The Bloodline System - Chapter 719 - Using The Ultimate Combination Form Once Again

Chapter 719 - Using The Ultimate Combination Form Once Again

Chapter 719 - Using The Ultimate Combination Form Once Again

Gustav took most of the hit, allowing the others to be fairly grazed, but every one of them still passed out as their bodies fell across the air.

They were thousands of feet above the ground, so even though they had been falling for several seconds, they were still far from touchdown.

Gustav opened his eyes while they fell across the air feeling a searing pain in his back.

[Regeneration Has Been Activated]

He ignored the notification as usual and looked around to see Boss Danzo and the others falling across the air as well.

Behind them, the entire building was crashing down.

Placing his hands on both sides, Gustav controlled his fall, moving north.


He arrived in front of Boss Danzo's falling body and grabbed his collar.

He proceeded to place Boss Danzo's unconscious body on his back.

Marshall and Charisas were all falling further towards the left, so he had to control the angle of his fall once again.

Moving towards the side, he managed to grab their collars.

At this point, they were only a few hundred feet away from making contact with the ground.

Gustav straightened his body while holding onto everyone.

Smoke had covered the entire vicinity from the explosions due to the multiple attacks, but Gustav could see clearly after activating God Eyes.

Just when they were a few feet away from making contact with the ground...

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Their bodies paused in mid-air and floated above the ground before slowly descending.

All of them had regained consciousness at this point and started coughing due to the smoke surrounding them everywhere.

Gustav dropped them on the ground and looked up.

He could see a weird barrier covering the vicinity. This barrier could not be seen with the naked eyes, but due to God Eyes, he could see it clearly.

'The situation isn't looking good... There doesn't seem to be a place for them to take cover,' Gustav thought as he saw the building crumbling down.

Screams could be heard from the building, which depicted that there were a lot of people within, affected by the current situation.

[Partial Kilapisole Form Activated]

Gustav's body turned green as he bloated slightly.


He slammed both palms on the ground, causing icicle-like rocks to shoot out from the ground.

The rocks surrounded Boss Danzo and the others, forming a wall around them and eventually blocking even the top.

He deactivated the Kilapisole form and activated Size Manipulation

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body began to increase in size intensely. In a manner of moments, he had already become several hundred feet tall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Taking steps forward was like a cannon going off as he arrived in front of the crumbling building and pushed his hand forward in specific areas.

Even with his size, God Eyes was still activated, giving him a clear view of people within the building. Some unlucky people already got crushed by debris.

Some parts of the building were still standing, but one side was completely destroyed, and people were falling to their deaths.

With his massive palms, Gustav was able to grab hold of over twenty people and throw them far away from the dangerous scene.

He was quick in rescue, grabbing hold of multiple people and flinging them away.

Where he flung them to, there was a gravitational flux that decreased the descent speed of these people, making them land safely.

It had only been a few seconds, and he had managed to save close to a hundred people already.

High up in the air, the gaze of some entities pierced through the cloud of smoke up ahead and scanned through.

"Got him!" One of them voiced out.


Thwwooooommm~ Booom!

Gustav's eyes widened as he looked upwards to see a golden starlight illuminate the entire place before a penetrative beam with immense power shot towards him.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Deactivated]

Gustav's body decreased in size with speed, causing the beam to slam into the building once more.

This time the building crumbled completely, falling apart with speed.

Not everyone had been saved, but Gustav would not die trying to be a hero when he knew he couldn't do anything to stop the beam.

The dust cleared up, and he could see three figures floating thousands of feet above the air.

Boom! Boom!

Without waiting for another second, the beams kept blasting across the place.

Even when Gustav dodged, the shockwaves still sent him hurling across the air.

Even the wall he created using the Kilapisole form was trembling immensely even when it didn't get hit.

'They're powerful... How did they find us?' Gustav wondered as he managed to stabilize himself.

'For them to do this without a care about whether the MBO would arrive or any other authorities that would mean the barrier surrounding this environment is a cloak... The outside world will not notice anything happening here,' In less than a second, Gustav had analysed all this.

'Which means I can't expect help from outside forces... I have to deal with them myself or destroy the barrier,' Gustav thought.

All these thoughts formulated in his mind with speed since it had only been an instant since the previous attack.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

'It might only be for a few seconds, but I could use that chance to destroy the cloaking barrier,'

[Mutated bull + Blood Wolf + Demonic Bunny + Kilapisole + Savrina Serpent]

His skin turned purple with golden platted scales as a massive silver-colored horn grew out of his forehead, and he turned extremely muscular, reaching a height of over eight feet.

Golden thorns grew out of his fist area as his face also transformed to ashen white color.

"He's not dead yet!"

One of the three standing high above the air shouted out.

"I'm going to get him," The lady with azure-colored hair voiced out as she dashed downwards with speed.

"What is that?" The one who had been shooting out the golden beam all this time voiced out as he could see Gustav's transforming downwards.