The Bloodline System - Chapter 721 - Out Of Time

Chapter 721 - Out Of Time

Chapter 721 - Out Of Time

The wall of icicle-like rock Gustav erected around Boss Danzo, and the others were slowly crumbling due to the shockwaves coming from the ongoing battle.

All everyone could see were afterimages of the figures battling due to the immense speed at which they were moving.

At this point, everyone was looking for cover in the vicinity since the collisions of the powerhouses were sending strong shockwaves across the place.

It had not even been thirty seconds yet, and a whole lot had already gone down.

'I only have around ten seconds more before running out of energy with this form,'

Gustav could see how much energy was getting depleted every second he maintained this form, so he knew how long was left before he ran out of energy.

This Ultimate Combination Form increased his strength level several times, which made him a little stronger than the current opponents.

The problem with such a boost was, it would only last for a short duration.

However, one of the strong suits was the immense boost in speed that made Gustav move faster than the speed of sound without even activating any speed skill.

This was why he was able to pummel his opponents even though he was only a little stronger. The speed made it seem like he was way stronger than all three.

But another advantage besides the speed was the multiple abilities...


Knowing he didn't have a lot of time left, Gustav unleashed a different set of abilities simultaneously.

A strange gravitational force suddenly surrounded the place, causing the opponents to feel weird.

Gustav started throwing his hands forward, and without directly touching anyone, his fists began to pummel into all three bodies.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They had no idea how he was doing it, but his punches kept hitting different parts of their bodies, making it impossible for them to guide since they had no idea where it would come from next.

'What is going on? How does he have multiple bloodline abilities?' These were the questions running through their minds as they tried blocking the hits.

Gustav suddenly spread his arms out and clapped both palms together.


Sonic waves suddenly blasted forth from his being, slamming heavily into all three opponents and sending them hurling further away.

Gustav resumed pummeling them with fists, using the weird gravitational energy to send it across the place and inflicting their bodies with more injuries.

Until one of them suddenly activated an ability, causing her body to shine with bright blue light.

The gravitational waves in the surroundings were instantly pushed back, and Gustav had to keep his distance because his gut kept telling him to refrain from making contact with the blue light.

She dashed forward while swinging her fist at Gustav as her light cleared off the gravitational energy in the surroundings.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They exchanged blows a few times, with Gustav swerving across the place repeatedly to dodge most of her attacks.

The other two felt driven into a corner and activated their strongest bloodline abilities to counter Gustav.


Golden ball of lights started appearing all around the place, and before Gustav could realize what was happening, they had surrounded him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out all around him as he blitzed across the place with immense speed, trying to get away, but he was still hit by some of them. It turned out the enemy using the golden beams already set this up earlier.

As Gustav raised his arms up while charging through a sea of golden explosions, a fist appeared in front of him.


His body got catapulted downwards once again, and while he was trying to stabilize himself...


A blue ray of light suddenly slammed into him from behind.

'Damn it,' The instant the blue ray of light made contact with him, Gustav suddenly felt an immense heaviness in his body.

He could see an extended massive fist approaching from above, but he could not move away in time.


He got sent flying downwards again. The moment his body slammed into the ground, a pillar of golden light shot down from above.


It slammed into a forcefield Gustav created the instant his body slammed into the ground.

Cracks appeared all over the place as the intense waves radiated across the surroundings.

The pillar of golden light kept shooting down for about three seconds straight, burying Gustav deeper and deeper in the ground.

By the time it stopped, the wall Gustav had erected around Boss Danzo, and the rest had been cracked open at one of the sides.

Even some of the people Gustav had saved earlier got obliterated by the residual energy from the golden pillar of light even though they were quite a distance away.

However, Boss Danzo and the rest were okay even though the protection had been breached.

They had felt the intense vibrations in the past few seconds, so they knew a fierce battle must have been ongoing outside, but they couldn't see from within.

Now that there was a big hole in the front, their eyes widened as they stared at the immense destruction of the environment.

The vicinity looked nothing like it did before, which had them wondering what transpired within the last few seconds.

It was a massive crater that spanned across a radius of thousands of feet, and they were also within this sunken ground.

Only piles and scraps were left of the building were situated earlier.

"Gustav," Boss Danzo voiced out as he could see a figure lying in the middle of the crater hundreds of feet ahead.

Up above the three figures flying, slowly descended.

Gustav's fingers moved as he tried to pick himself up. The forcefield surrounding him had long disappeared, and at the moment, he had blood smeared all over his body and tattered clothes. The horns receded into his head as his body returned to its normal look.

'I'm out of time.... Based on the destruction I focused on that side of the barrier, it would only need a few more hits to get destroyed,'