The Bloodline System - Chapter 718 - Unexpected Development

Chapter 718 - Unexpected Development

Chapter 718 - Unexpected Development

Fear instantly gripped Marshall's heart and his hand, which was placed on Charisas cheek, slowly dropped down.

Charisas grabbed his hand and placed it back on her cheek before staring at Gustav back with a glare.

It was still a funny sight to behold, and Boss Danzo was already laughing uncontrollably by the side.

After some time, Boss Danzo asked to see Gustav privately, and they moved towards the balcony area to speak.

"You said the day after tomorrow... What about the next hearing, which is in two weeks?" Boss Danzo asked.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that. This city is not safe for either of you, but I can handle the situation if it's just me," Gustav responded.

"Wouldn't it be too troublesome? I don't want to give you too many problems," Boss Danzo was still worried because he still saw Gustav as a kid regardless.

Going against these kinds of people is scary even for adults, not to even mention a nineteen-year-old.

"It will be fine. You'll only be adding more problems by being here because then I would have to worry about your safety and hers. I can take care of myself," Gustav stated with a tone of confidence.

"Haha, okay, my boy. Will you be joining us after you're done here?" Boss Danzo asked.

"I still have to visit another city after I'm done here. I would probably spend a few days there, and then I think I can visit you both for one more week before going back to the MBO camp," Gustav stated.

He still had to visit Brihuman City after this to get the second quarter of Sir ZiL's research. After that, he would only have a little more time left before he had to return to the MBO camp.

He probably wouldn't even have time to see Miss Aimee before he went back, and he recalled she was working on an important case as well, which he was supposed to help her with.

'I'm sure Miss Aimee can handle things herself... There was no one to help Boss Danzo here,' Gustav thought.

'Oh, I still have to help Mr. ZiL complete his research,' Remembering this, Gustav decided he was going to visit Greyscale Pharmaceuticals.

He proceeded to make a call to Sir ZiL to ask if he was available.

Meanwhile, in a dimly lit room, three of the ring leaders sat while staring at a holographic display and voice communicating with someone.

"We found the location,"

The masculine voice could be heard from the other end.

"Good, commence the operation. I cannot have my reputation damaged, kill him and leave no traces behind," Ring Lord Vanisher voiced out as he stared at the massive two hundred plus silver-colored building in the footage.

"Understood... We will isolate this area immediately to prevent any interruption from outside forces,"

The voice on the other end stated.

"Planting the tracking device in Danzo was a good move," A feminine voice rang out in the room.

"He really managed to hide his tracks, but they had no idea about this," The other Ring Lord voiced out.

"It's good the kid came here on a trip instead of on a mission. He's not even in league with the other MBO officers in the city, which makes things even easier," Ring Lord Vanisher voiced out.

"I have eyes on them..."

The footage zoomed in on the second to the highest floor of the building displaying two figures at the balcony area, Gustav and Boss Danzo.



"Boss Danzo, I'm heading out. I'll be back in a few hours," Gustav voiced out after getting off the call with Sir ZiL.

Sir ZiL had mentioned that they could meet in the lab in a few minutes. He hadn't disturbed Gustav about the Arhkum research in the past few days because he knew Gustav was busy with handling boss Danzo's issues.

It would be inappropriate and selfish on his part to still ask Gustav to come for more examination when he hadn't resolved boss Danzo's issue.

"Alright, be safe. I'll watch after the kids," Boss Danzo responded with a smile.

Just as Gustav was about to jump off the balcony since this was his usual means of getting out of the building, he suddenly sensed a wave of energy up ahead.

This disrupted his senses as he could feel waves of energy coming from every direction.

He paused and decided to activate God Eyes so he could look around but just then...


A massive golden-colored beam suddenly blasted towards them from the opposite direction.

Gustav quickly pushed boss Danzo out of the way.

Boom! Crumble! Crumble! Crumble!

The apartment was instantly put in shambles as this part of the building began to crumble from the blast.

Gustav was barely able to get Boss Danzo away in time due to the immense speed of the blast and having his senses confused.

The floor cracked open, the walls crumbled, and everything began to fall.


Another blast was sent towards the building at this point.

Gustav wasted no time in activating Combination and mixing both speed skills together.

[Dash + Sprint]


Grabbing hold of Boss Danzo, who was lying on the floor behind, he dashed further into the crumbling apartment and grabbed both Charisas and Marshall before they could fall into the massive hole opening on the floor.

Their mouths were wide open in confusion and fear as they hadn't completely registered what was going on, and Gustav was moving with immense speed, so their movements seemed like a standstill.

Carrying all three of them, he jumped from falling pieces of wall to fallen pieces of the wall before leaping across the air.

The instant they phased past what used to be the balcony area, the second beam blasted into the building again.


The entire skyscraper started crumbling down while the shockwaves from the explosion slammed into Gustav and the others in mid-air, sending them flying further away.

Gustav took most of the hit, allowing the others to be fairly grazed, but every one of them still passed out as their bodies fell across the air.