The Bloodline System - Chapter 717 - A Laughing Stock

Chapter 717 - A Laughing Stock

Chapter 717 - A Laughing Stock

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


He had recorded his talk with Boss Danzo where Boss Danzo explained everything that was happening so he made use of that, saying it was a call where Boss Danzo was asking for help.

Since the name Gustav mentioned while using the lawyer identity was his original identity, he would still have to appear before the law sooner or later.

However before that he had to be prepared for everything Vanisher might try to do during the bail period.

Gustav knew they would try to do something to anyone who came out to be a witness which was why he mentioned his original identity in the first place.

If they tried to do anything sketchy, they wouldn't successfully.

Acting like a lawyer was something Gustav practice well for in these past few days. Gustav's intelligence had reached a state where he only had to see something once to remember it forever and his reading speed was also very fast.

Using all this to his advantage, he learnt quickly how he was going to deal with the case himself, presenting a fake lawyering identity.

Calling in a favor from one of the MBO generals they pushed some buttons to make sure the hearing was heard two hours after Gustav went to the station as Boss Danzo's lawyer.

It was proven that the food poisoning happened to be a mistake and Boss Danzo wasn't informed about the young girl's allergy.

The judges even asked for Vanisher's son to come say something as a witness and surprisingly the young boy took Boss Danzo's side.

He mentioned that Boss Danzo was never informed about that particular allergy because they themselves never knew the girl was allergic to that.

The only charge that was left to proof now was the illegal underground battle which wasn't done out of free will. This was why there was an investigation going on as of now.


Back at the new apartment, Boss Danzo sat on the sofa while Gustav served some non alcoholic wine to everyone.

They were celebrating his return and Charisas was very joyful seeing as he was back.

She had no idea how Gustav did it but she was glad he did.

The guilt she felt since he was caught had been eating her up inside. Seeing her again, it was as if Boss Danzo could tell exactly what was going on and hugged her like a child.

"It's okay, it's not your fault. Gustav already explained everything to me,"

These words were enough for her to let go of the guilt while sobbing uncontrollably.

At least that was over and done with now and Boss Danzo was questioning why they had a stranger in their midst.

"Oh him... I abducted him," Gustav responded bluntly.

"Pffft!" Boss Danzo spat out the wine from his mouth as he heard that.

"What?" He thought he didn't hear properly and asked again.

"I abducted him. Only fair since his parents were also planning to kill a child, this is only mild in comparison," Gustav voiced out with an unbothered tone and sipped some wine.

Marshall was copped up on the sofa opposite Boss Danzo still with a stiff look on his face. Charisas was seating besides him.

Boss Danzo now understood that this was the kid whose parents planned Charisas death match with him.

He couldn't help but admit that Gustav words were making sense. If people who committed crimes and brought others downfall without thinking were to have the same thing happen to them, maybe they would think twice before they did such again.

Like in this case if Charisas had ended up getting killed by the Rel Family and someone else killed the child of the Rel family they would understand how it felt like to lose a child which might make them think twice before commiting such evil acts next time.

But even with this Boss Danzo didn't completely accept Gustav's behavior and began to reprimand him.

"Well, you're back now at least that's all that matters to me... I will return him to his parents when I get you both out of this city," Gustav voiced out after a brief argument with Boss Danzo.

"When will that be?" Boss Danzo asked.

"The day after tomorrow," Gustav replied.

"Charisas, say your goodbyes. You two probably won't see each other for a long time," Gustav added.

"But his parents agreed to leave me alone... Do I still need to leave the city?" She asked with a crestfallen look.

"They can't be trusted to keep to their promises. There's no guarantee that after I and Boss Danzo have left this city, they will not reengage on their word," Gustav said factually.

"You can come back again one day when you know you're powerful enough to protect yourself or after Marshall has taken control of his family," Gustav added.

Charisas signed as she realized Gustav's words were making sense.

People like the Rel family who saw the world as their playground might not stick to promises if they didn't feel the need to. There would be no point to endangering her life.

Marshall touched her face and turned her head to face him.

"It's going to be okay. We will keep in touch and in the future we will meet again," He muttered while rubbing her face affectionately.

"Hnm," A wry smile appeared on Charisas face as she nodded.

"I would say get a room but you kids are too young for that so... Hands where I can see them kid," Gustav voiced out like a party pooper ruining the moment.

"You're just jealous cause you're still a virgin," Charisas yelled while bringing out her tongue.

Gustav; "..." 'How did she know?'

Gustav froze like he just got pierced by a million invisible arrows.

("So pitiful... You're now a laughing stock to the kids as well,") The system chipped in and bursted into laughter.

Boss Danzo was not left out. It was irregular to render Gustav speechless so this moment was quite funny to him.

"Shut up," Gustav stared at Charisas with a glare before turning to face Marshall.