat reverberated across the place. It beat twice and stopped.

"What is that?" The moment GS stated a dark and violent wave of energy suddenly blasted forth from where Gustav was situated earlier.


The dust in the vicinity instantly cleared up and a figure radiating with dark and red wave like aura could be seen standing in place.

The grounds began trembling intensely as the figure slowly raised it's face up.

"Is... that... Gustav..?" Fear struck the azure haired lady as she asked after seeing the hollow pitch black and red colored eyes.

The other two couldn't answer because they also had no idea what they were staring at right now.

This figure was pitch black with patches of red and oozing forth with violent and powerful energy that caused the ground to tremble.

Unconsciously all three of them were shrinking back with slightly trembling thighs.

"HHHYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" The figure screamed out with a rageful tone, causing explosive waves to blast across the vicinity.


Everyone was sliding back from force of the winds the scream generated.

"YOU ARE FINISHED!" Gustav's voice rang out like a explosion once more.


The dark figure suddenly dissapeared and reappeared in front of the azure haired lady.

She only blinked once and found a pair of menancing dark red eyes in front of her.

Her mind was hit with hallucinations in which she saw herself dying in thousands of gruesome ways in an instant.

An inexplicable amount of fear and pain gripped her heart like she was experiencing every form of death in reality and not hallucinating it.

By the time she snapped out of it, she could see her vision rising beyond the ground.. She was already close to fifty feet in mid air while she could see her body on the ground with Gustav's hand pierced through it.