The Bloodline System - Chapter 714 - Making Demands

Chapter 714 - Making Demands

Chapter 714 - Making Demands

Evening time arrived, and the cops issued a city-wide search for Marshall and Charisas.

Other private forces were also looking for them. It was impossible for them to say Marshall had been kidnapped because footage showed Marshall and Charisas speaking to each other on the football pitch.

This proved that they were acquainted with each other, especially with the way Marshall was smiling.

The referee also stated that Marshall asked for the barrier to be taken down to leave. This made it obvious that he wanted to go with her.

Charisas was also a minor, so it was impossible to place charges on her being a kidnapper.

However, the parents still had every right to send search parties after their child, as well as Charisas, who was also their ward.

This incident made headlines as different media outlets showcased it with headings like...

Starstruck lovers from the Rel Family, Marshall and Charisas elope together.

Young couple from the Rel family escape from the cluches of their disagreeing family

These headings mostly suggested that Marshall and Charisas relationship was not allowed by the family, which increased the bad reputation the Rel family already had.

They were already known for looking down on others with a less renowned background, so this just put them in a more of a salty situation.

Social media was being flooded with people bashing them and making jokes about how they were so bad that even their own son had to run away.

Of course, they ignored all of this. The whole social media banter would not decrease the fact that they were still amongst the most powerful families in the city.


Within the Rel household, the head of the family and his wife sat in the massive luxurious-looking living room with many people.

"Find my son," he voiced out.

"The problem now is we don't know who is involved in the shadows. Charisas could not do that before, so there must be someone else who planned this," One of Marshall's uncles voiced out.

"It could be the person who helped them escape during the last battle event one month back," another one of the family members voiced out.

"The cops came out to say that person doesn't exist, so how?" Mrs. Triss Rel voiced out.

"A fake identity, huh..." Just as the head of the family muttered, a guard came running into the living room.

"Sir, ma'am, there's an urgent call for you both," He voiced out as he arrived in their midst.


Everyone knew that for a guard to rush in here in the middle of the main family meeting, the situation had to truly be urgent.

The guard brought out a device and tapped on it, displaying a massive holographic monitor.


The instant it came on, every member in the living room opened their mouths wide.

In a dimly-lit space, Marshall was strapped to a chair with restraints, and a dark purplish glowing orb was floating right in front of him.

"What is going on?" They all wondered as they stared at the holographic video call.

Then a figure popped out from the side and stood on Marshall's left.

Their eyes widened even more as they recognized this face to be the same person said to get Mr. Eldorado and Charisas out of the underground battle facility.

Currently, Gustav had taken the form of the identity he used in breaking Boss Danzo and Charisas out.

"You! Who are you and what do you want?" Marshall's father asked with a strong tone rising anger.

"Who I am isn't important," Gustav answered from the other end with a deep voice.

He walked forward, appearing larger on the holographic screen.

"I have your son... That should be your biggest concern," Gustav added with an intense glare as he scanned everyone in the room watching.

"I will advise you to turn yourself in and release my son if not the consequences will be huge for you," Mrs. Triss Rel voiced out with a threatening tone.

"The next threat will cost your son his left hand," Gustav voiced out with a cold tone.

"How dare..." Mrs. Triss was about to speak again when the head of the family cut her short.

"What do you want?" Marshall's father proceeded to ask.

"Piltrea!" She yelled out the name of her husband, indirectly telling him not to give in.

"Quiet, let me handle this," He voiced out with a commanding tone.

Mrs. Triss Rel had no choice but to keep quiet at this point.

"Drop your charges on Mr. Eldorado, withdraw the forces searching for Charisas and never try to harm her again," Gustav voiced out his demands.

"Just this? You don't want money?" Marshall's father asked.

"I don't need your money," Gustav stated.

"Why don't you just..." Before Marshall's father could complete his statement, Gustav interrupted.

"Do as I have said or you won't even be able to bury your son... Since his remains would be obliterated," Gustav said while touching the orb floating in front of Marshall.

He rubbed it with a smile on his face.

"You can ask Garou and Biden what this is? They are guards in the underground battle facility so I'm sure they can give a good testimony," Gustav voiced out before staring at them once more and ending the call.


The holographic projection disappeared, and the room sunk into silence for a few moments.

"Piltrea you shouldn't have negotiated with him, you should have threatened him more," Marshall's mother voiced out.

"You want to hasten your son's death?" Marshall's father asked with a glare.

"Anyone would fold after getting properly threatened, knowing how powerful our family is," She argued with a disagreeing tone.

"You think he didn't know how powerful our family was before he decided to abduct our son?" Marshall's father chuckled with annoyance as he voiced out.


"Quiet woman! Did you see those eyes? Those eyes are the eyes of a cold and merciless killer who has ended the lives of many," Marshall's father said with a tone of annoyance and wariness.

"Only a stupid person would call the bluff off someone like that,"