The Bloodline System - Chapter 722 - Slow Movements

Chapter 722 - Slow Movements

Chapter 722 - Slow Movements

Gustav was disappointed that he wasn't able to destroy the cloaking barrier before time ran out.

Even though he had blood all over his body, he wasn't seriously injured because of the forcefield he erected around himself at the last second.

He couldn't keep the transformation up anymore due to energy. He was almost out of energy points at the moment, even though his body was slowly regenerating.

At this moment, Gustav's mind was coming up with over a thousand thoughts every millisecond as he tried coming up with the best possible way out of this situation without harming Boss Danzo and the rest.

He looked up and saw the descending figures. As he picked himself up and wanted to charge away, a blue light blasted from above.

Gustav was way slower this time, especially with his injuries, so he was unable to dodge the beam. He instantly felt his body become sluggish again, just like the last time.

The difference this time was his movement had completely turned slow mode. Trying to speak, trying to think, moving his eyes, every single thing related to his body had become really slow.

They stared at Gustav as he took up to three seconds to move one foot away from his initial position.

'This is bad,' Even his thoughts took too long to formulate.

"Haha, suiting for you. This is the end for you, kid," The tin head man voiced out as they landed a few feet opposite Gustav.

The lady with the azure-colored hair in their midst was the one with the ability. Parts of her clothes were torn, revealing her scalded and intensely bruised body which was caused by Gustav's fierce attacks.

Blood was still dripping down her neck, and she was breathing in and out profusely, but there was a smile on her face now that they had finally caught Gustav.

The man with the tin head had black blood dripping from his body and a hole in his left chest area. This was also due to Gustav's attacks.

The third one was a dark short-haired man with dark goggles that had been broken in half now. Only the left eyeshade was left while his right eye was closed with a trail of blood leading from them to his chin area.

His breathing was the most hurried out of the three, and his right leg was twisted to the back.

This was the one who used the golden beam attack. He carried the highest firepower out of all three of them, and he was also the one who received the most beating and injuries from Gustav.

"Tough bastard. Are you truly a falcon-ranked?" He voiced out with a disbelieving tone.

Gustav couldn't even answer even if he wanted to because his speech was extremely slow right now.

Suddenly Gustav became faster. He seemed to have mixed sprint and dash using whatever was left of his energy points.

"He seems to still have some juice in him," The tin-headed man spoke as his arm suddenly extended forward, turned bigger as it swung towards Gustav.

Gustav was barely able to dodge it, but the residual force from the fist still sent him sliding backward, giving the azure-haired lady the chance to hit him with her attack again.

Gustav became slower once again, and this time even with the combination of both speeds, he could barely take a step forward.

The moment the combination was deactivated, he was frozen in place.

His initial aim was to surprise them with his sudden speed and try to set a trap for the one with the power to reduce his speed, but it failed.

[Warning! Low Energy!]

[Warning! Low Energy!]

[Warning! Low Energy!]

The notifications of low energy were popping up in Gustav's sight already. It seemed the system would forcibly put him to sleep if he used up any more energy.

"This kid has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. Let's end him before he surprises us with something again," The man who Gustav had turned into a one-eyed voiced out.

"You're right, GS," The lady agreed with him.

Gustav's thoughts and movements were slow at this point, but he knew what was about to happen. The only way to prevent it would be to use one or two of his orbs, but that would destroy the entire vicinity. Boss Danzo and the others would be affected along with himself.

His body began to turn green as GS glowed with immensely bright golden light.

'There's not enough to time arrrgghhhhh!' Gustav gritted his teeth as he tried to speed up the process of what he was trying to do.


The golden beam shot out of GS's chest towards Gustav, who was about a hundred feet away.

Gustav's eyes widened at this point, 'Is this...' He wasn't even able to formulate his thoughts completely before they arrived in front of him.


A familiar voice yelled his name as he felt his body getting pushed out of the way by someone who had suddenly just arrived on the scene.

Gustav's head began tilting to the side as he turned to stare at who this person was while his body flew across the air.

'Boossss Daannnzzooo,' His eyes widened in fright as he watched the Golden beam pierce through Boss Danzo, blasting his body across the air.

"Noooooooo!" Gustav screamed out loudly in slow motion as he spotted Boss Danzo's last smile at him while his body flew across the air with a massive hole in the middle of his torso.

Gustav landed a few feet away and kept staring at the area where Boss Danzo's body landed, but he couldn't see any movement from him.

"Where did Danzo come from?" The enemies were surprised after the attack landed on the wrong person.

"Boss Danzo!" Gustav screamed out as tears threatened to spill from his eyes.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

[Warning! Low Energy!]

Gustav still tried to confirm if Boss Danzo was alive regardless of the warning.

He couldn't see any life signs in Boss Danzo's body as he lay lifeless.

"This... Cannot... Be...."