The Bloodline System - Chapter 720 - Isn't He Supposed To Be A Falcon Ranked?

Chapter 720 - Isn't He Supposed To Be A Falcon Ranked?

Chapter 720 - Isn't He Supposed To Be A Falcon Ranked?

"Just keep attacking... I will get the Danzo and the girl," The one with a tin-shaped head and purple bodysuit flew down as he voiced out.

The girl who swooped down could spot a menacing-looking creature with glowing white eyes, purplish and golden colored scales covering some parts of his body, and muscular looking nine feet tall physique where Gustav was initially located.

'How did his strength level increase so much compared to earlier?' She was surprised as she felt the immense energy coming from him.


The golden beam shot down again, radiating with immense starlight.

Gustav's right arm bulged intensely as he arched it downwards with force, concentrating power into his hand.

Throwing it up with force, waves spread across the vicinity as his fist travelled towards the beam of golden light shooting down.


The grounds cracked open as his fist collided with the beam, and a force of energy also blasted upwards as well.


Everyone who was hundreds of feet away got blasted backward by the force as the golden beam of light was catapulted back into the air with sheer force.

The ground kept collapsing from the force, and a massive crater was created in a manner of moments.

The three attackers had widened eyes as they saw the beam getting shot back.


It exploded in the sky, sending the one who was swooping down, flying.

None of them had expected this development from a falcon ranked.

Gustav didn't waste any time and leaped upwards.


It was like the air was being ripped apart as he shot upwards with speed and suddenly appeared in front of the one who had started the attack.

Fwwhii~ Bang!

A fist to the face sent this mixedblood hurling downwards with blood and teeth in his mouth.

'He's fast... That speed was like teleportation,' He thought as his head rang from the collision while his body was blasting across the sky towards the east side of the barrier.


Gustav didn't give him time to recuperate and appeared right in front of him before punching out once more.


His fist slammed into the enemy's gut, sending him hurling forward away while spitting out blood in mid-air.

At this point, Gustav could feel so much power coursing through his veins that he felt like if he let loose, the entire vicinity might get destroyed.

Remembering Boss Danzo and the others were also here, he tried to keep the force of his attack concentrated to one area.

The enemy slammed head-on into the barrier and hadn't even gotten the time to think when Gustav's figure appeared in front of him again with both legs outstretched.


The entire barrier made a loud collision sound as the enemy's body got pounded on its surface mercilessly.

He felt like the force of an entire mountain just slammed into him as he was on the brink of passing out.

'Isn't he supposed to be a Falcon ranked mixedblood... Did we get the information wrong?' These were the thoughts running through his head.

Gustav felt a force approaching from behind as he was about to send a blow forth that would leave the enemy incapacitated.

He swerved to the side across the air and a massive outstretched hand passed by his side.


The shockwaves from the extended fist still slammed into him, sending him hurling backward for a bit.

The arm began to pull back towards the person who sent it back, but Gustav suddenly reached out and grabbed hold of it.


Spinning around, he swung the arm along with the owner towards the side of the barrier.


A loud collision rang out as the tin-headed man slammed into the barrier.

He was initially going to break open the wall barrier Gustav set around Boss Danzo and the rest, but he couldn't ignore seeing his comrade receiving a whooping.

As he slammed face-on into the barrier, Gustav flew forward across the air towards him.

He quickly rolled towards the side, dodging the kick Gustav sent out as he recalled his extended arm.

Both of them charged at each other in mid-air, sending a fist forward at the same time.


The collision sent forth a wave that spread across the vicinity as both of them got thrown backwards a bit.


Gustav sensed an energy spike behind before he could fly forward to attack again.


This time the golden beam shot forward with more penetrative and violent force.

Gustav turned around and shot out a beam of silver-colored energy from the middle of the horns protruding out of his head.


As both forces collided, intense shockwaves spread across the place, slamming heavily into the cloaking barrier.

However, the barrier still seemed sturdy enough even though Gustav and the others were sent hurling backward once again with injuries appearing all over their body.


An extended fist slammed into Gustav from above before he could stabilize himself, sending him hurling downwards towards the collapsed building area.

Gustav's body spun severally across the air as the impact of the fist caused internal injuries.

He suddenly paused in mid-air and flew upwards, dodging a transparent blueish beam sent forth from the side.

The girl who had swooped down earlier but received the full brunt of the explosion of the golden beam had managed to recuperate and now joined the battle.

Gustav had no idea what her ability was, but his gut told him to make sure he didn't make contact with the blueish beam she just emitted.


Another Golden beam shot down with intensity. Gustav swerved to the side and flew up after dodging the beam.


It made contact with the ground and caused further destruction, sending shockwaves across the vicinity.

Even the people Gustav had saved earlier received a lot of injuries from the shockwaves, and they couldn't leave due to the barrier.

The wall of icicle-like rock Gustav erected around Boss Danzo and the others were slowly starting to crumble due to the shockwaves coming from the ongoing battle.